It’s time to stop creating content in a  one-size-fits-all  kinda way

while feeling like you’re getting absolutely nowhere…

You know the value of creating consistent content for your biz…

The kinda content that builds the trust, authority and connection that leads to your followers constantly hitting you up because they NEED to work with you.

…but when it comes to creating that content, you find yourself stuck between two moods – “Fuck it” or “fuck this”.

You either:

Take action and confidently hit post with zero fucks…but when you check back later to see absolutely no engagement, no DMs from potential new clients and no sales…you suddenly give a lot of fucks, or

You feel paralysed about what the heck you should post about…your style of posts don’t really fit into that neat little Instagram box, or

You convince yourself that you simply can’t post until you’ve created the perfect post – even though no one is perfect! Not even Beyonce.

Fast forward a couple of weeks…

You still don’t have those juicy outcomes that stellar content creation is meant to bring you…

Your dreams of having a thriving community are still just that… Dreams.
Your DMs aren’t lighting up with enquiries about how to work with you
Your engagement is close to non-existent at this point


What’s even more frustrating is that you’ve  already tried  to change this…

…You’ve downloaded the free guides,

…You’ve listened to the podcasts,

…You’ve searched the depths of the interwebs for the right “inspo” that will make everything click into place so your dream clients will start to appear in your inbox, desperate to work with you.

It’s not your fault that it hasn’t worked. It’s just that up until now you’ve been told that content creation needs to look a certain way.

But the truth is, there’s no universal ‘content creation spell’ that works for everyone.

You’ve gotta use the tools that play to your strengths.

Once you do? You’ll realise you can create your own magic content…consistently.

And you can do it minus the cookie cutter approach and without trying to transfigure yourself into something you’re not.

It’s time to discover how to

use your unique blend of content wizardry to transform your content creation process and bring those oh-so-juicy biz visions you have on your heart, to life.


Your DIY  Content Wizard  Bundle

Your step-by-step process that calls on your unique blend of content wizardry to create magic content that saves you time & captivates dream clients like a wizard spellbound by a love potion.

This bundle is filled with the very 4 content wizardry spells I cast when I create content in my business and for my private clients — the kind of content that’s grown businesses to fully booked and beyond, time and again.

These spells will help you to tap into your individual brilliance and create content in the most straightforward way possible.

Because here’s the thing…a complex content creation process is only going to lead you to resentment every time you sit down to create content.

And when you hate doing anything…you’ll find any reason not to do it.

The key to magical and impactful content is a dash of simplicity and fun. And that’s what you get inside the DIY Content Wizard Bundle.

Tap your wand and 4 downloadable PDFs will instantly appear in your inbox just like magic!

The ingredients in this

DIY Content Wizard Bundle includes:


DIY Content Strategy

The crown jewel of your content creation process

50 Content Ideas You Can Use Right Now

No more ‘what-the-fuck-am-I-going-to-post-about-itis’. No more kidding yourself that you’ve ‘got nothing to say’. Take any one of these ideas and hit post on it today.

Content Calendars

Pick a schedule that will not only allow you to build deep trust and recognition in your expertise but also works best for *your* style (so you can actually stay consistent!)

Content Repurposing Checklist

The actual process to help you *DO* it. The step-by-step action plan to take your one piece of content and turn it into multiple pieces of gold, strategically across your IG/email list/blog/Pinterest.

Pricing is in Australian Dollars including GST.


“Before working with Tahryn, I felt like I kinda knew what I was doing on social media, but I never made the time to get clear on what was ACTUALLY working and WHY.

Since working with Tahryn, I have total clarity around how to increase my connection on Instagram. Tahryn’s insights and skills are way beyond what I thought I knew about social media. I know my Social Bolt Strategy will be one of those things I refer to in my biz every week…it makes me feel excited and totally capable of showing up consistently!”

– Miish Grixti

Copy Coach + Messaging Strategist


Wondering how these PDFs will actually make your  content creation  designed to fit you?

If your style is more ‘pick up the mic and go’, these tools will help you hone your message and make your off-the-cuff style resonate deeper than ever.

Or if you prefer to wait for the creative inspo to strike before you create, these tools will help you build a bank for all your downloads so you can consistently share your magic with your community.

