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5 Characteristics of Clients Who Get Results

Quantum leap has become the new buzzword online. Earlier this year it was energetics and now it’s a quantum leap.

And with this, I’ve noticed this trend of many people expecting their business to go boom overnight without actually doing the foundational work that leads to these big expansive results.

Or business coaches talking about quantum leaps like they just happened without actually sharing the reality of how it happened. The behind-the-scenes “who, what, when, where, how, why” context is missed when they’re only sharing photos of them sipping cocktails in Bali or the multitude of Stripe deposits into their bank account. There’s nothing wrong with sharing this of course – but context is everything.

Despite what the online space might have you believe – you simply don’t wave a magic wand and hello 6-figure business.

Because here’s the thing – if you want BIG results in your business you’ve gotta be willing to put in the work.

And what I know to be true is that these quantum leaps are actually a result of consistency and certain characteristics business owners embody. It’s THIS that leads you to that tipping point of seemingly overnight results aka a quantum leap.

So in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I’m sharing 5 characteristics of clients who get results.

When my clients embody these characteristics consistently – that’s when the magic happens!

So let’s begin.

The first characteristic of clients who get results is…

characteristics of clients who get results

They’re personally responsible + access self-trust

The only person responsible for getting you the results you really want is you.

Stop outsourcing your power to your business coach, your best friend, your competition, Ned.

The clients who experience the best results are those who take ownership of their success AND their failures.

They don’t expect their mentors to guarantee them success just because they sign up to work with them.

They don’t place the expectation on their mentors to get them fast results without doing the work that actually gets those results.

And they don’t expect anyone else to perform magic to expand their business – outside of themselves.

It’s YOUR business.

And as a business coach I can’t do the work for you and I also can’t want it more than you.

Ultimately it’s up to you to get the results you truly desire – no one else.

And when you’re not getting the results you want, you need to flex that self-trust muscle.

Because you have to build epic self-trust and be truly sold on yourself and what you’re in business to do – FIRST.

That’s what will keep you showing up and sharing your shit when things aren’t going your way.

And this flows on nicely to the next characteristic and that’s…

They’re committed to their business (and don’t treat it like a hobby)

They’re in business for the long haul not for overnight success.

I see so many people trying to go viral and blow up their business overnight that they overlook what comes after that.

How do you replicate that again and again so you don’t become a one hit wonder?

You want to build a sustainable and profitable business that’s still here 5, 10, 20 plus years from now.

I don’t want to go back to corporate so it’s all about building the foundations so that this business keeps me as a stay-at-home dog Mum.

And it takes time, patience and commitment. 

Commitment to go ALL in and KEEP going all in – even when you’re not seeing big results.

To fully commit to your business – to do the work and to keep doing the work.

Because if you dip in and out of commitment to your business, you can’t expect to see consistent results.

Consistent commitment sees consistent results.

Onto the next characteristic of clients who get results which is…

They take action through their fear

Fear is not going to derail these wizards.

They look fear in the face and say – thanks for your concern but I’m doing it anyway!

Honestly, I’ve never spoken to another business owner who HASN’T experienced some sort of fear.

Running your own business requires an incredible amount of bravery and to be a successful business owner – you gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Fear is trying to keep you safe aka exactly where you are.

So it’s completely natural that when you’re doing things for the first time or outside of your comfort zone – fear will accompany you.

But don’t let it stop you.

You can’t be the person who wants BIG expansive results but baulks at making expansive investments or pulls on the handbrake when they feel a little twinge of fear.

To get those results you gotta feel the fear and do it anyway.

The next characteristic of clients who get results is…

They embrace their unique blend of magic

They’re not a copy + paste job of anyone else.

They don’t sound like anyone else.

They don’t show up like anyone else.

It’s crystal clear who they are and the magic they’re sharing with the world.

Which is impossible to replicate.

I see it far too often – people trying to be someone they’re not.

And when you try to copy and paste someone else’s strategy all you’re doing is deleting all traces of your magic out of what you’re creating.

And then you simply blend into the sea of beige.

Do we really need…

😏 Another exact copy of the same reel over and over and over again?

😏 The same basic AF tips that have been regurgitated by every other Harry, Ron & Hermione in your industry?

😏 Bland, boring and beige copy that Ned could’ve written

The answer is NO.

The difference between your biz and every other biz is YOU! 

So be brave enough to be one of a kind because that’s when you truly stand out.

And that ends nicely with the final characteristic and that is…

They find joy in being visible and sharing their magic

Often when my clients begin working with me, they’ve been trying to be someone they’re not.

Or using a business strategy that doesn’t feel good for them because another coach told them if they didn’t use said strategy, they’d be holding themselves back or their business wouldn’t be successful.

Which in my opinion is the worst fucking advice because there’s more than one way to do business. And what works for one business, might not work for another.

So then it’s my mission to strip back the shiny shit and the “shoulds” and support them to build a business that not only makes them money – but it ALSO lights them up.

Because if you don’t enjoy doing something – you’ll avoid doing it at all costs amirite?

You’ll procrastinate from taking action, you’ll avoid showing up and sharing content and you won’t be truly committed to your business – and as I previously mentioned, these are key factors for you to get the results you want in business.

So if you’re going to be visible and share your unique blend of magic – you may as well have fun doing it!

And when you do this – you’ll stand out online, attract those Beyonce-level clients and build a business you love!

So there you have it: the 5 characteristics of clients who get results!

When I think about my clients who create epic results in their businesses – it’s the ones who truly embody these characteristics.

They didn’t wave a magic wand and hello big results – they take full accountability and they’re out there staying consistent and committed to their vision.

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But they also don’t try to do it alone. They invest in the support they need to bring their vision to life.

As my business coach often reminds me – just because you CAN do everything, doesn’t mean you should.

And this is why I’ll always have a coach of some kind – to remind me why I’m putting myself through this business journey and guide me back when I get lost along the way. And to help me grow and fully embody the Beyonce-level version of myself so that I can continue to stay home with Ned every day and support incredible humans to create incredible magic in their business.

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