Ever wondered what the “secret” is to a successful launch?


One that gets your community to throw money at you because they MUST have what you’re selling? ?

You know it’s got something to do with having a rock solid launch plan.

But right now when it comes to launching:

  • You look at everyone else launching with confidence and wish that could be you too
  • You’re stuck in the fear of putting your offer out there (the one you’ve poured your soul into) and not being taken seriously
  • Or being judged by Aunt Karen & old mate Steve from high school.

So you convince yourself that you simply can’t launch until you have a bigger email list or a fancy course platform. 

And then launching sits on your to-do list for another day until you “find the secret to launching”…

But then you feel so overwhelmed – you have no idea where to even start. 

Even though deep down you know that your offer is too good not to share with your community!

If the thought of figuring out HOW to hit that launch button and confidently launch your magic into the world has you feeling scared shitless…

I want you to know — I got you!

Hiiiiii, I’m Tahryn

aka Ned’s Mum, Taz, or Bolt if you’re my local coffee shop!

Just over a year ago I’d never launched anything…

I’d look at other people launching and think:

I need to wait until I’ve been in business longer…


I only have a small email list, so I should grow that first.

And then 2020 happened.

I took a client roster that rivalled the Simpson Desert…tumbleweeds and all (cheers, Covid!) — and used that time to create and launch my first digital product…

Followed by my signature group program The School of Content Wizardry—

This was when EVERYTHING changed for me.

I suddenly had a FULL roster of clients AND a scalable business model. I was earning more money, impacting more people, all while working less and having more fun!

Since then I’ve supported my clients to launch digital products, group programs and podcasts in a way that is simple, fun and authentic to them  one​​s that have generated 5-figures and catapulted them to the top of the charts.


And I’ve done the same for myself – in just over 12 months I’ve:

⚡ Launched my first digital product that people STILL purchase while I’m out eating dumplings with my bestie

⚡ Had my first ever 5-figure launch

⚡ Topped the charts with the #1 marketing podcast on Apple Podcasts in Australia

⚡ Had another 5-figure launch that was also my BIGGEST LAUNCH and I did it all while working less and prioritising my well-being over everything else


In the process I’ve nailed down a rock solid launch strategy that gets results without getting caught up in

🪄 A million over-complicated moving parts that you’d need a PhD to execute, OR

🪄 Scaring yourself shitless about pouring your heart and soul into this and STILL having the door slammed in your face/not getting the sales and clients you were counting on


YES  — this shit works!

And now I want to share it with YOU.


Become a Launch Wizard

Your step by step process from scared shitless to launching with confidence.

This program guides you through everything you need to launch your offer into the world minus the overwhelm of figuring it out for yourself through trial and error.

You’ll finally be able to get out of the “forever planning mode stage”, where you overthink and tell yourself “I’ll be able to launch once I…”

And instead launch your magic into the world trusting that you’ve set yourself up for success.

From planning your launch to pressing the launch button, I’ve broken the launch process into easy tangible steps to help you make it an easy ‘yes!’ for people to hit ‘buy now’, and launch your scalable offer with ease again and again – forever and ever!


Become a Launch Wizard is the course that’ll show you how.

At the end of the program, you’ll…

🚀  Know that the offer you launch is exactly what your community wants (and will pay for) – because they told you so.

🚀   Have a clear and actionable launch plan of attack so you know exactly what to do, and when, so you can hit that launch button and reach your launch goals

🚀   Understand how to demonstrate your Dumbledore-level expertise through the magic of copy and content.

🚀   Apply that knowledge with easy-to-follow templates for any piece of launch copy

🚀    Have a simple but POWERFUL launch strategy that you can use on repeat in your business so that each launch gets EASIER AND EASIER

“Tahryn’s superpower is bringing it back to basics and keeping it simple – by showing you how straightforward it can be and empowering you with the skills you need to do it again and again on your own.

