You know the value of creating MAGICAL content for your biz… 

– the kinda stuff that not only turns your online community into raving fans…but gets them to actually invest their hard-earned $$ in your services.  

But when you sit down to actually create that content, what ends up coming out sounds like one of those bots that ask you to DM their profile because you won a prize (you know the one!)

So, not only does it take forever for you to write one post, then you post it and…*crickets*.

Another day passes and you still don’t have the likes (even when they were a thing), the engagement, the DMs or the clients that social media seems to be generating for everyone…but you.

So you spend even more time downloading all of the freebies, perfecting your hashtags and buying photo filters in the hope that this will be the quick fix that generates a booked out calendar of clients.

And even though you’re not meant to get caught up in the vanity metrics….when your posts bomb…it feels fucking shit. You’re doing #allofthethings you’re meant to…but it’s still not cutting through the noise.

Bye, bye, bye any time you have left to grow your list, nurture your community and drive more traffic to your website – you think to yourself… “I can’t even master social media…how the fuck am I meant to create all that other content as well?!”

If the thought of figuring out HOW to create engaging content that sounds like YOU *and* moves your business forward has you breaking out in a sweat, I want you to know —

You’re not alone…

I felt exactly the same way when I started:

😔 I was so intimidated by all the content out there

😔 I created the kinda content that I thought I should because that’s what everyone else was doing

😔 I was too scared to show up as ME

😔 I spent so much time scrolling Insta and obsessing over my hashtags, trying to perfect EVERY. SINGLE. POST meanwhile I had 0 email subscribers, 0 blogs written and no idea how to use Pinterest for my business.

And now, 18 months down the track,

⚡ I have an engaged community of followers and subscribers who’ve continued to become DREAM clients of mine aka brilliant humans who say “heck yes!” to working with me…and I get to do this all from my home office with my Barketing Manager Ned by my side – living our best introverted lives! 

⚡ I have the confidence to talk to my community in a way that gets them to take action and want to work with ME

⚡ I always trust that I’ll never run out of home-hitting content ideas that will WORK for my business – whether that means someone hits reply to one of my emails, sends me a DM or shares one of my hilarious dog memes!

⚡️ I’ve built a fully-booked business just through creating content on social media

In case we haven’t met yet…

Hiiiiiiiiii I’m Tahryn aka Ned’s Mum, Taz, or Bolt if you’re my local coffee shop!

Ned is my furchild (a (nearly) 8 year old Border Collie) and together we love nothing more than curling up on the couch, with a wine in my hand, watching Harry Potter.

I may still be waiting for my “official” Hogwarts Acceptance letter…but I’m a wizard Harry! A Content Wizard.

It may appear to be magic but my wizardry skills are a custom blend of strategy and heart that has helped me build a thriving business in less than a year, with a fully-booked roster of clients (the ones that make you feel like you’re Beyonce). Even better: I’ve done this JUST from social media and my content alone. 

You could say I am dog obsessed….ok I 10000000% am…and my online community knows that too – why? Because not sharing this would be concealing a HUGE part of who I am as a person.  

I quickly discovered that to truly connect with my peeps and to stand out in a sea of content, I needed to share the real Tahryn. 

The Tahryn that loves dogs more than people, the Tahryn that is Harry Potter obsessed, Beyonce worshipping and HATES summer and pineapple on pizza (yeah I went there!).

The Tahryn that says a big ‘fuck off’ to creating content from a place that doesn’t feel authentically me in an effort to fit in and get more likes and followers.

As an introvert, I also know how hard it is to put yourself out there and show up online as you REALLY are. But here’s the thing…

The difference between your content and everyone else’s content…is YOU

Your community is out there looking for you, but how will they find you if you conceal your magic under your invisibility cloak? 

My superpower is strategically crafting content that helps you show up consistently and attract, engage and connect with your dream clients, so that your business is seen across multiple marketing channels. All while sounding authentically YOU.

And now I’ve created the course that allows you to do that for yourself. On repeat.


The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry

Your step-by-step system to discover your authentic voice, create your own magic content and get max impact out of every creation.

The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry is a live program that gives you personalised attention so you can manifest your dream clients and bring those oh-so-juicy biz visions you have on your heart, to life.

This isn’t another quick fix “Attract 10k followers in 7 weeks” or “Make 5-figures in 7 weeks” type of course…

This is your powerful and game-changing Marauder’s Map to reveal and spark your inner Content Wizard so that you can sustainably serve your community in a way that feels true to who YOU are AND helps you build a sustainable business.

