Tired of endlessly creating content while feeling like you’re getting abso-fucking-lutely nowhere?

When it comes to creating content for your biz, you feel so completely overwhelmed that instead of actually creating the damn content, you procrastinate and spend 4 million hours scrolling the Gram instead.

You tell yourself that you’re only going to scroll for a little bit to get some “inspo”, but midway through your scroll sesh you start thinking to yourself “Oh damn that’s good – mine will never be as good as that!” 

And so creating content gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list….again.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and creating content is still sitting on your to-do list. 

Frantic that you haven’t posted in forever and your sales have completely dried up…you chuck up a ‘Cheers for Friday’ post with a picture of a cocktail out of desperation because that’s better than nothing, right? 

But when you check back later to see absolutely no engagement, no new followers, no DMs from potential new clients…you think to yourself – “Why do I even bother? I want my content to be meaningful and have an impact but I don’t know where to start…” 

If this sounds like you, I want you to know that YOU can create YOUR own MAGIC CONTENT!

And you can do it minus the overwhelm! 

It’s time to work smarter (not harder), transform your content creation process and bring those oh-so-juicy biz visions you have on your heart, to life.


Your Ultimate Client-Generating Content Strategy

Your step-by-step process to create your own content strategy that saves you time & captivates dream clients like a wizard spellbound by a love potion.

This is the exact process I go through every time I create my signature The Social Bolt Content Strategy for my private clients. Tap your wand and this downloadable pdf will instantly appear in your inbox just like magic! 

But be warned…this isn’t just any pdf…it is your new powerful, go-to spell-book to help you find your magic content and create a hit-list of topics so you can FINALLY crush your content creation overwhelm

I now have a strategy, a way forward!!  Prior to working with Tahryn, I was actually quite fearful of Instagram but now I can’t wait to log on and get creative with my posts.  I don’t believe I am saying this but it’s fun!  I have much more clarity and confidence in knowing what to post and when.  My strategy has also stretched me to include blog posts and Pinterest in an effort to find more customers.

– Leah Tapping

The Natural Newborn

So those big, juicy goals you’ve got for your business?

(aka a totally engaged community who know, like and trust you, leading you to a  fully-booked roster filled with dream client after dream client…)

Well instead of desperately scrolling for ‘inspo’, aimlessly posting, and crossing your fingers hoping that whatever you create will hit home with your kinda people…

A content strategy gives you a purposeful direction to achieve those goals WITHOUT the struggle, doubt and finger-crossing.

The Ultimate Client-Generating Content Strategy is the clear direction you need to save you from the constant overwhelm when it comes to getting your offers in front of the right people, YOUR people.

I know what you’re thinking…a content strategy sounds hard and totally not fun! 

But #realtalk – A content strategy doesn’t have to be hard or technical.

The truth is, a content strategy will SIMPLIFY your content creation process by helping you get clear on exactly:

? What content to create to get your ideal clients blowing up your notifications

Where to post your content to get max eyeballs on it

? Why your community needs what you’ve got to offer

Afterall, what’s the point of creating content if it doesn’t build your business, build the relationship you have with your community and build that all-important know, like and trust factor?!

It’s time to unleash your inner content strategy wizard and transform your content creation process to help you work smarter, not harder.

With one tap of your wand you’ll have access to Your Ultimate Client-Generating Content Strategy to start strategically planning your content so you can get MAX value from your creations AND have more impact on your community than ever. 

With every Harry, Ron & Hermione currently spending double the time online, NOW is the time to market online.


This go-to guide is the ‘alohomora’ that will unlock more time, money and clients than you can shake a wand at.


⚡️ Creating content with ease rather than making it hard for yourself and constantly scrambling to create.

⚡️ Feeling empowered and actually enjoying (YES!) creating content that is not simply filler content, but content that serves your community, that they LOVE and inspires them to TAKE ACTION.

⚡️ Sharing your unique message and creating content that absolutely no one else but you could create.

⚡️ Being intentional and focused on creating content instead of spending 4+ hours scrolling and getting trapped in the social media vortex. 

⚡️ Confident and clear about the way forward for your content, albeit even a little excited

⚡️ Yes! You’ll finally be creating with confidence when you have  a content strategy playbook that Hermione Granger herself would be binge-reading from the Hogwarts Library!

“Before working with Tahryn, I felt like I kinda knew what I was doing on social media, but I never made the time to get clear on what was ACTUALLY working and WHY. Since working with Tahryn, I have total clarity around how to increase my connection on Instagram. Tahryn’s insights and skills are way beyond what I thought I knew about social media. I know my Social Bolt Strategy will be one of those things I refer to in my biz every week…it makes me feel excited and totally capable of showing up consistently!”

– Miish Grixti

Copy Coach + Messaging Strategist


Simplify your content creation process and create your own magic content so you can save time & enchant your dream clients.


Question Time

Will this process help me get more followers?

I can’t promise you 3000 email subscribers or a blue tick next to your IG profile – I don’t have either of those things.

Because – honestly – those numbers mean absolutely nothing…

10 months ago I started with 0 followers, 0 email subscribers, 0 blogs, no idea how to use Pinterest for my business and with 0 clients.

Within 4 months, I was fully booked.

And now, 10 months down the track, I have an engaged community of followers and subscribers who’ve continued to become DREAM clients of mine aka brilliant humans who say ‘heck yes!’ to working with me…and I get to do this all from my home office with Ned by my side.

I have the confidence to talk to my community in a way that gets them to take action and want to work with me.

I always trust that I have home-hitting content ideas that are going to WORK for my business – whether that means someone hits reply to one of my emails, sends me a DM or shares one of my hilarious dog memes!

I want you to know that you can do it too.

That’s why I’ve created Your Ultimate Client-Generating Content Strategy to guide you step-by-step through this process.

From uncovering your solid gold content using your Instagram insights, to creating bucketloads of content ideas and planning that content across multiple content channels – this is your chance to crush your content overwhelm and progress your content wizardry skills!

You’re going to love how strategic yet simple this process is to follow, and I should know as it’s the exact process I use to strategically create content for The Social Bolt.

How much time is required to learn this?

I’ve broken this down into the most straightforward way possible. I’ve taken my powerful process and made it SIMPLE to implement so that you can replicate your magic content again and again and again. You’ll never have to panic post again. Desperation Creation BE GONE!

“When it comes to creating incredible content for your business (that helps you connect with your ideal client and generate more sales!) you can’t find better than Tahryn. I recommend her to all my clients needing support with creation of their content across socials, email marketing, web and more, and she always delivers the most incredible results. What’s more, she’s great fun to work with and truly cares about YOUR unique business.

I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– Ellie Swift 

Marketing Magician & Certified Mindset and Marketing Coach

Stop looking at everyone else’s content wishing it was yours…

Take control and start creating your own amazing content that captivates and converts, with Your Ultimate Client-Generating Content Strategy to light the way.


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