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Building a 6-figure business as an introvert

Today I want to share how I’ve built a 6-figure business as an introvert.

A business that celebrates my unique blend of introverted magic AND makes me sirius money.

Because I feel like there’s a bit of a misconception out there (thanks to bloody IG) that to be successful you need to be more extroverted.

It’s no secret that society and the online space often celebrates and rewards the most extroverted people.

Think about how:

  • Society values highly social and outgoing people and if you’re quiet you should loosen up, speak up and put yourself out there more.
  • Businesses want you to work in open space offices to foster a productive team environment – even though in my experience I get more done when I’m alone and I don’t have people coming up to have a chat every 5 minutes.
  • And don’t get me started on how IG rewards those who create Reels with better reach and engagement – even though most Reels are exactly the same and not exactly creative

So I can see the shock in people’s faces when they realise that someone who rarely does reels or leaves their house has the confidence to create magic in my business and make as much money as I do.

It’s not magic. Thanks to smart and strategic business decisions, I play to my strengths and make it super easy for me to succeed.

So let me share 4 things that have supported me to build a 6-figure business without needing to turn myself into an instant extrovert.

business as an introvert

Before I get into the “how” of building a 6-figure business as an introvert…

I want to start by saying that reaching 6-figures in my business didn’t happen overnight.

I didn’t post once and hello 6-figures. And I definitely did NOT go viral thanks to my ability to nail a reel transition or lip sync for my life.

Please remember that the people who make 6-figures in their first year of business or 7 figures in under 3 or whatever the measure of “overnight success” is to you → they’re the minority.

It took me 3 years to reach 6-figures in my business – but I did it in a really smart and sustainable way.

There’s no fast track to business success.

No magic pill that guarantees results overnight.

You gotta be in business for the long game. 

There will be moments when you’re not getting results – but you need to keep showing up anyway.

Remember that Harry didn’t defeat Voldemort during his first year at Hogwarts did he?

Ok so one of the key things I did to build a 6-figure business as an introvert was…

Focused on crafting magnetic messaging

The kinda messaging that stood out to my soulmate clients without having to be the loudest person in the room.

Now when I’m referring to messaging I’m talking about marketing, and more specifically how you communicate with your community and highlight the value in what you do. It’s not just words or copy, it’s also the feelings and emotions that come with that communication.

It’s more than just what you say, it’s how you say it and how you make people feel.

It goes to show the importance of showing up as your authentic self in building connections with your community.

So how do you craft magnetic messaging?

Step 1 – Listen to what your people are saying.

Listening is legit the most underrated business skill and introverts are excellent listeners.

So everytime someone asks me a question – I listen

Everytime I have a conversation in my DMs – I listen

Everytime I’m on a coaching call – I listen

I listen FIRST and then I respond by creating offers and content that solves a problem you have or supports you to get what you truly desire.

Because if you’ve been a long-time listener of this podcast – you’ll know that the most important thing to remember when you’re creating ANYTHING in your business – is WHO you’re creating it for.

Your community is your greatest source of information.

And your greatest superpower as an introvert is your ability to LISTEN.

When you listen first and then create – you make your community feel seen, heard and understood.

It ALSO helps you to write copy that stands out to your soulmate clients.

And on that note…

Step 2 – Learn how to write human-centred conversion copy

So you’ve listened to what your people are telling you – how do you use that information to craft magnetic messaging?

Well you learn how to take that information and turn it into words.

And not just stuffing your messaging with random bits and pieces – but taking the juiciest bits and writing it in a way that speaks to the soul of your community.

So much so, that it gets them taking action (aka wanting to buy everything you’re selling)

One of the best investments I made in the early stages of business was working with the magical Miish Grixti who taught me all her copy spells – how to ask the right questions, extract the good stuff and turn it into magical human-centred copy that ALSO converts into clients. It’s like mixing the perfect potion in Potions class.

But once you know how to do that – look out!

And the final step to crafting magnetic messaging is…

Step 3 – Infuse your unique blend of magic throughout everything you create

It’s my mission in life to drop as many Harry Potter references into my messaging as possible – while still making sure it makes sense to the muggles of course.

Every interaction with your business should make it so clear what your soulmate clients can expect when they work with you.