YES! The magic is already inside you…you just need to uncloak it. The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry is the course that will show you how.

In 7 weeks you too can say ‘alohomora’ to unlock your own special spellbook and feel confident and empowered to let YOU shine through all the content you create.

By the end of your time in The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry, you’ll be able to

🔮 Take the bucket loads of ideas you’ve got running through that brain of yours and confidently create content that abso-fuckin-lutely no one but you could create.

🔮 Connect with your community/audience/followers/fans through your magic content that speaks to their hearts, so much so that they want to share it with everyone they know…without you even having to ask them to. 

🔮 Avoid getting distracted by shiny things (aka the number of likes and followers you have) and finally feel empowered to create content that speaks for itself.

🔮 Give up the urge to scroll for ‘inspo’ or panic post and instead transform your content creation process to help you work smarter, not harder.

The best part, though? You’ll finally be able to say ‘BYE BYE BYE’ to spending precious brain power of your EVERY day coming up with one good social media post idea.

Instead, you’ll be whipping up a month of home-hitting content in one day of your month.

And for the 30 days that follow?

Not only will your brilliant content be effortlessly getting in front of your community…you’ll be growing your email list, increasing website traffic, and creating more client enquiries and you’ll know how to create this for your biz on repeat. 

Here’s how I know this: DURING this course we’ll be creating that month’s worth of content together.

You’ll finish your 7 weeks in The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry with a heap of content you can use in your biz like right now – I’m talking about a blog post that you can turn into an additional 20 + pieces of content!

They say a magician never reveal their secrets…but here’s how you’re going to get there 


⚡️ Module 1: Every Wizard Knows Where to Cast Their Wand

Get crystal clear on who your kinda people are and why they need what you’ve got to offer. We’re talking about setting goals and targeting your audience to help you stand out from a crowd…just like Hagrid. 

⚡️ Module 2: Finding your Inner Wizard

Uncover your zone of genius, your superpower, your MAGIC – the sweet spot of being yourself / feeling comfortable / having a voice so that you build your business, build the relationship you have with your community and build that all-important know, like and trust factor

⚡️ Module 3: Coming up with a Never-Ending Flow of Content Ideas

Establish a solid foundation for your content creation process with CONTENT PILLARS and then follow your insights all the way to the magic content you’ve already created and your audience already loves so you can recreate it again and again – hello even more content ideas! It’ll be like discovering the Room of Requirement filled to the brim with content ideas so you can create content with purpose and intention knowing that your ideas will hit home with your dream clients.

⚡️ Module 4: How To Cast Your Spell to Create Your Magic Content 

Learn to craft content that gets your ideal clients blowing up your notifications. Content that is a natural expression of who you are and that doesn’t sound like a troll in the dungeon or even worse…boring AF.

⚡️ Module 5: Channeling Your Inner Hermione Granger to Plan Your Content 

Create a plan of attack for your content that Hermione Granger herself would be proud of. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…so let’s whip up a content plan that helps you to show up consistently and call in those DREAM clients.

⚡️ Module 6: The Incredible Doubling Charm to Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose your content like a Dumbledore-level wizard to get max eyeballs on it and magnetise way more legends your way! High impact content this way! Juice the max impact out of each piece of content you create. More website traffic, more email subscribers, more followers…all roads lead back to MORE CLIENTS!

The content and the modules were super helpful. I love that everything was very specific in terms of what programs to use and exactly how to do it, no secret-keeping. 

I like the focus on simplicity and effectiveness and I got lots of a-ha moments that made me realise why content creation has been a struggle for me, AND what I need to do now. 

I also appreciate that the goal was focussed around having a successful business, not just creating content for the sake of fame or followers.

Yes! I recommend the School of Content Wizardry. It will give you clarity around how to easily create purposeful content.

Amy Sumner

I signed up to the School of Content Wizardry because Tahryn is amazing and I wanted to learn all the things from her.

The content and modules were full of value and so easy to follow and then implement. Tahryn teaches you that content creation gets to be easy. 

I LOVED the amazing wizarding community that Tahryn has created. It’s so encouraging and validating to cheer each other on and ask all our questions.

Tahryn gave me full permission to just do me and create content in a way that works for me. The School of Content Wizardry will change the way you create content and use social media.

