I’ll show you how to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes when creating content…

So you can get max impact out of every single piece of content, show up as YOU, and build a business filled with perfect-fit clients.

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You’re totally o-v-e-r feeling like you’re stuck in a content creation wheel of doom – never moving your business forward, continually resenting it…

I get it! I mean, it makes sense, right…

You spend wayyyyyy too much of your precious brain power trying to come up with fresh ideas every single time you sit down to create content – not only is it a brain drain, but you’re also missing the golden opportunity to establish yourself as someone with Hermione-level knowledge around your zone of genius.

After you’ve exhausted all of your brain juices on your social media posts, you realise you’re short on time and fresh out of sparks of creativity to share your message across multiple channels in a way that helps you to grow your list, nurture your community and drive more traffic to your website.

It’s not surprising that after all of this, you’re reluctant to share the REAL YOU in your content. You’ve got nothing left in your tank to figure out how to tap into being YOU and overcome the fear of looking silly or being judged.

If you’re thinking ‘there’s gotta be a better way…’ — there is!

That’s why I’m going to guide you through simple solutions to get you feeling confident AF about creating content and showing up as YOU in just 3 days. 

In this FREE training, I’m sharing the 3 Biggest Mistakes that leave you feeling stuck and exhausted about your content, and what to do instead. 

Day 1: Why you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you create content.

Your insights are showing you the way to your magic content — you just have to know what to look for! If you’re ready to work smarter not harder, let me show you how to use your insights to uncover content that your audience LOVE and you can replicate (on repeat) so you don’t always have to scramble to make content ideas appear out of nowhere. 

Day 2: Why solely focusing on social media won’t help grow your business

Social media is taking up ALL OF YOUR TIME but it’s only one part of the content creation process. I’ll show you what’s different about the kind of content that can be shared across multiple channels so that you get max impact out of every single creation — while growing your email list, increasing website traffic, building your online community – on repeat! 

Day 3: When you avoid sharing the REAL you in your content, you’re concealing yourself from truly connecting with your community 

Creating content gets to be fun AND it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. I’ll show you how to amp up the YOU in your copy and be confident AF to hit post knowing that what you’ve created will hit home with your kinda people. By understanding what content truly  resonates with your dream clients it allows you to show up as your wonderful self and let YOU shine through all the content you create!

This training might be free, but it’s worth every second of your time if:

⚡️ You’re tired of feeling frazzled every time you try to create fresh content, you‘d rather feel confident knowing you have a gold mine of magic content ideas at the ready

⚡️ You’re ready to show your other marketing channels a bit of love – social media is a badass, but it’s time to broaden your friendship group a touch!

⚡️ You learn best through real-life examples that you can apply to your own biz, not just ‘nice to know’ theory – you want to see proof that this shit works! 

⚡️ You want to feel confident AF about the way forward for your content (like you’ve just skulled a bottle of Felix Felicis)…heck even a little excited to start creating!

Who’s behind this training?! 

Hi there, I’m Tahryn (aka Ned’s Mum). 

I may still be waiting for my “official’ Hogwarts Acceptance letter…but I’m a wizard, Harry! A Content Wizard.

My superpower is strategically crafting content that helps you show up consistently and attract, engage and connect with your dream clients, so that your business is seen across multiple marketing channels. All while sounding authentically YOU. 

It may appear to be magic but my wizardry skills are a custom blend of strategy and heart that has helped me build a thriving business in less than a year, with a fully-booked roster of clients. 

Even better I’ve done this JUST from social media and my content alone.

I quickly discovered that to truly connect with my community and to stand out in a sea of content, I needed to share the real Tahryn.

The Tahryn who loves dogs more than people and who has a crazy obsession with Harry Potter, not the Tahryn who was scared to show up as me in fear of looking silly and being judged!

Here’s the thing…

The difference between your content and everyone else’s is YOU.

It’s time to step out from under your invisibility cloak and share the real you with your community – in a way that feels simple, fun and authentic to you.  

And I’m here to show you how.

“When it comes to creating incredible content for your business (that helps you connect with your ideal client and generate more sales!) you can’t find better than Tahryn. I recommend her to all my clients needing support with creation of their content across socials, email marketing, web and more, and she always delivers the most incredible results. What’s more, she’s great fun to work with and truly cares about YOUR unique business.

I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– Ellie Swift 

Marketing Magician & Certified Mindset and Marketing Coach

I now have a strategy, a way forward!!  Prior to working with Tahryn, I was actually quite fearful of Instagram but now I can’t wait to log on and get creative with my posts.  I don’t believe I am saying this but it’s fun!  I have much more clarity and confidence in knowing what to post and when.  My strategy has also stretched me to include blog posts and Pinterest in an effort to find more customers.

– Leah Tapping

The Natural Newborn

“Before working with Tahryn, I felt like I kinda knew what I was doing on social media, but I never made the time to get clear on what was ACTUALLY working and WHY. Since working with Tahryn, I have total clarity around how to increase my connection on Instagram. Tahryn’s insights and skills are way beyond what I thought I knew about social media. I know my Social Bolt Strategy will be one of those things I refer to in my biz every week…it makes me feel excited and totally capable of showing up consistently!”

– Miish Grixti

Copy Coach + Messaging Strategist