Are you the wizard I’m looking for?

Seeking a magical Marketing & Content Wizard in a contractor role to sit alongside myself, Ned & Maggie (virtually) to create epic content and support the best of the best clients (I’m talking Beyonce level of awesomeness).

Ready to throw your wizard hat in the ring? 

This role is for you if you are:

⚡️ A marketing / social media / content pro seeking a virtual part-time role of 15+ hours per month 

⚡️ A wizard with words. You use your word spells to craft copy and content dripping with personality to build connection AND drive conversion 

⚡️ Someone who eats creativity for breakfast and is always thinking of creative concepts and ideas to bring to life 

⚡️ Obsessed with keeping up with trends (and the Kardashians) across the different marketing channels and know how to use those trends to create authentic AF content 

⚡️ Hardcore into systems, processes and planning because that’s your idea of a good time

If you’re starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling and are thinking “fuck yes that’s me!” read on my friend…

Your role would include:

⚡️ Putting on your FBI cap to do market research and find out what the “cool kids” are talking about in our clients’ community 

⚡️ Generating creative content ideas and turning them into content that’s on brand for our clients and helps them to grow their community AND increase their cash flow 

⚡️ Repurposing content across all the designated platforms because you know putting all your eggs in the social media basket is so 2019 

⚡️ Getting to know our clients (their business, their community and their dog) as if they are your BFF so you can nail their brand voice

⚡️Making sure you deliver work on time and at a level Hermione Granger would be proud of

If you’re still nodding your head, keep reading because the next part is ESSENTIAL…

You’re the Harry & Ron to my Hermione if you’re someone who:

🔮 Believes in diversity, equity and inclusion

🔮  Identifies as an independent thinker. Someone who shows initiative, is willing to try new things and who isn’t scared to troubleshoot when things go wrong 

🔮 Is organised AF and meticulous when it comes to attention to detail

🔮 Is brave like a Gryffindor. Smart like a Ravenclaw. Caring like a Hufflepuff. Strategic like a Slytherin

🔮 Is happy to talk about dogs forever and ever and ever


    If you’re ready to throw your wizard hat in the ring – it’s time to apply!

    Please complete the application form and tell us about yourself and why you’re the marketing & content wizard The Social Bolt needs.

    Applications close on Friday 9th February. 

    As shared above, we value diversity, equity and inclusivity, so we encourage anyone who identifies as being part of a marginalised community to apply.

    If you have any questions about the position, please email tb@thesocialbolt.com.au