Lucy-Anne Lewis

The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry includes

🧙🏻‍♂️ An official acceptance letter from The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry

🧙🏻‍♂️ Private Facebook community with other like-minded wizards 

🧙🏻‍♂️ Weekly Module videos delivered into Podia

🧙🏻‍♂️ Weekly live group training & coaching calls so that you can pick my brain and have access to my strategic advice on your content (and your biz)

🧙🏻‍♂️ Spellbooks (aka workbooks)

🧙🏻‍♂️ A Restricted Section (aka that only you have access to) of resources that every Content Wizard needs – for Social Media, Blogging, Pinterest & Email Marketing

🧙🏻‍♂️ My eyeballs & brain focused on YOUR biz and YOUR content



🔥 If you sign up in the first 48 hours…you’ll receive an additional group coaching call focused on LAUNCHING (with bonus Launch Content Checklist)

🔥 5 EPIC Guest Masterclasses with 5 Dumbledore-level Wizards!

🔥 An additional spellbook of 50 of my fave high-impact content ideas so you can create some magic in your biz right now!


Tahryn Bolt Social Media Tips for Creating Content The Social Bolt

And if you want to go ALL IN and become a VIP Wizard….

For a little more 1:1 Tahryn & Ned time…

To  integrate everything you learn during your time in the School of Content Wizardry into you biz, and into 2021…


The VIP Wizard Package is the next level support you need to explode your biz in 2021 with me + Ned by your side.

The VIP Wizard Package includes everything from above AND 

🧙🏻‍♂️ 1:1 Planning Session (60 minutes)

 🧙🏻‍♂️ Weekly Voxer Support

🧙🏻‍♂️ Fortnightly Content Review



“When it comes to all things content – creation, strategy and implementation – Tahryn is your woman. Or should I say, Content Wizard! Working with Tahryn has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. She is an absolute powerhouse of knowledge and skills, helping me to work smarter, not harder, and getting the most out of all the content I create. I highly recommend working with Tahryn, especially if you’ve ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed when it comes to content creation.

– Bec Cuzzillo

Spiritual Business Coach

“I signed up to The School of Content Wizardry because I had no friggin clue what to post and social media and creating content was stressing me out! This lead to me putting it in the too hard basket and just not showing up.  I don’t think I even knew what content actually even meant.  I knew Tahryn was the woman to teach me all the spells in content wizardry. I had connected with her on social media and resonated with everything she shared and her content really caught me attention (plus umm she has hired the best and most handsome barketing manager in the west in Ned). 

I found everything in the program so amazingly helpful!!! One of the biggest shifts was that content creation can actually be fun and easy (and it totally is for me now). Learning how to repurpose content is a total total gamer changer. It allows me to still show up and provide value to my community across a number of different channels but also gives me back time freedom to work in my business with clients. 

 I launched a group program during The School of Content Wizardry and Tahryn was there 100% every step up the way to offer me support and guidance on my launch strategy. She went above and beyond and I am in complete reverence and gratitude to her and so stoked I’ve got life membership in Ned’s Army!

 I would 100% recommend The School of Content Wizardry for anyone who is feeling stuck and overwhelmed in creating content across their platforms.  Tahryn is the woman to work with! She has a bottomless bag of spells that are going to help you feeling confident about putting your content out into the world”

Mel Hogan

“I was working far too hard for someone who was showing up really inconsistently. I was stuck in the same habits and I was becoming frustrated. I knew Tahryn had the missing piece of the puzzle that I was struggling to find. 

The thing I liked most was everything about the content delivery – in terms of building the foundations first then doing the work and creating the content, to how Tahryn delivered the content modules in the Facebook group and the group calls on Zoom, to how smart and easy it is to create content. I also enjoyed the expert masterclasses and all the extra resources Tahryn provided to support us – she truly went beyond what I expected!

 If you’re working too hard and busy reinventing the wheel…it really doesn’t have to be like that. There is another way – a smarter, more easier and enjoyable way. Tahryn’s expertise is truly invaluable. 

I would absolutely 100% YES recommend The School of Content Wizardry! Tahryn is just bloody brilliant and you can truly say goodbye to the hustle and overwhelm of content creation with Tahryn by your side!”

Kim Banwell

Introducing Your Guest Professors of Content Wizardry… 

(aka Your Bonus Masterclasses)

I’m bringing in 5 Dumbledore-level Wizards to share their own unique style of magic with you. 

You couldn’t find 5 more qualified legends to learn from!

Amee Triscari 

If you don’t know Amee…prepare for a spectacular show! Amee is part hype-girl, part velvet sledge-hammer and is one of the key peeps in my support crew who has helped me get the fuck out of my own way. 

She’s also one of the few people I choose to leave my house to hang out with!

