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3 Ways Your Marketing Messaging is Sabotaging Sales in 2024

Messaging is the one thing that connects absolutely everything you do in your business.

At every stage of business…
For every offer you create…
In your marketing strategy…
And your sales strategy…

Your messaging plays a pivotal role in all these different elements – it’s the glue that holds your business together.

So when you’re not making as many sales as you’d like in your business – I’ll ALWAYS recommend you look at your messaging first and foremost. 

One of the biggest problems I’m hearing from business owners (like you) is sales are slow – and your messaging is usually to blame! 

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I share the 3 reasons your messaging is stopping you from making sales right now.

Before you slash your prices or create a completely new offer – let’s fix your messaging!

3 Ways Your Marketing Messaging is Sabotaging Sales in 2024

The 3 Ways Your Messaging is Sabotaging Your Sales in 2024

1. You’re talking to the wrong person 

If you’re a long-time listener of the podcast, you’ll know how much I talk about the importance of knowing your ideal client like they’re your bestie… So it shouldn’t be surprising that this is the first thing I mention, right?!

I’m never going to stop talking about this, because it can be the difference between making sales and not. 

Your messaging isn’t resonating with the right people. 

They don’t know your offer is for them because you’re not speaking to your ideal client’s reality RIGHT NOW.

Let me give you a couple of examples… if I’m scrolling and see:

  • An offer that’s positioned to help me hit my first $10k month – I’ll keep on scrolling, because that offer isn’t for me. It’s not my current reality or a problem I need to solve (it was 5 years ago)
  • Any offer that mentions being a mum of human children – I’m out. But if your offer helps to stop an 8-month-old border collie from destroying her toys in 5 minutes flat – I’m all ears

Your ideal client needs to be able to self-identify that this offer is for them. And yes, it’s on YOU to make it clear for them, and not expect them to figure it out themselves. 

This is the problem when you try to appeal to everyone or you water down, your messaging to be like everyone else.

Something helpful to know here is that your messaging will shift and evolve over time simply because it’s based a whole lot on your ideal clients (aka humans). 

Humans evolve and change all the time.
So will your messaging. 
And what worked before might not work today. 
And that’s ok.

Your messaging needs to speak to what your ideal client is navigating / feeling / experiencing RIGHT NOW – if it’s not relevant, it’s not going to resonate. 

2. You’re talking about the wrong problem

This is also connected to knowing your ideal client like they’re your bestie. 

This is what I mean when I talk about micro-messaging –  the different microelements that make up your overall messaging. 

The first part of the messaging equation is your ideal client and their current reality and the second part of the messaging equation is the problem they want solved (and are willing to pay for).

Your ideal client also needs to:

  • Firstly recognise they have a problem 
  • And, secondly, see this problem as a PRIORITY for them to solve

So if your messaging and marketing don’t create problem awareness – don’t be surprised if your ideal clients don’t see your offer as the ONLY solution to their problem. 

Your messaging has to speak to the right problem!

Your ideal clients are buying your offer to solve a very real and specific problem they have in their lives at this moment. But sometimes business owners can get tunnel vision over what that problem actually is. 

Here are some questions to make sure you’re on the right track:

  • What’s your ideal client currently struggling with when it comes to your zone of genius?
  • What does your ideal client actually desire instead? 
  • Why don’t they have this right now? 
  • What’s stopping them from getting it today?

All of this highlights why you need different types of messaging and marketing to nurture your ideal clients along the customer journey – from awareness right through to purchase.


3. You’re not talking about your point of difference

Differentiation is THE thing that’ll help you cut through the noise and make it crystal fucking clear to your ideal clients why they need YOU and your offer in their life – RIGHT NOW!

Otherwise, your ideal clients will go buy from someone else. 

This might sound harsh. But it’s true.

It’s naive to think that simply having an offer that solves a problem is enough. That you can sit back and watch the millions flow in, right? WRONG! 

Your ideal client has many options, so if you want to be consistently making sales you need to clearly and consistently articulate what sets your offer apart from other offers and why your ideal client should buy it.

Your ideal client is also sick of seeing the same messaging over and over again (as am I). So instead of sharing the same tips, tricks, and sales messaging as every other Harry, Ron & Hermione – how can you share your thoughts, perspectives, and processes? The things that make you unique to everyone else?

Because here’s the thing:

If your ideal client doesn’t perceive you, your offer, and the problem your offer solves as valuable, they won’t buy from you.

As I’m always saying – you gotta give them a compelling reason to choose you. 

This is where your messaging comes in to save the day. 

Knowing how to speak to what makes you AND your offers different is a game-changer – the businesses that do this well are the ones who are currently slaying the sales game. 

When you’re not afraid to create differentiation in your messaging and marketing… THAT is when you become THE Dumbledore-level Wizard in your industry.

When you own your unique blend of magic and confidently share what you really want to talk about (not the watered-down PG version), THIS attracts the right, premium clients. 

Now if you’re thinking, “THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, TAHRYN – teach me your ways…

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3 Ways Your Marketing Messaging is Sabotaging Sales in 2024

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