My vibe is always magical, honest, friendly and fun. So that’s the vibe that needs to come across to anyone who lands on my website, my Instagram profile, my podcast – AND especially when they meet me in real life.

Don’t delete all traces of you in what you create → GO BIG AT BEING YOU and in doing so, you’ll magnetise your soulmate clients.

Ok another thing I focused on while building my 6-figure business as an introvert was…

Multi-channel marketing

Aka not putting all my eggs in the Instagram basket.

If you’re a long-time listener of the podcast → you’ll know my thoughts on this topic.

As an introvert you don’t have the energy to be giving it all away to the soul-sucking dementor that is Instagram.

Now you might be thinking “But Tahryn the word multi – implies I’ll be focused on multiple marketing channels. Wouldn’t it just be smarter to focus on the one channel?”

And the answer would be – no.

It’s about creating content in a way that can be shared across multiple channels – without spending more time creating content.

This is where my BFF repurposing comes in.

I invest my time in creating timeless pieces of content.

Content that lasts.

Content for multiple channels

Because who the heck wants to spend all their time creating content just for social media…only for it to disappear 2.5 seconds after posting – not me.

So this podcast is an example of a hero piece of content.

Something that can be broken down and repurposed again and again and again. Across multiple channels.

From the one episode I get a weekly blog post, a weekly email, a weekly social media post, multiple stories, multiple Pinterest pins.

So I’m across multiple channels without trying too hard or expending too much energy. Which is the ultimate goal for an introvert.

And when you do this, you have multiple avenues to grow your community and attract your soulmate clients.

Which leads me onto the next thing I’ve committed to and that’s…

Selling often 

Because if you’re not making sales, you won’t build a 6-figure business.

And to make sales you need to tell people about your offers regularly.

If you can’t remember the last time you told your community what you do and how you can help them (aka how they can work with you) – DO IT ASAP.

You don’t need to shy away from talking about your offers and you can do it more than once in a blue moon!

Because if you can’t remember the last time you told your community how they can work with you – how do you expect them to remember either?

People are busy – they’re wrapped up in their life so they won’t see every single piece of content you create.

Which is why you gotta help them out a little and tell them what to do.

And before you say “But Tahryn all the information they need is on my website…”

Mate come on – people can be lazy, so for the love of dogs MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO BUY FROM YOU!

You’ve gotta do a little bit of work to get that money!

And that’s why I love launching as an introvert. It’s very intentional and planned. You’re clear on what you need to do and when and all roads lead to your offer.

It’s a great way to build community, generate excitement and sell your offers and there’s a start and end date so you can manage your energy.

And the final thing to remember when building your 6-figure business as an introvert is to 

Build a support team

Of course not a big one – but one that’s filled with people who understand and celebrate your introverted blend of magic and want to see you win.

It goes without saying but you want to be around people who aren’t trying to change who you are at your soul level.

They’re supporting you to be the very best version of yourself and give you permission to embrace who you are.

I have a very small circle of people I trust. These are the people I’d trust with Ned and if you know me, that’s a big fucking call.

Because being an introvert in an extroverted online space can fuck with your head. You’ll spend 5 minutes scrolling the Gram and convince yourself that you’re not good enough to be in business.

Or that you have to be an extrovert to be successful.

But honestly that’s BS.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about supporting introverts to build their own successful business and I’m willing to volunteer as tribute and share exactly why the online space needs more introverts showing up and sharing their magic.

I wouldn’t have the self-belief and trust in my unique blend of magic and to show up in a sea of extroverts without the support of my coach, my team, my business friends and my best friend.

Now I’ve only covered 4 things in today’s episode that have supported me to build a 6-figure business as an introvert…

Join me for How to Scale Your 6-figure Business as an Introvert – The Intensive

It’s the online intensive to embrace your introverted superpowers + make you sirius money in your business.

I’ll guide you through the marketing and sales strategies you need to take your business to the next level without trying to compete with loud extroverts by attempting to do loud extroverted things.

You’ll finally have the confidence to do business in a way that celebrates your unique blend of introverted magic.

So if you’re ready to usher in a new era of doing business quietly and powerfully – you can sign up here

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