Amee’s superpower is seeing you…all of you…especially the parts that you’re too scared to even acknowledge are there.

Who actually knows what Amee is going to be coming up with…but it’ll sure as hell be entertaining AF and you’ll walk away feeling so fucking aligned.  


Miish Grixti

If you’ve ever wondered how I know how to write such magic copy…well Magic Miish is the answer!

Miish is a copywriter and internationally certified coach. Along with crafting the works for her clients (sales pages, emails, landing pages, quizzes),

Miish supports coaches and creatives to show up as themselves in their words, and use psychology-driven copy to make their clients feel seen, heard, and truly understood.

As well as crafting strategy-backed words for companies like the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Miish has worked with authors, artists, and big-hearted coaches including Michelle Ward, Simone Seol, Ellie Swift, and Tracey Spencer.  

Emilie Gomez

Emilie is a business systems alchemist, Tech Goddess, intuitive problem solver, and magical process architect. She works with womxn coaches, healers and heart-centred entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with ease and grace. 

After 13 years as a process improvement specialist and IT analyst, alongside 8 years of running her own coaching and healing business, Emilie now uses her skills to support womxn business owners in creating businesses that flow seamlessly and expand sustainably.

Through strategic systemisation, documentation and process design, she makes her clients’ day-to-day simpler and more enjoyable so that they can spend time in their zone of genius and free themselves from the worry of dropping the ball.

Michelle Birch

Michelle is a Website & SEO Wizard.

Michelle’s  whole philosophy on business websites is to make them both beautiful and functional so they’re converting visitors into customers, to bring your personality through, and to get your customers to where they want to be in 3 clicks or less. 

As to services, her milkshake brings all the businesses to the yard – Michelle offers web design and web development, copywriting (both standard and SEO options), digital marketing, web hosting and Never Ending Story.. er, never-ending support.

Michelle is  here for a long-term web service relationship instead of a disappointing one-off experience!

Cayla Merrill

Cayla is a Joyful Branding Coach who supports soul-centered biz owners to create a brand that looks and feels like them so they can shine bright and be seen in a way that feels equal parts energizing and grounded. She is your excited AF in-house art director and is your teammate in branding, brainstorm, visibility, and design.

Cayla has over 10 years of design and art direction experience in New York City and trained with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy in 2019. She combines her expertise in design, her passion for coaching, and enthusiasm for Instagram to support her clients to show up authentically to call in their dream clients. She is also mildly obsessed with self care and loves to support busy bees to curate their own custom self care routine.

“Tahryn helped me flesh out an idea I had randomly on IG and turned it into my biggest launch to date. We sat down together and she worked with me to map it out – even though I had no idea what it would look like or how I was going to pull it off. She supported me through the process of bringing my idea to reality and helped me launch an idea into a 15k program. Her superpower is bringing it back to basics and keeping it simple – by showing you how straightforward it can be and empowering you with the skills you need to do it again and again on your own. 


What I love most is that we turned an idea into something tangible that can make me money AND teach and empower my clients – in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to come up with on my own. Tahryn gives you permission to take an idea and create content the way you want and in a way that feels good for you and that works for your business.”

– Amee Triscari

Strategist / Pinterest Whisperer / Hype Girl

I get it…there are a HEAP of other courses out there offering you #allofthethings when it comes to creating kick-ass content…

So why should you invest in this one? 


Other courses

The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry

Offer a one-size fits all approach to content creation Just as the wand chooses the wizard, your content should be tailored in a way that is unique to you and your biz. I’ll teach you how to make your content creation process work for YOU!
Focus on bringing in ginormous amounts of followers and likes Shows you how speaking to the right people is more powerful than striving for max number of people — any day of the week. I’ll teach you how to get followers that ACTUALLY become clients.
Shares ‘tricks’ & ‘hacks’ to ‘beat the algorithm’ Shows you how to foster genuine engagement every time you post… so people are seeking you out and looking forward to hearing from you (and in the process, likely seeing your content first in their feed).
Obsess over hashtags, which leaves you thinking that the reason why you’re not getting the likes or reaching your dream clients is because your hashtags aren’t working Teaches you how to actually build a community in a REAL, RESONANT way through your copy and content… Because Hashtags are an added bonus to your magic content – like a tub of mint choc chip ice cream – so I’ll also be sharing the top hashtag, engagement and IG story tips I use to give your magic content that little boost it deserves so that your ideal clients stand to attention over and over again.
Teach complex and time-consuming content creation processes solely focused on social media

Shows you how to efficiently  create content with purpose and intention while exploding your business across multiple marketing channels. 