This skill of hers helped me flesh out an idea I had randomly on IG and turned it into my biggest launch to date. We sat down together and she worked with me to map it out – even though I had no idea what it would look like or how I was going to pull it off.

She supported me through the process of bringing my idea to reality and helped me launch an idea into a 15k program.

What I love most is that we turned an idea into something tangible that can make me money AND teach and empower my clients – in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to come up with on my own.

Tahryn gives you permission to take an idea and create content the way you want and in a way that feels good for you and that works for your business.”

Amee Triscari

Life + Biz Strategist / Hype Girl

It’s time for you to feel confident to launch your magic offer

Join Become a Launch Wizard

To create a successful launch you need a solid AF plan of attack so here’s how you’re going to get there…


Module 1: The 5-step roadmap to PLAN your ultimate launch

⚡️  How to uncover if your offer resonates with your community and exactly what to include to make sure it does

⚡️  Map out ALL of the details of your launch so you’re not making it up as you go along

⚡️  Set your launch goals based on how you want to feel and how to make it fun

⚡️  Craft your launch content plan so you know what your community needs to hear for it to be an easy ‘YES!’ when you launch


Module 2: It’s Launch Pre Season – time to PREPARE to launch

⚡️  Understand the different buyers and how people make purchase decisions so your launch connects with more than one style of decision maker (this saves you from excluding ideal clients)

⚡️   Build a waitlist that’s as hot for your offer as Harry Styles

⚡️   Prepare a launch trigger that feels good for YOU and inspires people to action

⚡️   Create your pre-launch content


Module 3: It’s ACTION time – share your magic with the world

⚡️  Create the resonant content that will help people decide to buy throughout your cart open

⚡️  Embrace the Tiered Approach and actually press the launch button

⚡️  Discover the secret ingredient that supercharges TRUST in your offer

⚡️  Learn how to convert fence-sitters into buyers


Module 4: It’s Post Launch Party time

⚡️  Prepare what you need to make things as easy as possible when you launch again

⚡️   Review your launch performance to make your next launch EVEN BETTER

⚡️   Celebrate the fuck out of yourself so you look forward to your next launch

These modules will help you unlock all the spells you need to become a launch wizard and finally share your magic offer with the world, but here’s the best part:


I’m also giving you the key to a Restricted Section of Resources that every Launch Wizard needs…

Think: every template you could possibly need for a launch (before, during and after).

🪄 Email templates
🪄 Sales page templates
🪄 Asana launch project template
🪄 Scripts for selling on IG stories
🪄 Daily launch checklist
🪄 Social media repurposing guide

So you’ll have everything you need to actually do the *creating* part of your launch – The result?

You’ll have the clarity and confidence to launch your magical offer with ease and fun.

This means you’ll finish Become a Launch Wizard armed with a step-by-step plan to reduce overwhelm and set you up for success from start to finish.

“When it comes to all things content – creation, strategy and implementation – Tahryn is your woman. Or should I say, Content Wizard!

Working with Tahryn has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

She is an absolute powerhouse of knowledge and skills, helping me to work smarter, not harder, and getting the most out of all the content I create.

I highly recommend working with Tahryn, especially if you’ve ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed when it comes to content creation.”

Bec Cuzzillo

Spiritual Business Coach

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tahryn and she has totally changed the way I approach social media and launch planning!

Her framework for social media posting provided some much needed structure, and she always made me feel more confident in my successes and launches.

I’d highly recommend booking in with Tahryn if you are craving more clarity and confidence in your content and launch planning.”

