You don’t need to be an  extrovert  to be successful

You need no bullsh!t strategic advice, support & tools to help you show up & make shit happen, quietly & confidently.


The Introverted Biz Wiz Mastermind!

Helping you find your voice, build a brand you love and create an introvert-friendly business strategy that lights you the fu*k up
(without draining your social battery)

Created  specifically  for introverts…

because it’s our time to lumos

Building a mesmerising brand is about making soul-connections and creating content that feels comfortable and authentic for you. Making magic that motivates, entertains and inspires people.

Being genuinely spell-binding in everything you do while embracing your inner-introvert.

You want to create a business filled with things that set your soul on fire. A business that’s enjoyable, not soul-sucking. A business that makes an impact and a profit.

  • Without being the loudest, most obnoxious muggle in the room.
  • Without giving into platform pressure (dancing reels? ew).
  • Without feeling like you’re competing with every man and his 3-headed dog on the internet.

Sounds magical right? Grab your wand and follow me…


Over 6 magical months as an  intimate group  of biz-witches & wizards…

You’ll master the dark art of cutting through the screeching noise of extroverts by


Forging an indestructible magnetic mindset as an introvert

Communicating your unique blend of magic through content with the perfect combination of magical messaging & the power of storytelling

Harnessing your inner 6-figure superpowers with introvert-friendly, money-making business models & offer creation

Successfully launching, selling & showing up as an introvert

Preserving your precious energy & creating magical obstacles to defend your boundaries

Building connections & nurturing relationship

So you can

Overcome the fear of judgement, create with confidence and trust yourself

Become totally irresistible to your ideal muggles (or humans)

Scale and grow your business till your heart’s content

Be seen, heard and have a killer strategy in place to make sirius money

Protect you and your calendar from overwhelm, and avoid feeling drained at the mere thought of your business

Creating a raving community of superfans (or Potterheads)

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All prices are AUD including GST

 9 month payment plan 


9 Monthly Payments of


All prices are AUD including GST


If you want to know if the mastermind is really for you…

Book a call with me + Ned and let’s chat!

I know investing in yourself and your business can feel scary, so I’m here to answer all your questions!

And believe me when I say there are NO silly questions!


I’m Tahryn, your  “inspiring”, “magical”, “unapologetic”  introvert

I know how you feel because I’ve been where you are (and I still have the feels occasionally, tbh). The overwhelming feeling of

😶‍🌫️ Wanting more but being paralysed with fear when it comes to doing the thing
😶‍🌫️ Not quite fitting in with the cool kids online (and offline) because the thought of social activities and video content makes your skin crawl
😶‍🌫️ Being bombarded with social media posts about having to loosen up and put yourself out there to be successful
😶‍🌫️ Signing up for things when you’re feeling brave (and slightly extroverted) and having to spend the morning psyching yourself up not to bail last minute and stay home with your dog
😶‍🌫️ Walking into rooms filled with loud, confident people knowing full well the introvert hangover is gonna suck the life out of you for the next 3 days

And the feeling of always asking yourself “why not me?”.

Sick of waiting for my turn to magically appear, I stepped out of my warm, comfortable introvert zone, and threw my sorting hat in the ring.

…and now I’m

 walking, talking proof  of what’s possible for introverts in business

If you’re still wondering

“Why Tahryn over every other online coach?”

It’s because I know normal marketing strategies don’t work for you magical introverted humans.

Because telling you to “suck it up and do it anyway” isn’t going to get you there.
Because telling you to dance and point on reels is going to make you uncomfortable AF.
And because I know you’d rather rot in a cell at Azkaban with the Dark Lord himself than “jump onto an Instagram live and sell your services”.


While I  toot my own flute – I’ve:

🎉 Built a witchin’ 6-figure business in under 3 years that works around my personality
🎉 Booked my business out within 4 months of launching
🎉 Stayed true to who I am and created a business around things I LOVE
🎉 Finessed the “introvert’s strategy to a FK YES business”
🎉 Moved through my fear of judgement so I can help other introverts own their space online

Plus, I get to stay home with my dog, choose how I show up and how I do business.

It’s almost like… business was made for introverts

Here’s what’s included

in our 6 magical months together


Monthly 1:1 strategy & support calls

fluff-free personalised strategy, tools and support to empower you to play to your strengths and help you build a business that actually feels good while padding your bank account

Introvert-friendly group coaching calls

fortnightly high touch calls with a small group of like-minded souls, without the 3-day introvert hangover

Guest masterclasses

from only the best biz-wizards, obviously – and no, they won’t be telling you to “just do it”… this isn’t Nike

Fortnightly copy reviews

to help you make sure you’re staying true to you and your brand and speaking directly to your ideal humans – crafting copy that converts is kinda my thing

I now have a greater understanding of how to launch and create content and now have the confidence to show up online. Tahryn is a fantastic listener and was super supportive! She’s so knowledgeable, helpful, generous with her time and resources and would be a great cheerleader for anyone to have!


Tahryn’s knowledge, ability to listen and extract the good stuff and offer spot on suggestions is second to none. A truly gifted person who oozes such a welcoming and non judgmental approach while holding such beautiful space all at the same time. Her ability to flip between so many and varied businesses and ideas and still follow the “bouncing ball” of people’s minds is a true talent.


Tahryn gets you thinking about what’s possible for you and your business, and she explains what you need to know in the clearest way. She’s also extremely generous with the step-by-step advice and templates that she provides – templates that I know I will be using and going back to again and again.


I’ve never ever felt so comfortable and confident in my business as I do right now. Working with Tahryn has given me more clarity, more confidence, more excitement about my business and my dreams for my life and business. And the knowledge and permission to do business in a way that feels good for me. Tahryn is so supportive, encouraging and nurturing. I can show up exactly as I am and she’s there for me, and my business. She genuinely wants me to succeed and for all my dreams to come true, and that’s magic.


A  final note  to you,

From me and ned.

I know the online space says you need to be louder, you need to do more and you need to completely change who you are to be successful – but here’s the thing. You don’t.

You don’t need to change who you are and I don’t want you to. The world needs introverts doing their thing without being pressured into doing things they don’t want to.

Introverts are pretty fu*king powerful, and when you embrace your personality, you own it and you harness its magic, watch the fu*k out, world.

Being an introvert in business is a superpower and when you use your superpower to your advantage, you’ll stand out like Hagrid does in a sea of first years. Anything and everything is possible, even building a 6+ figure business, working with Beyonce-level clients and slaying the world of online business from the comfort of your home, every day).

You can have this too, just the way you are.

Pay in full


1 time payment of


All prices are AUD including GST

6 month payment plan 


6 Monthly Payments of


All prices are AUD including GST

 9 month payment plan 


9 Monthly Payments of


All prices are AUD including GST