5 ways to make 2023 easier (and generate more cash)

Introvert Looking to Grow Your Business This Year? Here’s What You Need to Know

Want to grow your business this year?


2023 is well underway and if you’ve set your goals for the year ahead and sustainable business growth is one of them – you’re in the right place.

But first I want to share with you the 4 key areas to focus on if you’re wanting to grow your business in 2023.

The 4 areas I touched on in today’s episode are key foundations of business success, and they’ve supported me to increase the revenue and profit of my business each and every year for the past 4 years.

Of course, I’m coming at this from an introvert-friendly perspective but if you’re an extrovert this doesn’t mean what I’m about to tell you won’t be just as potent and powerful for you too.

So let’s dive in! 

Introvert Looking to Grow Your Business This Year? Here’s What You Need to Know


I start with mindset because it underpins everything you do in your business.

At every level of business (whether you’re in your first year or you’re growing to 6-figures and beyond) you’ll be faced with different mindset challenges.

And then, as an introvert, you have your own unique set of mindset challenges because you’ve been told your whole life that your unique way of being is wrong. It’s more desirable to be the social, vocal and “life of the party” kinda person than it is to be the quiet, independent and observant one.

And then, if you’re an introvert in business, you spend your whole time navigating messaging that the key to business success is basically to suck it up and be more extroverted. 

So working on your mindset is non-negotiable if you want to create incredible results in your business. 

It’s not a one-and-done kind of thing – it requires consistent work.

Visibility is usually the most common mindset challenge for introverts. 

Because, as an introvert, some days I’d rather sit on the beach in the middle of Perth summer than show up online and be visible. 

But the reality of business is that you need to be visible to grow your business.

The opposite of visible is invisible and you don’t want to be invisible to your soulmate clients, otherwise they can’t find you of course.

So not only does your community need you to show up and share your magic – so does your business!

The good news is visibility can look different for everyone. It doesn’t mean you have to transfigure yourself into the loudest person in the room. 

The main thing to remember here is to make visibility and showing up online work for you – what do you feel quietly confident that you can consistently do? Start here.

So how are you creating a magnetic mindset as an introvert in business in 2023?

This might look like:
  • Working with a coach or joining a mastermind and surrounding yourself with like-minded humans who make you feel seen, heard and understood
  • Creating daily habits such as journaling or affirmations
  • Upskilling in certain areas to support your growth and expansion 
  • Taking small imperfect action daily

The mindset to adopt is – “The world needs my unique blend of magic and I’m here to share it!”

Then we move onto…


If you want to grow your business – you need a strategy.

And NO, “winging it” is not a strategy.

So if you currently feel like your business growth has stalled or you’re dizzy from going in circles – listen up.

At the start of a new year, you’re creating your vision board and you’re setting your goals. And you don’t just go through this process and then put them in the bottom drawer never to be thought about until this time next year.

You have big visions + goals for your business in 2023 – GREAT! How are you making them happen?

Without a plan to make them happen and, of course, taking action towards them – what do you really have?

This is where your strategy comes in.

A plan of attack to help you reach your desired outcome. 

So how are you building a 6-figure business as an introvert in 2023?

Of course, there are different elements to your strategy and I’m limited to what I can share with you in a podcast episode – but this is exactly what I support my clients within my mastermind and through my 1:1 business coaching. 

And that’s getting really clear on their unique business strategy.

But to give you a little overview – this might look like:
  • Create an offer that people actually want to buy
  • Nail your messaging 
  • Devise your launch plan
  • Market and sell your offer

And then rinse and repeat for that same offer – tweaking them as you go.

As always – do not copy + paste the business strategy from that 7-figure business owner you follow just because they’re a 7-figure business owner.

As an introvert you can fall into that trap of trying to emulate a business strategy created by an extrovert and what tends to happen is you end up burning yourself out or hating your business and, obviously, you don’t want that.

So the strategy to adopt is – “The introvert’s strategy to a FUCK YES business”

Ok, the next thing you need to know as an introvert looking to grow your business is…


And this year I’ll be talking more about marketing because it’s my background. Fun fact – I have a Masters in Marketing so I want to share that part of my brain with you!

So marketing is how you build awareness and attract leads (aka humans) to your business.

It encompasses 7 principles: product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, people and processes. 

But I want to focus on 2 specifically today – physical evidence and promotion.

