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5 reasons why being an Introvert in business is a good thing

In today’s episode I want to shine a light on why being an introvert in a business is actually a superpower.

Despite what society and the online space says, I’m such a big believer that business was made for introverts and I’m going to tell you why.

Because as an introvert, for most of my life I’ve been told by society that being quiet and enjoying alone time is not a good thing.

We live in a society where it’s considered desirable to be the social, vocal and “life of the party” kinda person.

And then I started my business and in the online space you’re faced with messaging that tells you to be successful you need to be more extroverted.

But I am a walking, talking example of what’s possible for introverts in business when you embrace your unique blend of introverted magic.

So in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I’m sharing 5 reasons why being an introvert in business is a good thing.

being an introvert in business

Introverts work well ALONE

While extroverts crave interactions, introverts thrive as independent workers.

This was quite literally one of the most appealing things to me about starting my own business. No more fucking open-plan workspaces.

Which extrovert decided that open-plan offices were a good idea?!

I would go and hide in the printing area or in the warehouse just to get some alone time and I was always more productive when I didn’t have people constantly coming to my desk for a chat.

And don’t get me started on people who don’t have volume control.

So when I hear extroverts say they hate working from home because they get lonely – I mean I guess I understand, but also that’s not me. I need about 20-23 hours of alone time to function.

But seriously, introverts can focus more easily and get shit done when they’re left alone.

And on that note reason # 2 why being an introvert in business is a good thing…

Introverts don’t constantly chase shiny objects 

So while extroverts seek out constant stimulation such as meeting new people or trying new things, introverts love a good routine.

I love a plan and stability is sexy to me. In an exceptionally noisy online space – with new trends coming and going – focusing on the plan and executing the plan it’s so important when it comes to sustainable growth.

Introverts aren’t out there seeking the magic spell that’s going to make their business go boom overnight. They’re focused on their goals and working towards them – no matter how long it takes.

I know this has been super pivotal for me. I’ve put my blinkers on and focused on consistent action towards MY goals over constantly chasing the new trend.

Long-term, sustainable growth over quick wins – every day of the week. Because if I want to remain a stay-at-home dog Mum, I need to focus on more than just vanity metrics.

Ok, reason #3 why being an introvert in business is a good thing…

Introverts are deep-thinkers

Introverts look inward for answers rather than seeking external validation and we take our time to come up with a solution – meaning introverts are great problem solvers.

And as you know, there’s often a heck of a lot of problems that need solutions when you run your own business – amirite?!

I find that being a deep-thinker and good problem solver (without the need to seek out others’ opinions) is a bloody brilliant superpower to have.

It helps me to make decisions that are best for me and my business. Now that’s not to say I don’t ask for advice from others but that circle of influence is very small.

I don’t listen to many podcasts.

I rarely read business books.

And I recently muted a lot of people in the online space because I was getting caught up in what they were doing, and it started to affect me negatively.

So when I’m asking someone else for feedback or support, I’ve already thought through the decision or solution pretty deeply.

Because the person I trust the most is me.

And I can’t overstate the importance of this when you’re in business. You have to build epic self-trust and be truly sold on yourself FIRST.

Having the long-term support of a business coach here is also key. Because I trust my business coach to infinity and beyond and her opinion and advice matter to me.

I’m such an advocate for long-term mentorship over coach-hopping. And for introverts – get yourself a business coach who truly understands you.

Ok, reason #4 why being an introvert in business is a good thing…

Introverts are empathetic humans

Empathy = a deep understanding of your clients and customers.

And as you know – the most important thing about creating anything in your business is WHO you’re creating it for aka your clients and customers.

The ability to understand your community and potential clients with relative ease, allows introverts to connect with them quicker, and unlock a gold mine of information that sets you up for success.

When you’re an empathetic human it means you’re able to see other people’s emotions and understand what they’re thinking, feeling or experiencing. And this is key to messaging, copy and content that speaks to the soul.

You’ll also be able to come up with solutions to their problems and truly connect and understand your audience properly and on a deeper level.

And the final reason why being an introvert in business is a good thing…

Introverts are exceptional listeners

I truly believe this is my #1 introverted superpower.

Introverts understand the importance of deeply listening to others, especially to read between the lines and really hear the words behind the words.

Unlike extroverts who often tend to listen to respond – introverts listen to understand first and then ask questions and get to the truth. Again this helps you solve problems for others, in less time.

I LISTEN first.

I listen to what you’re telling me in the DMs, what I hear on my coaching calls, what people are saying online and IRL…

And then I respond by creating offers and content that solves a problem you have or supports you to get what you truly desire.

This is also an epic skill to have when it comes to sales in your business. You don’t need to be extroverted to be great at sales – you just need to be a great listener.

My gift as an introvert is that I’m an amazing listener and I mirror back information to people.

I love having sales conversations because the majority of the time I’m having powerful 1:1 conversations where I’m asking questions and getting the information I need to support them to make an empowered decision.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Listening is the most underrated business skill.

So there you have – 5 reasons why being an introvert in business is a fucking good thing! 

I could go on – but you don’t want to be here all day!

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5 reasons why being an Introvert in business is a good thing

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