Jess McCallum

When you join Become a Launch Wizard, you get…

🚀  4 pre-recorded module lessons delivered into your private learning portal

🚀  A Restricted Section (aka high value goodies) of resources that every Launch Wizard needs

PLUS, to help you bring your launch to life, you’ll also receive these bonuses:

become a launch wizard maree eddings

Your Launch Energy Checklist by Energy Magician Maree Eddings


become a launch wizard karen aird

Launch Wizard Mindset Magic by Mindset Magician Karen Aird


become a launch wizard jessie parker

Launch Graphics Templates for Social Media by Creative Wizard Jessie Parker



become a launch wizard maree eddings

How to Be Magnetic on Video Masterclass with the Always Magical Monique Lombardo


become a launch wizard karen aird

Create Your Launch Systems Strategy Masterclass with Systems Wizard Laura Vucic


become a launch wizard karen aird

How to use Facebook Ads to Amplify your Launch Results with Facebook Ads Wizard Kate Burgess



PLUS 2 bonus masterclasses by Ned & I

How to Create an Opt-In to Grow Your Email List Masterclass

How to Launch a Chart-Topping Podcast

Join Become A Launch Wizard and learn how to launch with confidence

 Launch Wizard Package 

✓ 4 x modules

✓ Restricted Section of Launch Resources

$1499 $390

or 3 monthly payments of $499 $139

or 6 monthly payments of $240 $69

All prices are AUD including GST

There’s a lot to juggle when you’re a muggle – but launching doesn’t have to be so complicated…

The key to launching is a SIMPLE & ROCK SOLID LAUNCH PLAN.

And you don’t have to trial-and-error your way to eventual success.

I’ve seen what works and what it takes to have a 5-figure launch…

And I KNOW this is possible for you too.

That’s why I’m not holding back on sharing all my best launching spells with you so you can take guesswork out of the equation and launch in a way that is simple, fun and authentic to you. Where you hit your launch goals and you do it with more ease and fun than ever before!

“Working with Tahryn has given me so much more time and freedom.

What I love the most about working with her is that she makes launching and creating content easy and fun – it’s like she’s in my head.

She’s supported me to launch my new experience Permission Granted with my most recent launch being a $40k launch.

Tahryn is irreplaceable.”

Sam Dhu

The Queen of Permission

become a launch wizard tahryn bolt

You don’t need to wait another day/week/month to DECIDE to launch…


You also don’t need to wait until:
🚀   You start / grow an email list
🚀   You’ve been showing up on IG more consistently
🚀   You’ve been in business a bit longer
🚀   You know exactly what your program is going to be


These are the biggest misconceptions about what’s needed to have a successful launch.


The truth is, you LEARN and CREATE on the job.

The secret to launching successfully is not a result of the length of time you’ve been in business…

If there’s a need for your offer, your people will buy it regardless of how long you’ve been in business. (and you’ll KNOW whether that need exists after module 1).

You’ll be building your email list with leads as hot as Harry Styles when people are signing up for your launch-specific opt-in or launch trigger (module 2).

Your pre-launch content runway will help you not only show up and share consistently but create resonant content so it’s a HELL YES when you launch (also module 1)

And every time you launch you’ll learn more about your offer so you can make upgrades so it’s even more magical each time (aka what we cover in module 4)


Become a Launch Wizard gives you everything you need to make it happen.

“If I think about what my thought patterns were about creating content before I worked with Tahryn to after – I wouldn’t be in a launch right now where I feel confident having fun and converting clients. It wouldn’t be happening as I would still be in that fear of creation.

My launch emails are converting into paying clients. So it’s not just that people enjoyed reading them – they’re converting into dollars, which is important if you’re a business owner because ultimately you’re in business to make money.

My content is also converting on all different platforms – from my email, my podcast and my social media. This makes my launch feel more expansive, as I don’t have to have all of my eggs in the social media basket. I’m repurposing my content and feel confident in being able to share across different mediums.

Because once you’ve got confidence in your content, the rest will follow and your confidence will grow. You’ll learn how to hold more space for yourself, you’ll meet more people that you really like and want to do business with.

Tahryn is an absolute wizard.”

Maree Eddings

Energy Magician

Question Time

Things your brain might want to know some answers to before you decide to join

When does the program start?

When you sign up you get INSTANT ACCESS to the course content.

I’ve launched before – is this program for me?