Now you might be thinking “what the fuck is ‘physical evidence’ Tahryn?” – well it’s everything your customers experience when they interact with your business. It’s different touchpoints they have with your business – your branding, your online presence, your messaging.

For example – I’ve fully embraced the Harry Potter and magic vibes and that is reflected back in my website, my graphics, my messaging, and my brand photos. 

I’ve created a standout brand that is authentically Tahryn.

The other marketing principle I want to focus on today is promotion aka content aka my fucking jam.

Content is such a BIG slice of the marketing pizza and it’s the one that people notice the most! 

And just like “physical evidence” it’s important you’re creating a consistent customer experience with your content.

When you’re wanting to grow your business CONSISTENCY matters. 

The two guiding questions to ask yourself in relation to your marketing are:

  • How are you creating a standout brand that grows your business in 2023?
  • What content are you sharing to grow your business in 2023?

In 2023 I believe you need to do 2 things – own your unique blend of magic, and showcase this through storytelling.

Because in an increasingly competitive online space (where you see a lot of the same, same, same) – your unique blend of magic and how you communicate it will magnetise soulmate clients again and again.

And you might be thinking – “but there are millions of other businesses that offer the exact same product or service as me” – and yes, you would be correct BUT the difference between your business and the millions of other businesses is YOU!

The one thing that makes your business and your brand truly unique is YOU + YOUR STORY.

So that’s why I bang on so much about the importance of embracing your unique blend of magic and sprinkling that shit everywhere! 

This might look like:
  • Highlighting your unique selling point or point of difference from the other businesses who do the same thing as you
  • Embracing your community as an extension of your business and inviting them along for the journey – allow them to be part of the co-creation of your story

So the marketing strategy to adopt is to be brave, be bold, be YOU! Every interaction with your business is a chance to weave your personality and magic throughout! 

And this leads nicely into…


While marketing is all about building awareness and attracting leads aka humans into your community – sales convert those leads into paying customers.

Marketing + sales are BFFs – they go together like Ned & I.

Sales is something that feels a little sticky for a lot of people. Just as it is with any part of your business – it’s about creating a process that works for you! 

And, as an introvert, you also possess one of the most underrated business superpowers – your ability to listen first and then respond.

It’s such an epic skill to have when it comes to sales in your business. You don’t need to be extroverted to be great at sales – you just need to be a great listener. 

So how are you listening + then selling as an introvert in business in 2023?

You gotta remember that every touchpoint with your business is an opportunity to nurture the relationship with those who you’ve attracted with your marketing and convert them into paying clients.

Now of course this doesn’t happen overnight. And that means you need to be selling in some way or another every. single. damn. day.

And, as an introvert, you might be thinking – “fuck, I don’t have the energy for that!” 

But it pays to remember that it’s not all active selling. There’s a lot of passive selling that goes on behind the scenes without you having to lift a finger. But you need to take the time to set this up and let it do its work.

This might look like:
  • An automated nurture sequence for new subscribers to your email list which guides them to sign up for a masterclass or a digital product or an evergreen program
  • An auto-responder for your DM’s which shares the link of your freebie / email opt-in / lead magnet which results in them being added to your email list and onto that nurture sequence 

So the sales strategy to adopt is to listen to what your community is telling you (what they’re navigating, experiencing and struggling with) and sell them your solution consistently in both active and passive ways.

So there you have it – the mindset, strategy, marketing and sales you need to adopt if you’re an introvert looking to grow your business in 2023.

Now of course there’s only so much I can cover in a 15-minute podcast episode which is why I’ve created something for YOU!

INTRODUCING: 5 introvert-friendly marketing & sales scripts to win clients online

And when I say 5 I mean 5 types because there are actually wayyyyy more scripts than that! 

These marketing and sales scripts will help you:

  • Embrace your introverted superpowers to market and sell your offers with confidence 
  • Nurture new + existing relationships with your community to take them from strangers on the internet to virtual BFFs and ultimately PAYING CLIENTS
  • Create your own marketing and sales scripts that you can rinse + repeat again and again to consistently call in clients

And the best bit – it’s completely FREE.

With one tap of your wand, you’ll unlock the introvert-friendly marketing and sales scripts I use in my business to call in Beyonce-level clients on repeat.

The link to get your copy is in the show notes.

And if you’re an extrovert – not to worry, these scripts will work for you too! 

Download your copy here.

Introvert Looking to Grow Your Business This Year? Here’s What You Need to Know

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