You’ve created a magical offer.

One that lights you up AND that’s a game-changer for your soulmate clients! BUT launching it into the world feels a little overwhelming right now because:


⚡️  Hitting the launch button means you have to actually #dothedamnthing . And you’re currently running thought loops of “but what if I fail? What if no one buys?” 

⚡️  You’re not sure how to get your offer seen by your soulmate clients – you only have a small email list and when you share on social media it seems like you’re talking to yourself.

⚡️  You have no idea how long your launch runway is (or what a ‘launch runway’ even means!) or what you’re even meant to do during this time.

⚡️  And your engagement on social media is in the dungeon so it’s left you feeling like even if you did launch your offer, no one would buy it anyway.

At this point, it feels like you need a PhD to plan your launch.

But #spoileralert if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

This is especially true for launching.

If the thought of a plan leaves you feeling a little ick as you’re more of a “wing it” kinda person – soz but you still need a plan…

And I’m here to unlock all the pre-launch spells you need to launch with clarity and confidence.

Hi, I’m Tahryn!

I’m a Content wizard, Launch wizard AND Business wizard. Yep! That makes me a tri-wizard – a triple threat if you will.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve clocked up 40+ launches for myself and my clients, most of which have been 5-figure and multi 5-figure launches.

Launches for digital products, group programs, 1:1 coaching, podcasts, lead magnets, masterminds – I’ve done it all.

I KNOW the secret to your launch success is a rock-solid launch plan. A magical mix of your chosen launch trigger, your launch timeline and the content you share ahead of your launch – THIS is the difference between crickets and celebrating a 5 or 6-figure launch.

So instead of trying to figure out how to plan your launch yourself (because let’s be honest who has time for that?!) – imagine you had a roadmap that spelled out…

  • The type of launch trigger to pick that feels good for YOU and inspires people to take action
  • Your launch timeline so you’re not making it up as you go along (hello more ease and fun!)
  • The exact content you should be sharing ahead of your launch to build genuine hype and excitement. Content that results in SALES when that cart opens.

YES! I’ve created this for YOU!


Pre Launch Wizardry: The Intensive

The one-day online event to plan your next launch + make more money than ever before.

In this Intensive you’ll learn:


⚡️  My 3 step roadmap to plan your ultimate launch – one where you have fun AND call in soulmate clients.

⚡️  You’ll finally have the confidence to hit that launch button and share your magic with the world, trusting you’ve set yourself up for success.

⚡️  From deciding your launch trigger to mapping out your launch timeline and pre-launch content, I’ve broken the pre-launch process into 3 easy steps to help you make it a full-body ‘fuck yes!’ for those dream clients to hit ‘buy now’ and snap up your magical offer.

Here’s how the intensive will go down. 


Session 1 – Decide your launch trigger

  • How to choose the particular type of launch trigger (challenge/masterclass) that feels exciting AF for you to deliver and an easy yes for your community to sign up for.
  • The secret to picking a topic for your launch trigger that showcases your Dumbledore-level knowledge and takes people from passive participants to paying clients.


Session 2 – Map out your launch timeline

  • Get ultimate clarity on your launch dates and the role the consumer decision-making process has on your chosen timeline
  • Why creating a rock-solid launch timeline will support you to have more FUN during your launch. 


Session 3 – Create your pre-launch content

  • The types of content you need to share ahead of your launch to help you build the all-important know, like a trust factor
  • How to use your content to build GENUINE hype and excitement. Content that results in CASH and CLIENTS come launch time. 


AND you’ll want to stay to the end where I’ll share the biggest mistakes people make when launching and how you can avoid them.

40+ launches (predominantly 5 figure and multi 5-figure) under my belt means I know a thing or two about creating EPIC launches.

And you better believe I’m bringing my most powerful pre-launch spells with me to share with you.

Because there are a couple of handy things to know when it comes to YOUR pre-launch runway.

You don’t just wake up one day and announce that your new thing exists.

Well, you can. BUT you might feel a touch disappointed when your offer is met with no DMs, no sales, and no clients.

The thing is, this runway is a crucial part of generating interest from the right people, building excitement, and preparing your audience for what’s to come.

When you DO get this part right, you’ll have those clients tapping ‘buy now’ quicker than Harry Potter chasing after the golden snitch on his Firebolt.

So if you’re ready to feel confident AF to hit that launch button and make more money than ever before – join me for Pre-Launch Wizard: The Intensive.