The 6-figure Marketing Audit

The magical tool to identify your exact messaging problem and fix it in your offer, content & brand, so you can make Sirius money in your business. 

marketing & sales scripts to win clients online

Your messaging is the key to attracting Beyoncé-level clients and making Sirius money in your business.

A few simple tweaks can:
⚡️ Make your content pop off and activate perfect-fit ideal clients into action faster than Harry chasing the golden snitch.
⚡️ Turn an offer that sells inconsistently into an offer so in-demand it sells like hot cakes
⚡️ Position you, your brand and your business as the go-to wizard in your industry where your name is shouted in rooms you’re not ⚡️even in

But BEFORE you can make these tweaks and watch the cash and clients flow in…

You FIRST need to understand why your messaging isn’t attracting those dream clients and consistent cash flow right now.

And I know a thing or two about money-making messaging tweaks…

In case we haven’t met yet… 

Hi, I’m Tahryn and the handsome gentleman next to me is Ned!

I’m a messaging wizard, marketing wizard AND business wizard. Yep! That makes me a tri-wizard – a triple threat if you will.

Last year I made some tweaks to the messaging for my 1:1 Biz Wizard Series and it changed the game for myself and my business.

This offer became my easiest offer to sell despite it also being my most premium offer in terms of price point.

So I KNOW how much your messaging matters!

And in an online space where you’re competing for the attention of your community – you need to know how to master your messaging.

It’s the thing that’ll help you cut through the noise and stamp your unique blend of magic everywhere so it’s clear to your ideal clients why they need YOU in their life – RIGHT NOW!

This is why I’m sharing The 6-figure Marketing Audit with you…

This FREE messaging tool will help you to:

⚡️ Audit your current messaging to identify exactly why it isn’t attracting Beyoncé-level clients and making you Sirius money in your business

⚡️ Make simple and effective messaging tweaks so you can turn your offer, content and brand into a cash and client generating machine

⚡️ Understand how to use messaging to craft money-making marketing that consistently calls in clients + cash on repeat

Messaging doesn’t have to be difficult to master – and that’s why I’ve created this audit for YOU!

With one tap of your wand, you’ll unlock the magical messaging tool I use in my business to call in dream clients and consistent cash on repeat.

Download Your Free Copy NOW!