Currently Seeking…

A magical human (aka VA / OBM) to sit alongside myself & Ned (virtually) to create epic content and work with the best of the best clients (I’m talking Beyonce level of awesomeness).

This human speaks fluent content creation and knows how to…

⚡️ Manage multiple Pinterest accounts – proficient in Pinterest or at the very least has an understanding of how Pinterest works for business (or is willing to learn)

⚡️ Create Pinterest, social media and email graphics – a Canva pro

⚡️ Work multiple content platforms – I’m talking WordPress, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Asana, Squarespace – to upload and schedule content

⚡️ Source images – but not those boring, overused stock images…

⚡️  Slay with all things Google Suite – you’re going to spend a shitload of time using Google

If you’re starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling and are thinking “fuck yes that’s me!” read on my friend…

If you identify as someone who is…

⚡️ An independent thinker  – Someone who shows initiative and takes control and who isn’t scared to trouble-shoot when things go wrong

⚡️  Organised AF

⚡️  Hardcore into systems and processes and planning – that’s your idea of a good time

⚡️ Meticulous when it comes to attention to details

⚡️ A life long learner – right now you might not have all the above skills, but you’re sure as heck not afraid to learn how to do them as you go

⚡️ Happy to talk about dogs forever and ever

I’m a manifestor – I’m here to get shit done and to take action so I need your help to take my visions and use your skills to  bring them to life so I channel all my energy into my real magic. Bonus points if you’re a generator and speak fluent Human Design.

Ideally you’re currently working from home and can work 5 hours a week with Ned & I – with room to grow with the biz.

To apply…

Tell me WHY you are the content wizard I need in my life & biz and HOW you’re going to show up in my business and create space for me to go about working my manifestor magic.

*People who like pineapple on pizza need not apply – unless you can convince me otherwise