You're a brilliant & bright content wizard!


When it comes to content creation, you feel at your very best when you’re pulling off all the moving pieces like total PRO that you are.

Your idea of a good time is to have everything planned out to perfection – in fact planning and structure makes your heart sing. It makes you feel like you’ve got your shit together. And when it comes to sharing content you do! 

Your scheduling tools are your BFF’s and you’re always on the lookout for new ways to work smarter not harder. This makes you a genius because you nail your content schedule like an efficient mofo aka without making things more difficult than they need to be.

Consistency is good because it builds real trust – aka it’s a key part of the old marketing chestnut “know, like and trust”. Because people TRUST you, it puts them in the best position to buy from you

No one could ever accuse you of NOT being organised AF and having your aesthetic on point. This eye for detail builds your brand and shows you’re a pro. Even if it takes ages to find the perfect image, don’t take your skills for granted. Your taste for good design is uncommon for mere muggles.  

When you come up with a content idea it goes straight into your project management planner or into the notes app on your phone before you open Pinterest to find the perfect Insta-worthy image.

This always leads to your DMs filled with people responding “OMG I LOVE YOUR FEED!”

And that makes you feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside because it’s recognition for all the care and intention you put into your social media.you’ve always been told you’ve got an eagle eye for details.

You ain’t here to play small – you’re here to manifest the shit out of the big goals and visions you’ve got laid out on your Pinterest board 

And even if you don’t know it…as you tick the goals off your list, you inspire others to do the same.  

You might not realise it but your passion for 

✨  Perfecting all of the details of your content, 

✨  Nailing your graphics and 

✨  Editing your copy…

…It’s  aspirational to your community.

This means the people in your online orbit wish they could create the same kinda content magic as you. 

This is why your people will save and share your content far and wide – and being the smart, savvy content creator that you are -you know this is a big deal because it means more eyeballs consuming your content and learning from you!

Your content wizardry is magical, but watch out for these jinxes:

Repeat after me…no one is perfect! Not even Beyonce. Remember that the connection you have with your audience is more important than if your Canva image is slightly off centre (I know – commence eye-twitching!).

There are people that wish they could whip up amazing graphics like you – so don’t forget to spend a little extra time loving hard on your community. Because the thing that’s MOST important is that connection.

Take the time to create a couple of posts a survey/poll to find out what your audience what’s to learn from you, and create content around that

A perfectly curated IG feed takes time and effort…so it can be deflating if your post doesn’t get the love (likes, comments, shares and saves) you were expecting.

Remember that it’s just one post. And you never know who read that post and it was exactly what they needed to hear at that point in time. They might just become your next client. 

 While consistency is your superpower when it comes to content creation…you are human and if you don’t post on social media at 8am on a Tuesday (even if it’s your peak time) – the Dementors won’t come and suck out your soul…and the world definitely won’t end. Because you’re a total Dumbledore-level planner, one day won’t make a difference in the big scheme of things.  

Tahryn Bolt Social Media Tips for Creating Content The Social Bolt

Hey there wizard –

Wondering who the content wizard behind this quiz is?

Hiiiiiiiiii I’m Tahryn aka Ned’s Mum, Taz, or Bolt if you’re my local coffee shop! 

Ned is my furchild (a 7 year old Border Collie) and together we love nothing more than curling up on the couch, with a wine in my hand, watching Harry Potter.

I may still be waiting for my “official” Hogwarts Acceptance letter…but I’m a wizard Harry! A Content Wizard.

It may appear to be magic but my wizardry skills are a custom blend of strategy and heart that has helped me build a thriving business, with a fully-booked roster of clients (the ones that make you feel like you’re Beyonce). Even better: I’ve done this JUST from social media and my content alone. 

I quickly discovered that to truly connect with my peeps and to stand out in a sea of content, I needed to share the real Tahryn.


I want to show you how to do this with your content too.


Think of these quiz results as your first step into showing up as the real you. When you do you’ll discover how to use your unique blend of content wizardry to transform your content creation process and attract more clients your way.

Read on to bring these insights to life in your business from here on…

To boost your content creation magic try these out:

Your enviable brand aesthetic is always on point…but I dare you to post a picture of your beautiful face at least every 9 posts. People buy from people they know, like and trust, and the quickest way to do this is to put a face to the person behind the business. 

And that is also why you need to tell your audience about who YOU are. Share stories about you and weave your personality throughout your content. Your content themes should include this personal touch. 

Just go in the moment and write what you’re feeling doesn’t fly with you…But you’ve got your content creation foundations solid AF so this is your permission slip to experiment and try new things (and to even suck at them). Worst case scenario you transform into a cat for 24 hours, but the spell will wear off and you’ll know not to do that next time.

As you’ve spent time crafting your perfect content spells…repurpose your magic content and juice the max impact out of each piece of content you create. You’ll magnetise more legends your way and allow yourself the space to get even more creative! 




You’ve uncovered your unique content wizardry spell…now what?

It’s one thing to know your content strengths and superpowers…

It’s a whole other quidditch match to cast your spell and create your magic content.

So to save you from your spell backfiring or transfiguring yourself into something you’re not…



Introducing Your DIY Content Wizard Bundle.

Your step-by-step process that calls on your unique blend of content wizardry to create magic content that saves you time and captivates dream clients like a wizard spellbound by a love potion.

This bundle is filled with the very 4 content wizardry spells I cast when I create content in my business and for my private clients. 

And now I’m opening up The Restricted Section and sharing them with you.

While there’s no universal ‘content creation spell’ that works for everyone…when you use the tools that play to your strengths, creating consistent content is only one flick and swish of your wand away. 


Your Owl is on it’s way…

Be on the lookout for an email from myself & Ned with your special offer to help you channel your unique blend of content wizardry to transform your content creation process and create your own magic content…consistently.