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4 Introvert-Friendly Business Strategies

It’s one thing for me to tell you that being an introvert in business is a superpower – but practically how do you embrace those superpowers and also create an introvert-friendly business strategy?

You know that you’re an introvert and what that means for your energy and now it’s time to manage it in a way that’s best for you and your business.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast – 4 of my favourite introvert-friendly business strategies.

This is super important because as an introvert if you’re always doing the opposite of what feels enjoyable or natural to you – guess what?

It’ll be impossible to make it work – you’ll end up hating your business or burning yourself out. And you don’t want that.

And to add to that – in the online space, the successful businesses are the ones who are authentic, helpful and engaging.

Your community and your ideal clients want to connect with real people. So if you’re forcing yourself to be someone you’re not (aka an extrovert), your people will be able to tell – and they won’t trust you and therefore won’t buy from you.

So allow me to share some business strategies that are introvert-certified (by me of course).

First up is…

4 Introvert-Friendly Business Strategies

Low interaction marketing

Now marketing involves a lot of communication and public visibility – and that level of engagement can suck your energy pretty quickly.

But marketing is non-negotiable in business. It’s not a “nice to have” – it’s an essential business function. So to be able to deliver what your clients and customers want, you have to implement marketing strategies that allow you time away to recharge and not be constantly “on” and showing up.

So low interaction marketing strategies are those that require the least real-time interaction.

My favourite types of low interaction marketing are:

  • Podcasting
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Pinterest
  • I’d even classify YouTube in this category too

Basically, anything you can automate and schedule ahead of time and once they’re out there, they’re out there and doing their thing without you having to exert much energy output.

Bonus points if you create one piece of content (aka a hero piece) and repurpose it across multiple channels. So this podcast episode right here – will also be an email to my list, a blog on my website and Pinterest pins. So I’m quadrupling my content but using the same amount of energy each to do so.

Now because you’ll be limiting how much interaction you have with your audience, you need to make sure you have all of the information they need so they can self-serve and feel connected to you, even when you’re not available to them.


It’s all about the touchpoints. People get so caught up in the one piece of content they don’t think of the big picture.

What’s the next step on your customer journey and the next and the next?

Some things to consider here would be:

  • Post contact and availability information everywhere you can
  • An opt-in freebie or lead magnet that’s on your website, email signature, social media link in bio
  • Pricing and packages on your website or Instagram highlights
  • Instagram bio filled out with clear CTA
  • Automations for purchases, email opt-ins, appointment bookings, testimonial requests
  • Direct people to other ways to find your content, like your blog or social media profiles
  • FAQ

Think about the WHOLE customer experience and how you can give them the information they need, in a place they’ll easily find (not 100 clicks later) so you don’t have the constant back-and-forth interactions.

Put yourself in the shoes of your client or customer → what information would you want to know and where would you go looking for it?

Ok, next introvert-friendly business strategy – and it goes without saying.

Play to your strengths

Make it as easy as possible for you to succeed in business.

Why would you want to spend your time doing shit you hate or trying to be someone you’re not?!

There’s more than one way to do business – so create a strategy that works for you. Embrace what makes you magic and fully own it, and then watch out world!

You want to create a business filled with things that set your soul on fire. A business that’s enjoyable, not soul-sucking.

So if you love writing → write more!

If you love videos → record more videos!

Or if you love creating graphics in Canva – You guessed it – create more graphics!

It really does get to be THAT SIMPLE – if you make the decision to play to your strengths and fuck the rest.

So start amplifying your assets.

What are you good at? DO MORE OF IT!

And if there are things in your business that you’re not good at – outsource them, simplify them or ditch them.

Ok, the next introvert-friendly business strategy is an important one for us introverts – and that’s to…

Preserve your precious energy

I truly believe that introverts can do anything they want.

You may be quiet – but you’re fucking powerful and more than capable of having EVERYTHING you truly desire.

But you need to know how to budget your energy. Some things are going to drain your energy more than others, so you need to get clear on what’s worth spending your energy on.

Also, remember that what works for me – might not work for you. Only you can decide what’s important to you and where you want to allocate your energy to. For me, networking events and Reels – are not that important to me. But I will spend my energy showing up online or having 1:1 catch-ups.

And when you want to expand your comfort zone and try something new – that’s awesome. Just realise that the extra energy you spend being outside of your comfort zone, will need to be recharged and replenished – so factor that in too.

So some ways that you can preserve your precious introverted energy are:

  • Time block your calendar – on Friday’s I usually go into my calendar for the next week and put shit loads of buffers and breaks in between my calls so I have plenty of space and recharge time.
  • Create calendar limits for the number of calls you have each day. If I have more than 4 calls in a day – I’m pretty fucked so  
  • Batch calls on specific days of the week. I do client calls on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Monday is Slow Monday and Friday is for the podcast. 
  • Schedule rest and fun into your calendar – if you had a day where you expended a lot of energy, the next day there should be rest time scheduled in. If I know I am going to a networking event → the next day I make sure I have minimal to no calls. 
  • As an introvert, you can’t be available all day, every day. And in today’s society people can contact you 24/7 thanks to the internet – so they often expect instant responses.  And instead of being available to your clients and customers 24/7, manage their expectations by making it super clear what your boundaries are. When you are available. And when you’re not. Let them know what your response time is. Set those boundaries and stick to them. As an introvert you need these boundaries to protect your precious energy

And onto the next introvert-friendly business strategy…

Systems & Processes to save your soul

Systems and processes are an introvert’s best friend. They help you to manage your energy so you can scale and grow your business to your heart’s content.

When I think about the most important pieces of the puzzle that is my business – it’s the systems and processes that I have in place.

They allow me to work less but make more money. I’ve talked a bit about that energy exchange and yes these systems and processes might take a little bit of time to set up initially – but once they’re in place, you’ll wish you had them in place sooner.

Recently I took a bit of a step back in my business – at least publicly anyway. To reassess my business goals, my offers, my messaging, and what I really wanted from my business. And during that time I still made money, my community grew and I still attracted soulmate clients – all while working less hours than ever before.

And it’s because I spent the time to create systems and processes that gave me the space to step back.

So in your business there are a few non-negotiable systems and processes you need in place. And they are:

  • Email nurture sequence for any opt-ins or lead magnets
  • Process for enquiries 
  • Content creation process – for example a step by step podcast process 
  • Onboarding process for new clients and customers
  • Testimonial request process
  • Launch plan and process 

Things you don’t want to be doing manually every time.

As you can see automation is your BFF here. You want to automate parts of your process so you just need to set it up and let it do its thing.

The key here is creating REPEATABLE and AUTOMATED processes. So if there are tasks in your business that you do again and again – where can you systematise and automate?

This will also help when you want to outsource certain tasks in your business.

I can’t overstate this enough – systems and processes are non-negotiable for introverts in business. You don’t want to be expendeing any more energy than you have to – so sort your shit out.

So there you have it – 4 introvert-friendly business strategies that’ll support you to show and make shit happen in your business – quietly and powerfully. 

These are strategies I use in my business and swear by.

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4 Introvert-Friendly Business Strategies

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