5 ways to make 2023 easier (and generate more cash)

5 Ways Mastering Your Micro Messaging Makes Business Easier

Quick question for you wizard… Do you want to make business a whole lot easier? 

I’m going to take that as a resounding yes – because OBVIOUSLY you want business to be easier. And look, I don’t blame you.

There’s a whole lot of business and marketing coaches who tell you “messaging helps you position yourself as an authority” – but what the fuck does that even mean?! Or they tell you “messaging will help you make 6-figures in 6 minutes”. 

This messaging quite frankly SUCKS. 

Ultimately, messaging DOES help you make more money, BUT let’s talk about other ways mastering your micro-messaging makes business easier. Because making more money is the end result of these elements! 

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I share the top 5 unexpected things your messaging does for you, other than position you as an authority or make you more money. Because I’m not a basic witch and neither are you!

So let’s see how mastering your micro-messaging makes business EASIER! 

5 Ways Mastering Your Micro Messaging Makes Business Easier

1. Writing compelling copy that connects AND converts is a piece of cake

I can see you rolling your eyes at me – but I’m Sirius, so hear me out! 

So many business owners hate writing landing pages and sales pages – there’s a reason I added the done-for-you copy element to my Magic Marketing Mentor Series.  

When you’re clear on your micro-messaging and what your ideal clients need to see on these pages to get them to take action (whether it’s signing up for a freebie, or a free masterclass, or a paid offer) – you write your landing pages and sales pages so much quicker.

No more overthinking or procrastinating – you’re clear on the essential micro-messaging elements and how to structure them to maximise sign-ups and sales AND you get them done in half the time. 

And not only that but people ACTUALLY sign up.
Lots of people.
Lots of your dream clients. 

When you crack the code to mastering your micro-messaging – writing compelling copy that connects and converts is a piece of cake, and your dream clients want a piece of that cake! 


2. You know how to talk about your offers 

I don’t mean simply repeating what’s included in your offer – because your dream clients don’t really give a fuck about that.

What they do give a fuck about is what your offer is going to do for them – how is it going to solve a priority problem they have, or how is it going to help them get what they most desire?

When you’re clear on your micro-messaging, you show up on Instagram stories with confidence and you KNOW how to talk about your offer in different ways (that are not just “my offer has 6 coaching calls and Voxer support” or sharing the same Canva graphics you prepared earlier).

You’re clear on the different angles you need to touch on to get your ideal clients to feel safe and confident in their purchase decision (or nurture them towards that). 

And, because you know how to talk about your offers clearly and confidently, your dream clients pay attention and take action when you share content.


3. You know how to talk about yourself 

More to the point – you don’t avoid tooting your own flute.

I know talking about yourself is not your favourite thing to do – it’s not mine either. But you need to do it, because trust in you is what leads to consistent sales. 

You are your business’s best point of difference, so you gotta get comfy talking about why YOU are the wizard to support your ideal clients

If you don’t – you’ll blend into the sea of muggles and you definitely don’t want that!

When you’re clear on your micro-messaging, you pitch to be a guest on your favourite podcast and make it clear why you’re the perfect person to share your magic with the listeners. Or, when you’re at a networking event and asked “So, tell me about your business”, you confidently talk about yourself so every Harry, Ron & Hemione in the room knows how awesome you are. 

You own your unique blend of magic and confidently share what you really want to talk about (not the watered-down, PG version) and THIS attracts the right, premium clients – and they’re certain you’re the wizard for them! 


4. You never run out of creative content ideas. 

You never think to yourself “Hmm I don’t know what I should post today or what my ideal client needs to hear from me…” – because you ALREADY KNOW. 

When you’re clear on your micro-messaging, you know your ideal client like they’re your bestie. You know the magic words they need to hear about you and your offers to get them to move. And when I say ‘move’, I mean sign up for your freebies, sign up for your free masterclasses, sign up for your offers – you tell them what to do and they do it.

You have a never-ending flow of content ideas, because turning your micro-messaging into content is EASY, FUN and converts like crazy.

Your content doesn’t feel like it was spat straight out of ChatGPT – your dream clients binge all your content, understand your message, and make purchase decisions faster (without the need for 713 education posts to warm them up first!).


5. Your name is shouted in rooms you’re not even in because you have a Dumbledore-level brand reputation

Imagine you have your own mini-marketing team that tells everyone about you and the magic you create…without you having to leave the house. 

When you know how to create unique micro-messaging that doesn’t sound like every other Tom, Fred and Harry Potter on the internet – it literally does the talking for you. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a small audience, or you don’t leave the house every week to attend networking events…

People are talking about you and they’re telling their friends, without you having to lift a wand.

They’re sold on YOU and what you offer, so OBVIOUSLY your inbox is filled with “pinch-me” opportunities – from keynote speaking gigs, to guest masterclasses and podcast interview requests. You’re fully seen in your magic, and people can’t get enough of you!


Micro-messaging isn’t just about positioning yourself as an authority or how much money you make – it’s how it makes everything else in your business SO MUCH easier. Knowing how to master your micro-messaging makes EVERYTHING in business so much easier! 


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Micro Messaging is the ultimate biz spell you MUST possess in your Wizards’ toolkit and honestly, who doesn’t want business to be a whole lot easier?! I know I do! 

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5 Ways Mastering Your Micro Messaging Makes Business Easier

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