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4 Steps to Building an In-Demand Business that Always Sells Out

How do you become an in-demand business owner? You know the ones… They release any type of offer and, in what seems like an instant – they’re sold out or fully booked. Not only do they do it on repeat, but they also make it look SO easy.

So how do they do it?

Have they mastered the dark arts or sold their soul to the Dark Lord himself? Well, not exactly.

And how do I know?

Well not only have I seen behind-the-scenes of many 6-figure, multi 6-figure and 7-figure businesses… In the past 4+ years, every single offer I’ve launched I’ve made sales. Yes, every single offer I’ve shared with my community has returned money to my business. From “done for you” packages to digital products to group programs to a mastermind to 1:1 business coaching and everything in between.

What I know to be true is there are 4 things you need to master (repeatedly) if you want to become an in-demand business owner too – and that’s exactly what I’ll share with you in this podcast episode.

4 Steps To Building an In-Demand Business That Always Sells Out

1. Create an in-demand offer

I KNOW, how fucking obvious! But by definition, in-demand means “needed or wanted by many people.” And what do I always tell you – the most important thing when creating anything in your business, is who you’re creating it for.

You need to create an offer that solves a problem your people have or makes their life and/or business better.

It doesn’t matter if you think it’s the best offer in the world – it needs to be something your people actually want and they’re willing to pay for. Otherwise, guess what?! They won’t buy it. 

An in-demand offer is a magical mix of:

  • Something that gives your ideal client or customer an outcome or transformation they desire
  • Full body, fuck yes” pricing
  • Communicating why they should take action now

Of course, having an in-demand offer alone isn’t enough. You can have the best offer in the world, but if no one knows about it, then it’s pretty pointless, right?!

2. Maintain a consistent presence

This doesn’t mean you need to be on all the marketing channels… Or show up on social media every single moment of every single day. It also means you can’t only show up when you have something to sell. Don’t be that business owner who disappears in between launches, only to reappear in a couple of months when it’s time to launch again. That’s not fair to your community AND it doesn’t help your business either. 

The success of your launches comes down to what you do in between your launches.

You’ll never be an in-demand business owner if you keep stuck on the launch, disappear, launch disappear cycle. In-demand business owners talk about their offers not only when it’s launch time. So when it comes time to launch again, they have people ready and waiting to buy from them.

3. A rock-solid and CONSISTENT content marketing strategy

This isn’t about pumping out any kinda content. You need to create with intention and purpose. In-demand business owners don’t share boring and beige content or post content just to tick a box. Because seriously – who has time for that?! 

They’re sharing content that:

  • Engages and builds trust with their audience
  • Brings awareness to the problem they have (the one their offer solves)
  • Highlights why they need their offer in their life
  • Showcases why they’re the person to help them

It all plays an important role in building demand for their offers. AND this is why mastering your marketing messaging is so bloody important! It not only helps you position your offer as something your ideal clients or customers need in their life…it also guides the content you create. 

So when you do launch your offer – your community is hotter than Harry Styles, and ready and excited to hit that buy now button!

4. Building a standout brand that’s known for something

If you want people to show up for you and buy your offers on repeat – give them a reason to. The reason why in-demand business owners are able to drop an offer and have it sell like hotcakes is because they’ve built a stand-out brand.

They haven’t been afraid to:

  • Share their unique thoughts, perspectives and opinions
  • Fully embrace and embody what makes them magic 
  • Show up and share the shit out of their offers 

They don’t blindly follow trends or dilute their magic to try to fit in – they lead and their people follow. And they do it CONSISTENTLY. It’s called BUILDING a brand for a reason. 

In-demand business owners bring their community along for the ride.

There’s a little extra magic that in-demand business owners have and do so well – they invite their people, their community, along on the journey with them. If you can build a really engaged and supportive community – it’s going to make SUCH a difference when it comes to marketing and selling your offers. You’ll have a bunch of raving fans who love everything you do and who’ll not only buy everything you put out… They’ll also tell everyone they know about you!

It’s something that people often overlook because they’re too busy searching for a secret hack. To put it simply – give a shit about people and they’ll give a shit about you.

Becoming an in-demand business owner is not about a quick hack

It’s about mastering these foundations to market and sell your offers.

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4 Steps To Building an In-Demand Business That Always Sells Out

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