About The Social Bolt.

I am Tahryn, Founder and Creative Director and our Barketing Manager & Extra Good Boy is Ned Stark Bolt.

I am a self-confessed crazy dog mum and if you meet me in person I will most likely be covered in dog hair and I will most certainly tell you all about Ned.

I created The Social Bolt so I could do what I love: hanging out with Ned all day and writing and creating strategic content for Vision & Heart-Led Businesses.

I have a Masters Degree in Marketing and I have always loved writing which is why I combined them to support businesses with all their online strategy and content needs, including email marketing, social media, Pinterest and more.

I love to work with businesses that have a purpose and mission and help them channel their ideas and execute them with ease, because I just know how time consuming executing all your marketing ideas can be!

No quick fixes here (soz)! I am all about creating content strategically.

Less mindlessly creating. More creating with a plan and purpose!