And if you’ve purposely built solid AF foundations (content pillars and a content plan of attack), these tools will help you to unleash your inner creative wizard and amplify your message.

The Crown Jewel of this Bundle — the DIY Content Strategy — is worth its weight in gold alone.

But you’ll also get 3 more valuable products to amplify your content spell

The DIY Content Strategy is

The exact spellbook I used to create my signature  Social Bolt Content Strategy  for my private clients.

It gave them a clear direction for their content that allowed them to show up consistently, create with confidence, and grow their business.

Put simply, it has the magic you need to SIMPLIFY your content creation process…

And when combined with the other digital products in this bundle it helps you

🪄 Hit the ground running with impactful content ideas that you can use in your business right now

🪄 Create a consistent plan to help you bring your big biz visions to life

🪄 Strategically repurpose your best content to save you time and maximise the impact of every single piece of content you create.

These are your new powerful, go-to spellbooks to help you transform your content creation process so you can create your own magic content and finally create consistently…

With one tap of your wand you’ll have access to the

DIY Content Wizard Bundle

to start strategically crafting your content so you can get MAX value from your creations AND positively impact your community more than ever.

Pricing is in Australian Dollars including GST.


If you’re wondering  who’s behind  this magical content bundle…

Hiiiiiiiiii I’m Tahryn aka Ned’s Mum, Taz, or Bolt if you’re my local coffee shop!

Ned is my furchild (a 7 year old Border Collie) and together we love nothing more than curling up on the couch, with a wine in my hand, watching Harry Potter.

I may still be waiting for my “official” Hogwarts Acceptance letter…but I’m a wizard, Harry! A Content Wizard.

It may appear to be magic but my wizardry skills are a custom blend of strategy and heart that has helped me build a thriving business, with a fully-booked roster of clients (the ones that make you feel like you’re Beyonce).

Even better: I’ve done this JUST from social media and my content alone.

I quickly discovered that to truly connect with my peeps and to stand out in a sea of content, I needed to share the real Tahryn. The Tahryn that loves dogs more than people, the Tahryn that is Harry Potter obsessed, Beyonce worshipping and HATES summer and pineapple on pizza (yeah I went there!).

The Tahryn that says a big ‘fuck off’ to creating content from a place that doesn’t feel authentically me in an effort to fit in and get more likes and followers.

As an introvert, I also know how hard it is to put yourself out there and show up online as you REALLY are.

But here’s the thing…

The difference between your content and everyone else’s content…is YOU

Your community is out there looking for you, but how will they find you if you conceal your magic under your invisibility cloak?

I’ve been there…

I tried to fit myself into that neat little IG square and cast my content spell using a wand that wasn’t fit for me…

But once I embraced what comes naturally to me – my commitment to consistency and my eagle-eye for details – I had people telling me they wished they could create the same kinda content magic as me.

Even if your strengths look wildly different to mine, please know this: you don’t have to wish you could be like anyone else…you just need to be you!

My superpower is transfiguring what comes naturally to you with everything I know about strategically crafting content that helps you:

✓ Show up consistently and

✓ Attract, engage and connect with your dream clients

…so that your business is seen across multiple marketing channels.

My DIY Content Wizard Bundle will show you how to do the same all while embracing your unique blend of content wizardry to sound authentically YOU!

Pricing is in Australian Dollars including GST


“When it comes to all things content – creation, strategy and implementation – Tahryn is your woman. Or should I say, Content Wizard!

Working with Tahryn has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. She is an absolute powerhouse of knowledge and skills, helping me to work smarter, not harder, and getting the most out of all the content I create. I highly recommend working with Tahryn, especially if you’ve ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed when it comes to content creation.“

– Bec Cuzzillo

Spiritual Business Coach

If you want to  stand out from a crowd (just like Hagrid)

you need to create content in a way that is simple, fun and authentic to you.


Deep down, I know you wanna do things your way…

You don’t want to be squeezed into a box for how YOU create content.

You want a process that works WITH your strengths, not against them.

Which is why…

These aren’t just any old PDFs that you download and keep stored in your place where PDFs go to die.

Each power-packed PDF inside supports you to tap into your personal style of content wizardry so you can finally say goodbye to the constant overwhelm of content creation that gets results.