It sure is! Each time you launch is an opportunity to improve, test and tweak so you can make it even more magical each time. Become a Launch Wizard teaches you how to implement a step-by-step launch plan that sets you up for success time and time again…

I don’t have a program / course / podcast yet – is this program for me?

Yes! Become a Launch Wizard will give you all the tools you need to launch your program / course / podcast for the first time. The work you do in Module 1 (The 5-step roadmap to PLAN your ultimate launch) will give you the clarity and confidence to be able to launch and KNOW that your offer is something your community wants AND will pay for. 

I’ve got a 1:1 offer that I want to launch – does this program still apply to me?

Heck to the yes! All the launch strategies that I’m teaching you inside Become a Launch Wizard I use in my business and I used when I was launching my 1:1 Biz Wizard Coaching Series.

How much time is required to learn this?

There are four learning modules plus potent resources that get straight to the point… for you to sink your teeth into…sooooooo good question! But bear in mind I’m all about the simple life (aka zero fluff)…so I have broken this down into the most straightforward way possible.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Once you hit that ‘Buy Now’ button – you’ve signed the Unbreakable Vow and unlock lifetime access to all the content that’s inside the program from now until Voldemort returns. This means you can come back and access my launch process again and again, launch after launch. You’ll also get access to any future course updates.

How much feedback + support do I get?

There’s a private Facebook group that’s open 24/7 for you to ask your questions and call in support so you can hit that launch button to infinity and beyond!

How do I access the modules?

All pre-recorded learning modules and launch resources will be uploaded weekly into Podia (aka your private learning portal). Your access will be unlocked immediately upon sign up.

I have another question…

Cool cool cool cool cool cool – send it on through to tb@thesocialbolt.com.au

“When it comes to creating incredible content for your business (that helps you connect with your ideal client and generate more sales!) you can’t find better than Tahryn.

Tahryn has supported SO many online business owners generate five-figure launches. You know you’ll be in great hands if you work with her!!

I recommend her to all my clients needing support with creation of their content across socials, email marketing, web and more, and she always delivers the most incredible results. What’s more, she’s great fun to work with and truly cares about YOUR unique business.

I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Ellie Swift

Marketing Magician & Certified Mindset and Marketing Coach

I see you, all the way down here …

As a bit of a sales page aficionado I love to scroll to the bottom of a sales page…

This is the part where I’m looking for that bit of magic that screams BUY ME NOW, TAHRYN!

The bit that reassures me I’m in EXACTLY the right place.

I want you to know that you can be that person who has amazing launches. One where you make more money without sacrificing ease and flow.

But I get it…

Launching can feel really BIG…

Especially when you don’t know where to start…

And you’re terrified to fail…

I won’t tell you that there’s no fear involved when you launch for your first time (or 50th time!).

But it’s always within you to take the next smallest step forward, no matter how ‘not-so-small’ it feels.

You don’t need to let the fear stop you from taking action and sharing your magic with your community.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

When I started 2020 I had 0 launches under my belt…

And by the end of 2020 I had notched up 20+ launches with my clients including 4 launches in my biz alone.

I’m as excited as Hermione at exam time, to help you launch with confidence and Become a Launch Wizard.

Because I know that with a little guidance, a plan of attack and a dash of confidence – this is possible for you too.

When you have a step-by-step launch plan it reduces the overwhelm, keeps you on track and sets you up for success time and time again…

…that’s when you’ll STOP feeling scared shitless about not being taken seriously, and you’ll launch your magic into the world with confidence and trust that it’ll magnetise your kinda people.

This could all be yours with one swish and flick of your wand – I hope I see you inside!

become a launch wizard the social bolt


Join Become A Launch Wizard and learn how to create a launch strategy that allows you to hit your launch goals with max ease and flow.

 Launch Wizard Package 

✓ 4 x modules

✓ Private Facebook Group

✓ Restricted Section of Launch Resources

$1499 $390

or 3 monthly payments of $499 $139

or 6 monthly payments of $240 $69

All prices are AUD including GST