Oh and it gets to be fun AND save you time!

Have huge intakes with limited or no personal interaction (aka 1:1 attention) My eyes & strategic brain on your content & your biz on a weekly basis! And for a little more 1:1 Tahryn-time…simply wave your wand and become a VIP wizard ⚡️

“I saw Tahryn do an interview and was immediately drawn to her style. I loved how she shared and I wanted to learn more about creating a strategy for my content. 

I LOVED Tahryn’s teaching style and the beautifully created ebooks – something which I’ll continually come back to when I create content in my business.

The group coaching calls and the wizarding community were one of the highlights of the program for me. Tahryn has an incredible gift of creating a beautiful community feel within the program. 

I would totally recommend joining the School of Content Wizardry! Tahryn and Ned’s space is the place to be!! You’ll love being a part of this community and learn so much about creating content and an effective social media strategy.”

Darien Allen

“I had so many reservations about entering the business world of social media. I could have avoided it but I know my ideal clients use social media so I knew I had to join the party. I heard through friends that Tahryn was a master of social media content and to be honest, she is!

I got waaaaay more out of The School of Content Wizardry than I expected. I faced my fears of putting myself out there professionally, I gained so much knowledge on what people actually want to see and I was given permission by her and the boss babes in the course to be my authentic self.

I definitely valued Tahryn’s experience in marketing and once I was given the tools, my creativity started to flow! I’d highly recommend The School of Content Wizardry to you who groans at the thought of posting on social media, if you want to save precious business time or if you don’t know what to post or even where to start.”

Tara Long

“Before working with Tahryn, I felt like I kinda knew what I was doing on social media, but I never made the time to get clear on what was ACTUALLY working and WHY. Since working with Tahryn, I have total clarity around how to increase my connection on Instagram. Tahryn’s insights and skills are way beyond what I thought I knew about social media. Now I use what I’ve learnt from Tahryn in my biz every week…and it makes me feel excited and totally capable of showing up consistently!”


– Miish Grixti

Copy Coach + Messaging Strategist

When you embrace how wonderfully magic YOU are and the power of sharing this magic with others through your content, your inner wizard will be revealed and all the pieces will fall into place.


The Hogwarts Express headed to The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry is departing Platform 9 34 on March 1st.

After your official acceptance letter hits your inbox, prepare to be mesmerized by the magic of 7 weeks of live group training & coaching calls so that you can pick my brain and have access to my strategic advice on your biz and your content. PLUS the power of a community of like-minded wizards to support you.

This is the only way you can work with me right now and you better believe I am bringing my best spells with me!

PLUS I’m bringing in 4 Dumbledore-level Wizards to share their magic with you in the form of BONUS MASTERCLASSES!

AND I’m also sharing an additional spellbook of 50 of my fave high impact content ideas that you can take and use in your biz right now – because dog knows you can never have enough content ideas!   

There will be plenty of magic to be made along the way!

I felt a strong call to sign up to the School of Content Wizardry. I felt like it would help me break through to create content and teach me everything I needed to know. 

The whole experience was so supportive and encouraging and really accessible – the content was easy to understand, the group was so lovely and the calls were great to check in and get feedback on things that had come up during the week.

The School of Content Wizardry it’s a magical place where magical things happen! 

⚡️ The content is easy to understand and apply.

⚡️ The group calls are so delightful to be part of. 

⚡️ The community was so supportive and encouraging.

⚡️ The bonuses were SO informative. 

It just feels like the course that keeps on giving!

It helped me so much! I came into it scared and unsure and by the end I was posting regularly and sharing me! The magic that unfolded was amazing.

Meah Spiridonidis

I see you, all the way down here …

I scroll to the bottom of sales pages too –  sometimes I’m looking for that bit of magic that screams BUY ME NOW, TAHRYN!

And sometimes reading sales pages makes me feel seen and understood. That’s the power of good content. It speaks to your heart.

I want you to know that you too can connect with your peeps and make them feel seen. So seen in fact, that the only option for them is to buy what you’re selling!

But I get it.

The thought of putting your REAL self into your copy and your content might seem scary – maybe you’re even fearful of looking silly…

I know the feeling…

But after building a booked-out biz in under 12 months, with more pinch me moments (the equivalent of being chosen as Beyonce’s backup dancer!) than I ever dreamt of, and people constantly asking me how I write magic content that screams Tahryn…

I’m as excited as Hermione at exam time, to help you totally transform the way you create content for your biz in The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry. 