You’ll finally be able to get your offers in front of the right people, YOUR people, and you’ll be doing it in a way that feels TRUE for you.

Just as the wand chooses the wizard, your content should be tailored in a way that is  unique to you  and your biz

The DIY Content Wizard Bundle gives you a content creation process that works for YOU. This means harnessing your content wizardry spells to:

⚡️ Build rock solid foundations – the kind that won’t crumble when Voldemort returns to town

⚡️ Serve up a Room of Requirement filled to the brim with content ideas so you can create content with purpose and intention knowing that your ideas will hit home with your dream clients.

⚡️ Have a plan for your content that Hermione Granger herself would be proud of

⚡️ Juice the max impact out of each piece of content you create

You’re going to love how strategic yet simple this content creation process is to follow, and I should know as it’s the exact process I use to strategically create content for The Social Bolt.

It’s time to unleash your inner content wizard and transform your content creation process to help you work smarter, not harder. This go-to content bundle is the ‘alohomora’ that will unlock more time, money and clients than ever before.

With one tap of your wand you’ll have access to the

DIY Content Wizard Bundle

to start strategically crafting your content so you can get MAX value from your creations AND positively impact your community more than ever.

Pricing is in Australian Dollars including GST.

“When it comes to creating incredible content for your business (that helps you connect with your ideal client and generate more sales!) you can’t find better than Tahryn.

I recommend her to all my clients needing support with creation of their content across socials, email marketing, web and more, and she always delivers the most incredible results. What’s more, she’s great fun to work with and truly cares about YOUR unique business. I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– Ellie Swift

Marketing Magician & Certified Mindset and Marketing Coach


DIY Content Wizard bundle won’t teach you how to create Reels

or how to [insert latest flashy marketing tactic]…

These products weren’t created to increase vanity metrics (“10k followers in one month!”) or chase after shiny objects (Reels, etc.) for the sake of fame and followers.

The outcome you get from them is the most fundamental (read: important) part of content creation: using content to connect and build trust.

You’ll get access to the tools that help you play to your strengths — whether you let your killer gut instinct guide you, you have everything planned to perfection or you wait for the creative downloads to hit.


  • Creating content with ease rather than making it hard for yourself and constantly scrambling to create.
  • Feeling empowered and actually enjoying (YES!) creating content that is not simply filler content, but content that serves your community that they LOVE and inspires them to TAKE ACTION.
  • Sharing your unique message and creating content that absolutely no one else but you could create.
  • Being intentional and focused on creating content instead of spending 4+ hours scrolling and getting trapped in the social media vortex.
  • Confident and clear about the way forward for your content, albeit even a little excited!
Yes! You can confidently create with a content bundle that Hermione Granger herself would be binge-reading from the Hogwarts Library!


Question Time!


I’ve already got thousands of pdfs – how are these any different?
These pdfs are filled with spells for all types and levels of content wizard…the kind that are simple AND actionable.

I know because not only do I teach them inside my signature program – The School of Content Wizardry…but these are the exact spells I use when I strategically create content for The Social Bolt.

Will this process help me get more followers?
I can’t promise you 3000 email subscribers or a blue tick next to your IG profile – I don’t have either of those things.

Because – honestly – those numbers mean absolutely nothing…

In June 2019 I started The Social Bolt with 0 followers, 0 email subscribers, 0 blogs, no idea how to use Pinterest for my business and with 0 clients.

Within 4 months, I was fully booked.

And now, I have an engaged community of followers and subscribers who’ve continued to become DREAM clients of mine aka brilliant humans who say ‘heck yes!’ to working with me…and I get to do this all from my home office with Ned by my side.

I have the confidence to talk to my community in a way that gets them to take action and want to work with me.

I always trust that I have home-hitting content ideas that are going to WORK for my business – whether that means someone hits reply to one of my emails, sends me a DM or shares one of my hilarious dog memes!

This content bundle will help you create that for yourself too.

How much time is required to learn this?
I’ve broken this down into the most straightforward way possible to take a powerful process and make it SIMPLE to implement so that you can replicate your magic content again and again and again. You’ll never have to panic post again. Desperation Creation BE GONE!