You’re a Rebellious & Magnetising Content Wizard


When it comes to content creation, you’re a spellbinding badass — you follow your instincts and find it hard to be anything other than authentic.

You make it look easy to the rest of us…but it’s hard not to be lit the fuck up because you’re living your best life, every damn day! 

When you come up with a content idea you’re an action-taker…you just fucking do it! 

You don’t care much for rules so when it comes to creating content, you don’t get caught up in picking the perfect scheduler or obsessing over hashtags – you know that being YOU is what actually matters when it comes to creating connection through your content. So when you go big at being you, it shines through all the content you create and helps you stand out amongst the crowded content space. 

This always leads to your DMs filled with people responding “YASSSSSSSSSSSS!” And you love spending time connecting with people in this way…or even better….with voice memos! 

You don’t hold back on sharing your thoughts even if it’s polarising and means people hit the unfollow / unsubscribe button

This is a good thing…especially since there would be something very wrong in the world if you decided to dim your light.

And I’ll let you in on something: however polarising you are, your confidence, charisma and passion is equally as magnetising. This means the people in your online community are your ride or die. 

Those ride-or-dies want to be like you because they wish they could be as magnetic, confident, and unafraid to speak what’s on their heart.

You’re here to have a good time which means when you create content you don’t spend your time on stories apologising for how you look or talking about the weather…that’s totally yawn-worthy to you, so you know it’d be yawn-worthy to your community too 

You’re not much for chit chat – you’re here to communicate what’s on your mind and your heart, minus the fluff. Someone just give you a stage and a microphone already!

Your style of content wizardry is straight-up magic, but watch out for these jinxes:

Being “on” 24/7 can be draining on your magnetic energy. Remember that YOU are the most important part of your biz…so taking time for yourself is a must to protect (and restore) your magic spells. 

While it’s super-nice that everyone wants to be your friend…heck it’s also pretty validating that your content is having an impact and speaking to their souls. Just look at the state of your DM’s…BUT you don’t owe them anything especially if they’re asking you for advice that your clients are willing to pay you for. 

And on the off-day those unsubscribes and unfollows get you down…remember for every person that is repelled by your aura…there’s 10 more that are super-fans who would follow you into the Great Battle of Hogwarts – totally loyal to you until the end.

Tahryn Bolt Social Media Tips for Creating Content The Social Bolt

Hey there wizard –

Wondering who the content wizard behind this quiz is?

Hiiiiiiiiii I’m Tahryn aka Ned’s Mum, Taz, or Bolt if you’re my local coffee shop! 

Ned is my furchild (a 7 year old Border Collie) and together we love nothing more than curling up on the couch, with a wine in my hand, watching Harry Potter.

I may still be waiting for my “official” Hogwarts Acceptance letter…but I’m a wizard Harry! A Content Wizard.

It may appear to be magic but my wizardry skills are a custom blend of strategy and heart that has helped me build a thriving business, with a fully-booked roster of clients (the ones that make you feel like you’re Beyonce). Even better: I’ve done this JUST from social media and my content alone. 

I quickly discovered that to truly connect with my peeps and to stand out in a sea of content, I needed to share the real Tahryn.

I want to show you how to do this with your content too.

Think of these quiz results as your first step into showing up as the real you. When you do you’ll discover how to use your unique blend of content wizardry to transform your content creation process and attract more clients your way.

Read on to bring these insights to life in your business from here on…

To boost your content creation magic try these out:

As the hostess of your party I know you’re too busy entertaining to be obsessing over a plan…but having even a hint of a plan, schedule and knowing what particular content resonates with our audience (aka the nicer word for strategy) will make your message even more impactful, and help it reach (even more of) the right people.

It’ll also give you the space to take your ideas and your creativity to the next-level! And let’s face it…you’ve got BIG ideas that you’re here to bring to life.

Your confidence to try new things and experiment is one of your superpowers! So whenever one of your posts really hits home with you people, TAKE NOTE…and do more of it! Your analytics are a treasure trove of all your unique magic spells that you can repurpose forever and ever! 

The key to help you magnetise more super-fans your way is to maximise the impact of your message. Cast the Incredible Doubling Charm to repurpose your content and turn one piece of your content into multiple pieces. Say hello to more website traffic, more email subscribers, more followers….all roads lead back to MORE CLIENTS!

You’ve uncovered your unique content wizardry spell…now what? 

It’s one thing to know your content strengths and superpowers…

It’s a whole other quidditch match to cast your spell and create your magic content. 

So to save you from your spell backfiring or transfiguring yourself into something you’re not…

Introducing Your DIY Content Wizard Bundle.

Your step-by-step process that calls on your unique blend of content wizardry to create magic content that saves you time and captivates dream clients like a wizard spellbound by a love potion.

This bundle is filled with the very 4 content wizardry spells I cast when I create content in my business and for my private clients. 

And now I’m opening up The Restricted Section and sharing them with you.

While there’s no universal ‘content creation spell’ that works for everyone…when you use the tools that play to your strengths, creating consistent content is only one flick and swish of your wand away. 


Your Owl is on it’s way…

Be on the lookout for an email from myself & Ned with your special offer to help you channel your unique blend of content wizardry to transform your content creation process and create your own magic content…consistently.