Are you planning to launch your next amazing offer? 🚀


But when it comes to creating content for your launch, you’re left sitting staring at a blank screen?

You wish you knew exactly the type of content to create – content that not only connects with your community but ALSO gets them to buy your magical offer.

You’re not alone, I’ve been there and so have my clients. 


In case we haven’t met yet…


Hi, I’m Tahryn and the handsome gentleman next to me is Ned!

I’m a Content creation wizard, Launch wizard AND Business wizard. Yep! That makes me a tri-wizard – a triple threat if you will.

As a biz wizard (business coach for the muggles) I support you to create wildly abundant offers, booked-up launches and magical content.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve clocked up 40+ launches for myself and my clients. 

I’ve supported my clients to launch digital products, group programs and podcasts in a way that is simple, fun and authentic to them. Launches that have generated 5-figures and catapulted them to the top of the charts.

AND I’ve done the same for myself.

I know how to launch AND how to create content that gets your soulmate clients to hit that buy now button faster than Harry Potter chasing the Golden Snitch.



The FREE Guide will help you:

⚡️ Map out your launch content in 5 easy steps

⚡️ Consistently share content that builds trust in you & your offer

⚡️ Magnetise your soulmate clients and get them hitting that buy now button

This is your game-changing content creation framework to help you map out your launch content!

 Wave ‘bye, bye. bye’ to launch content creation overwhelm and hello to a never-ending flow of launch content ideas! With one tap of your wand you’ll discover 5 types of content I use to create content in my business. Content types I ALSO use during my launches.

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