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3 Lessons From 3 Years in Business – 3 Part Series – Part 1

I’ve got some business lessons for YOU!

Last week, The Social Bolt turned 3!

Yes – time flies when you’ve got Hermione’s time-turner or when you run your own business – amirite?!

Never in a wizard’s years, could I have prepared myself for the experience of running a business.

I thought I was prepared – oh sweet, innocent Tahryn.

So to celebrate my 3rd biz birthday, over the next 3 weeks I’ll be sharing 3 lessons from 3 year in business.

Thank you to my friend Harriet for this epic suggestion for a podcast series.

In today’s episode I’m sharing lesson #1, which is…

3 lessons from 3 years in business

There’s no one right way to do business

Gotta thank my best friend Patrick for teaching me this game-changing lesson back in uni!

No matter what any guru on the internet tells you – there is no magic pill for success in your business.

You can’t copy and paste your way to 6-figures and beyond.

After working with hundreds of business owners in different industries – I can safely say there’s no one right way to do business or a one size fits all approach that works for absolutely everyone.

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make is that they try to transfigure themselves into something they’re not – just because someone else is doing that thing or told them they won’t be successful if they don’t do it too.

Hey, don’t worry – I’ve been there too!

Now this might look like trying to replicate what others are doing by creating similar offers, sharing similar content and showing up online a certain way because “hey that’s what they’re doing and it worked for them right?!”

I know what you’re thinking…”well what the fuck am I meant to do Tahryn?”

My honest answer is – IT DEPENDS.

I know, I know! That is some of the most frustrating advice ever.

BUT ultimately what I know to be true is that you gotta prioritise strategies that are right for YOU and YOUR unique business and YOUR community.

Strategies that are personalised NOT a copy and paste template.

One of my biggest frustrations with the online space is what Reels have done to originality and creativity. They’re the ultimate shiny object.

I’m bored. I see the same shit all the time. Every day.

Everyone is so focused on trending audios, nailing transitions and going viral they’ve forgotten the most important thing when it comes to creating content…

Heck when it comes to ANYTHING IN BUSINESS – and that’s WHO you’re creating content for and WHO you’re in business to serve.

It’s not Mark Zuckerberg and it’s not to impress Karen from high school.

It’s for your current clients and customers and your future clients and customers.

And that’s EXACTLY why you shouldn’t be trying to replicate what ANYONE is doing in their business – because you’re serving completely different people.

To stand out online in a sea of same sameness, be brave and smart enough to do things differently.

Put your ideal clients and customers at the front and centre of everything you do and create.

Embrace what makes you magic and different and unique.

Build a business that works for you AND helps your people.

Because here’s the thing – you can try and emulate what someone else does in their business, but you’re not a carbon copy of anyone else – and why would you want to be like anyone else?

So yes, take inspiration from what other people are doing – but put your own spin on it. Look at the BIG PICTURE vision for your business and where it fits in.

And always ALWAYS check in with your community and see how you can serve them better.

This is why having personalised support in the form of 1:1 coaching is so effective. Someone who will dive deep into your business and support you to create a process that is unique to you and your individual business (no cookie cutter in sight).

One that helps you reach those juicy biz goals of yours and create great impact in your community.

And if you haven’t found the “right” strategy for your business yet – don’t panic!

That’s the beauty of business – you’re in control and can tweak and change your strategy at any point. Dog knows I have during the past 3 years!

My advice to you is to start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What is currently working well? What feels fun and light and enjoyable and that you want to do more of?
  2. What is not working well? What feels hard and overwhelming and that you want to do less of?

Now before you say “I hate creating content” – you’re not getting out of it that easily – there’s some things in business you have to do whether you like it or not, but it’s about finding ways to make it more enjoyable.

And then you get to work creating a business strategy and a plan that works for YOU – that’s tailored to your goals and to your ideal clients.

In the space of 3 years I’ve gone from virtual assistant and social media manager to content creator to online program creator to content coach and to now business coach. Every single year my revenue has grown and I’ve made a profit (which is important too).

I’ve worked with service based businesses, product based businesses, brick and mortar businesses.

I haven’t met a business model I don’t like.

So for the love of dogs STOP trying to copy and paste your way to success – create your own damn path.

There you have it – lesson #1 from 3 years in business. This has been a biggie in my business journey so far!

Join me next week where I’ll be sharing another of my business lessons from 3 years in business.

3 lessons from 3 years in business

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