How to attract premium clients

The FREE MASTERCLASS to craft magical messaging and become in-demand with clients who can’t wait to pay you today.

Your messaging really matters…

It can be the difference between potential clients with a huge list of objections (the ones who end up ghosting you)…

And those premium clients who say “I’m in! Can we start next week?!”

The reason your content isn’t helping you grow your community, build your brand and call in those dream premium clients…

Is because your messaging isn’t speaking to the soul of your ideal clients and getting them to take the action you most desire (aka buy from you).

If you want to know the secret to crafting magical messaging to become in-demand with clients who can’t wait to pay you today…

This FREE Masterclass is for YOU!

I’ll teach you 3 simple ways to shift your messaging to attract Beyoncé-level clients who appear out of “nowhere” because you make them feel seen, heard and understood.

If you’re wondering  who’s behind this magical masterclass…

Hiiiiiiiiii I’m Tahryn aka Ned’s Mum, Taz, or Bolt if you’re my local coffee shop!

I may still be waiting for my “official” Hogwarts Acceptance letter – but I’m a wizard, Harry!

I’m a content creation wizard, launch wizard AND business wizard. Yep! That makes me a tri-wizard – a triple threat if you will.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve stayed true to who I am (a raging introvert and Harry Potter nerd) and built a 6-figure business I LOVE – one that allows me to stay home every single day with Ned.

What I know to be true is that your messaging is what makes your brand DIFFERENT and stand out to your ideal clients – it’s the one thing that’s going to take you biz to the next level right now.

That’s why it’s one of the key elements I focus on when supporting my clients.

It guides everything you do and create in your business.

And when you know how to make some simple shifts to uplevel your messaging so it’s focused on your ideal clients and highlights why you’re the wizard they need….

Just like magic – hello dream clients!

Let me show you how.

In this FREE masterclass you’ll learn:

⚡ Who DESIRES your offer and the problem it solves + how you can show up to serve them, create connections and build long-lasting relationships.

⚡ How to create DEMAND for your offer from premium clients who can’t wait to buy from you again and again

⚡ What messaging makes your brand DIFFERENT, unique and stand out amongst all the other Harry, Ron & Hermione’s out there – the difference between more cash + clients or more crickets.

All the juicy details of your magical messaging masterclass:

Date: Replay is now available!

Time: Whenever you like!

Place: Recorded at The Social Bolt HQ Melbourne 

Price of Admission: It’s completely FREE!