You’re an Intuitive and Captivating Content Wizard

When it comes to content creation, you thrive when you have the space to get creative and let it flow 

You’re all about doing things in a way that feels real for you in the moment. When the inspiration hits, you’re a creative force who can easily smash out a solid amount of content in a short space of time!

You’re a little bit different…some people might even think you’re a bit weird….

…But all the best people are, amirite?! It’s that dash of weirdness that makes your content so damn captivating, and so uniquely YOU! 

Your content could NEVER be described as vanilla – because it’s sprinkled with your magic personality and it’s the kinda content that abso-fuckin-lutely no one but you could create. 


You don’t care for the superficial stuff, and the reason you spend any time creating and consuming content at all is because you love those deep soul sista connections you have when you share what’s on your heart.

You’re a sponge – you soak in the inspiration from what’s around you and you pour that into your content.  Perhaps it’s the beauty of nature, the fierceness of your favourite RuPaul’s Drag Race character or a perfectly delivered line by Moira Rose. It leaves your audience feeling lit up, inspired and hanging out to see what you come up with next. 

When it comes to content you create, maybe not everyone ‘gets it’. But screw being for everyone! The most effective content  isn’t about numbers. It’s about the depth of connections. 

And while from a marketing perspective it might not seem to fit neatly into a box… your kind of people like consuming content in that way. And that’s SUPER connection building.

You’re a compassionate connector and the ultimate biz cheerleader. You  use your influence to spread the love on socials – commenting on and sharing your friends’ posts. You know there’s enough love to go around for everyone, and supporting your friends by spreading their message to the people in your community makes you the ideal biz bestie. 

It’s like when Luna wore a lion on her head to cheer on Harry and the Gryffindor team competing in quidditch (even though she is in Ravenclaw) – it’s that quality of support that makes you a rare breed of phoenix. 

When you find yourself thinking “If only I was one of those people who could do that everyday”, remember that you’re drawn to creating and consuming content because of the opportunity for connection

That’s what builds your community of people who love you for who you are – and that keeps drawing you back in – like you’ve been summoned by an Accio Charm. 

Your style of content wizardry is straight-up magic, but watch out for these jinxes:

When you come up with a content idea that sets your soul on fire…the words flow effortlessly. Which means you can go through phases where you post everyday for a week… and then ZILCH until the next download drops. 

So if you find yourself flung off the “consistent content creation” wagon…don’t shame yourself. Just get back on. 

Get out into nature or pop on your fave Drag Race Episode and allow yourself the space you need to get those creative juices flowing again. You’re a smart powerful mofo, connected to your purpose. 

For the love of Luna Lovegood DON’T try and be like everyone else. Your kinda content isn’t gonna appeal to everyone…and it shouldn’t! When you try to create content that talks to everyone, ultimately you’ll end up speaking to no one. This means you won’t find your Harry, Hermione & Ron squad filed with epic connections. 

Social media can suck the soul out of you like a pack of dementors…draining your energy and leading you to post inconsistently. 

Tahryn Bolt Social Media Tips for Creating Content The Social Bolt

Hey there wizard –

Wondering who the content wizard behind this quiz is?

Hiiiiiiiiii I’m Tahryn aka Ned’s Mum, Taz, or Bolt if you’re my local coffee shop! 

Ned is my furchild (a 7 year old Border Collie) and together we love nothing more than curling up on the couch, with a wine in my hand, watching Harry Potter.

I may still be waiting for my “official” Hogwarts Acceptance letter…but I’m a wizard Harry! A Content Wizard.

It may appear to be magic but my wizardry skills are a custom blend of strategy and heart that has helped me build a thriving business, with a fully-booked roster of clients (the ones that make you feel like you’re Beyonce). Even better: I’ve done this JUST from social media and my content alone. 

I quickly discovered that to truly connect with my peeps and to stand out in a sea of content, I needed to share the real Tahryn.

I want to show you how to do this with your content too.

Think of these quiz results as your first step into showing up as the real you. When you do you’ll discover how to use your unique blend of content wizardry to transform your content creation process and attract more clients your way.

Read on to bring these insights to life in your business from here on…

To boost your content creation magic try these out:

 #1  I know, I know! The thought of structure and processes…doesn’t fly so well with you. No matter how hard you try, that’s just not how you roll *butt clenches* 

But the right structure and processes can give you the space to get your creativity flowing.

While you don’t need to have everything single detail planned out, it’s worth spending time to get clear on your main topics (aka content pillars) to focus on…

This gives you the structure you need without it being too hard core restraining for your style. 

#2  Juice the max out of your creativity when the inspiration hits and build up a bank of content ideas that you can call on when what-the-fuck-am-I-going-to-post-about-itis strikes and your creativity has deserted you.  

#3  As a big-hearted beautiful supporter, you show up and promote your friends and biz community. Be sure to spread the word of the amazing work that you do too – you’re allowed to promote your services and tell your audience how they can work with you. Spread your magic, girl!

#4  How you share your creative downloads might not always fit within the 1500 characters confines that Instagram allows. Invest some time setting up your email marketing so you can write (longer) love notes to your community. 

You’ve uncovered your unique content wizardry spell…now what? 

It’s one thing to know your content strengths and superpowers…

It’s a whole other quidditch match to cast your spell and create your magic content. 

So to save you from your spell backfiring or transfiguring yourself into something you’re not…

Introducing Your DIY Content Wizard Bundle.

Your step-by-step process that calls on your unique blend of content wizardry to create magic content that saves you time and captivates dream clients like a wizard spellbound by a love potion.

This bundle is filled with the very 4 content wizardry spells I cast when I create content in my business and for my private clients. 

And now I’m opening up The Restricted Section and sharing them with you.

While there’s no universal ‘content creation spell’ that works for everyone…when you use the tools that play to your strengths, creating consistent content is only one flick and swish of your wand away. 


Your Owl is on it’s way…

Be on the lookout for an email from myself & Ned with your special offer to help you channel your unique blend of content wizardry to transform your content creation process and create your own magic content…consistently.