Messaging Worth Thousands

The in-person mastermind event to elevate your messaging and call in thousands on repeat.

Thursday 14th September 2023

9.30 am – 2.00 pm

Inspiration Space, Inglewood WA


Your messaging is the key piece of your marketing puzzle.

It’s how you connect with your ideal clients and customers and highlight the value of your business, your brand and your offers.

Information that ultimately supports them to make an empowered purchase decision.⁠

And in an online space where you’re competing for the attention of your community – if your messaging is an afterthought, don’t be surprised if you feel like your business is under an invisibility cloak.

The way to make thousands right now is to focus on mastering your messaging FIRST and foremost.

Because when you know how to craft magical messaging…

🪄 Creating content becomes easier (and more fun)
🪄 You can sell any offer and have people buy it
🪄 You position yourself as a Dumbledore-level leader who people can’t wait to buy from (and do ON REPEAT)
🪄 You become in-demand with Beyoncé-level clients who can’t wait to pay you TODAY

It’s not magic – it’s messaging!

It’s time to step out from under your invisibility cloak and finally review, refine and revitalise your marketing messaging with one swish and flick of your wand.

This event was created especially for you wizard…

If you’re wondering  who’s behind this magical event…

Hiiiiiiiiii I’m Tahryn aka Ned’s Mum, Taz, or Bolt if you’re my local coffee shop!

I may still be waiting for my “official” Hogwarts Acceptance letter – but I’m a wizard, Harry!

I’m a content creation wizard, launch wizard AND business wizard. Yep! That makes me a tri-wizard – a triple threat if you will.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve stayed true to who I am (a raging introvert and Harry Potter nerd) and built a 6-figure business I LOVE – one that allows me to stay home every single day with Ned.

What I know to be true is that your messaging is what makes your brand DIFFERENT and stand out to your ideal clients – it’s the one thing that’s going to take you biz to the next level right now.

That’s why it’s one of the key elements I focus on when supporting my clients.

It guides everything you do and create in your business.

And when you know how to make some simple shifts to uplevel your messaging so it’s focused on your ideal clients and highlights why you’re the wizard they need….

Just like magic – hello dream clients!

Let me show you how.

You’ll walk away from the event with:

Newfound clarity on how to bring desire + demand + differentiation together in your marketing messaging so you’re ready to call in thousands of extra revenue, new clients and build a fully booked business.

⚡ A blueprint for stand-out messaging that makes it clear to your ideal clients why they need YOU in their life RIGHT NOW

⚡ 30 high-impact content prompts based on The Bolt 3D Framework that you can use right away to showcase your elevated messaging 

All the juicy details of your magical messaging in-person mastermind event…

Date: Thursday 14th September 2023

Time: 9.30 am to 2.00 pm

Place: Inspiration Space, 885 Beaufort Street, U1 & U2, Inglewood WA

Price of Admission: Early Bird Pricing of $399 (Save $100)