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The No.1 Content Hack to Save You Time

I’ve got a secret to tell you…

Ned can’t believe that I’m going to share this with you…

But here we go…

I script my podcast episodes….



The audacity of me to do this. 

But before you lose your mind I want to share why…

Of course I don’t have to tell you why I do this…but hopefully by now you realise that I’m very honest and transparent about how I create content in my business.

I find that people tend to make it far more complicated than it needs to be.

I haven’t got the time or patience for the complicated – it’s the simple life all the way for me.

In today’s episode I’m sharing with you my number 1 content hack to save you time.  So if you’re ready to save yourself a forkload of time…every time you sit down to create content – let’s do this!

My number 1 content hack to save you time is…

Repurposing your content.

Because newsflash – you don’t always have to create new content.

Let me use fast fashion as a comparison here… 

Because people always seem to want new stuff. For every occasion you’re buying a new outfit even though you have a whole wardrobe filled with clothes that you’ve barely worn.

Or you buy cheap new clothes as an impulse buy.

Rather than investing in timeless pieces that can be worn again and again. 

The same can be said with content.

Instead of trying to come up with new content every time you sit down to create content…

How about you make it easier for yourself and look at the content you’ve already created…

How can you reuse, recycle or repurpose what you’ve already created?


And this is the reason why I script my podcast 

I think about my podcast in terms of how much content I can possibly generate from one episode. 

Just as it’s my mission to include as many Harry Potter references in my copy as possible…

It’s also my great joy to see how much additional content I can get from that one piece of content. 

As I script my podcast episodes at the same time I’m writing:

  • The show notes
  • The blog post
  • The email
  • The social media post

Yes it all comes out of this one script.

I’m investing my time in creating timeless pieces of content.

Content that lasts.

Content for multiple channels

Because who the heck wants to spend all their time creating content just for social media only for it to disappear 2.5 seconds after posting…  Not me.

My podcast is an example of a hero piece of content. 

Something that can be broken down and repurposed again and again and again.

Some other examples of a hero piece include:

 ⚡  YouTube video

 ⚡  Blog

 ⚡  Masterclass

 ⚡  IGTV

So now you’re starting to see the genius in this right?

I could talk about repurposing nearly as much as I talk about dogs…

So let’s take it a step further.

Not sure what topic to use for your hero piece? 

Well your insights and analytics leave clues for you on the type of content that your audience LOVES.  Because the most important thing to remember when creating content is WHO you’re creating it for.

I bet that you already have a heap of magic content ideas created that you can repurpose into something new like right now. 

For example:

⚡️ Turn your top performing social media post into an IGTV⁠

⚡️ Turn your top performing social media into another social media post⁠ or an email to your list ⁠

⚡️ Turn an IGTV or Live Video into a Blog⁠

⚡️ Turn your most commonly asked question into a free tool / opt-in for your mailing list⁠

⚡️ Turn a blog into an IGTV⁠

⚡️ Turn your FAQ’s into a video series / YouTube / IGTV⁠ / mini training / Reel ⁠

⚡️ Turn your social media posts into Pinterest pins ⁠

⚡️ Turn a blog into a free tool / opt-in for your mailing list⁠

⚡️ Turn a blog into fresh Pinterest pins⁠

⚡️ Turn a podcast episode into some Canva graphics

Annnnnnnd I could keep going…but you get the point!⁠

Once you start looking at your insights and analytics you might be surprised the nuggets of gold you can find in there!⁠

Use this as inspo when you go into your creation mode and see what you can come up with!⁠


I’ll let you in on another content hack…

The topics of my podcast episodes are usually from social media posts I’ve previously created and that have performed well.

So take this as your permission slip to repurpose the fuck out of your content – see how far you can go with it. 


And there you have it.   Repurposing is my number 1 content hack to save you time.

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