Not all 6-figure content, launch and business wizards wear capes and fly broomsticks

Well… maybe on weekends.

You’ve experienced it, I’ve experienced it, we’ve all experienced it.

The gut-wrenching, tear-inducing feeling you get when you force yourself to sit down and actually plan your social media content or a launch. There’s nothing worse… except maybe being targeted by a wizarding lunatic with no nose.

Here’s the thing.

I learnt real quick that the ol’ copy + paste doesn’t. work.  But I was scared.

👀 Scared of the judgement
👀 Scared that people wouldn’t take me seriously
👀 Scared that I’d have to run back to my corporate job because I wasn’t making near enough money to live the comfortable introverted life I like to live with Ned’s tail between my legs. What can I say… he’s a mummy’s boy.

So what did I do? I did what any totally sane wizarding folk would do.

I built a business helping people (like you) nail the exact tasks I was struggling with at the start. A business based around the things I love (cue all the Harrys (Potter… Styles…), Ned and well… Ned) and being authentic AF in the process.

And it works. I not only appeal to my soulmate clients who are pumped AF to work with me, but I actually ENJOY creating content.

Here’s a snippet of what you’ll get from working with me (and Ned)

The secret spells to creating content that aligns with your ideal client and makes them WANT to buy from you

The magic potion to crafting utterly irresistible offers to generate 5 (and 6) figure launches
The Marauder’s Map of business coaching to help you own what makes YOU magic, designing a step-by-step strategy to reach your business goals & helping you gain the confidence, self-belief and rock-solid mindset needed to run a profitable business

Content creation wizard, Launch wizard AND Business wizard?!
Does that make me a tri-wizard? A triple threat if you will?


Wanna know a little more about your class teacher and the  teacher’s pet? 

where do I begin…

Like most of you… I was working a corporate job that destroyed my soul.

At 31 years old, with a knack for writing and inspired by the chance of being a marketing intern for Samantha Wills (cue fangirl moment), I decided to study a marketing degree at uni. By the time I’d finished my degree, Samantha had closed her internship program and unfortunately for her, she missed the opportunity to work with me (or something like that) 🤣

So in June 2019, armed with 1 paying client and a butt-load of hope, I started working full time in my business as a virtual assistant/social media manager. Over the years, the Social Bolt transfigured into what it is today, and my success in teaching all things content creation, launching and business skyrocketed.

Combining my love of writing and degree in marketing, my services are designed specifically to support businesses (like yours) with their online strategy and content must-haves, including social media, email marketing and Pinterest.

Being your biggest supporter, teaching you to believe in yourself and removing your invisibility cloak lights up my soul.

Really get to know me & Ned

 Tahryn Bolt 

Job title

Content, launch & business wizard


Brunching, Harry Potter, travelling & Beyonce


Summer & pineapple on pizza

Favourite TV show

Schitt’s Creek & anything tacky reality (no shame) – Kardashians, Rupauls & 90-day fiance

Born and bred

Corrigin – a small Wheatbelt town in WA


Overthinking perfectionist with a side of control freak… but always on time

 Ned Stark Bolt 

Job title

Barketing manager & reels superstar


Sleeping & cheese


When his ball gets stuck under furniture

Favourite TV show

Horse racing

Born and bred



Goodest (and laziest) boy