Because the truth is —you can feel empowered and actually enjoy (YES!) creating persuasive content that allows your community to feel seen.

It’s not about hacks or quick fixes…it’s about…

  • Creating high impact content that packs a punch (like a Stinging Jinx right in the face)
  • Building an engaged AF community 
  • Being consistently magic in a way that works for you  

It’s the only way to cut through all of the noise.

It’s time to burn that feeling of doubt, the fear of looking silly and the constant comparing yourself to everyone else so that you have confidence and trust that your content will shine brightly and magnetise your kinda people. 

I hope I see you on Platform 9 34  (and so does Ned!)



I knew I needed help with my content creation to make it easier and more enjoyable. I wanted to be more efficient so I could save my time and energy and not burn myself out.

The community was really supportive of each other and I loved the positive environment and connecting with everyone on the weekly calls.

I would highly recommend Tahryn & The School of Content Wizardry. I found the content & the way Tahryn delivered it, easy to understand. She was very supportive & always happy to help answer any questions we had. I loved how welcoming she was and adapted the course & questions to suit each individual’s business. 

You will get the tools, systems & support you need to make your content creation process easier. As well as an understanding of how to use different platforms and repurpose your content. Tahryn is lovely to work with and goes above and beyond to support you!

Danielle McTaggart

When I joined the School of Content Wizardry I wanted to gain clarity on my Biz vision and to be re-inspired to enjoy creating content again.

My favourite part of the program was the supportive community and Tahryn’s approachable wisdom and heart-led guidance. By the end, I was clear on the message that I wanted to get across, who I wanted to talk to and how I wanted to do it – this was huge!

From the very first call right until the end it was such a supportive and educational journey. It was so comfortable and made it easy to be inspired and to get clear on things without being too technical.

Unexpectedly, the most massive breakthrough for me was realising that I’d had this hidden crazy fear that if I did it MY way that I could do something ‘wrong’. Now that’s gone, I feel so much more aligned with how I want to show up.

Signing up to The School of Content Wizardry will give you so much more than you could even imagine – content is just the icing on the cake!

Beck Harris

Question Time

Things your brain might want to know some answers to before you decide to board the Hogwarts Express…

When is the next intake?

Who knows?! Lord Voldermort might return and we might need to defend the universe. If that doesn’t occur, sometime in 2021. I should add, this is the only way we can work together at this point in time, because I’m fully booked with private clients.

What if I can’t make the workshops live?

No biggie! Everything is recorded and will be shared with you. If you have any specific questions, just drop a comment in the Facebook group and I will answer it on the live call. 

How much time is required to learn this?

There will be weekly learning modules for each module and additional live coaching calls plus potent resources that get straight to the point… for you to sink your teeth into…sooooooo good question! But bear in mind I am all about the simple life…so I have broken this down into the most straightforward way possible. This is going to change your content creation process.

Is there any kind of guarantee in case The Social Bolt School of Content Wizardry doesn’t live up to my expectations? 

You can ask the Sorting Hat to not put you in Slytherin…or if you get through Module 1 and decide it’s just not for you…there’s a 14 day, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee (as long as you demonstrate that you have completed the content. Send me an email at tb@thesocialbolt.com.au and I’ll refund your enrolment.

Will Ned make an appearance?

I can 1000000% guarantee that Ned will pop his head in our coaching calls – he doesn’t want to miss out on his chance to shine!

“When it comes to creating incredible content for your business (that helps you connect with your ideal client and generate more sales!) you can’t find better than Tahryn. I recommend her to all my clients needing support with creation of their content across socials, email marketing, web and more, and she always delivers the most incredible results. What’s more, she’s great fun to work with and truly cares about YOUR unique business.

I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– Ellie Swift 

Marketing Magician & Certified Mindset and Marketing Coach

If you have a love hate relationship with Social Media – when you join the School of Content Wizardry it’ll help to disintegrate that completely!

You’ll find the energy and insights to re-energise your content and your message for the clients you serve.

Becoming a Wizard is the best thing I’ve ever done, especially after the major upheaval of 2020.

It helped me find me again….and my voice.

Tahryn gifts you new perspectives – instilling self belief and reminding you – you do you – be authentic and have fun!

The whole experience was super supportive and inspiring.

Be a wizard. It’s the best fking thing you’ll ever do! You’ll never look back! I recommend Tahryn & the School of Content Wizardry without any hesitation.

Tracy O’Meara-Smith

The sorting hat is ready…are you? 

“My Mum is the best.”

– Ned Stark Bolt

Barketing Manager