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How I Created an Irresistible 6-Figure Offer with Micro Messaging

Messaging is a word that’s thrown around in the online space more than a Quaffle in a Quidditch Match.

It’s become the latest buzzword, following in the footsteps of “Quantum Leaps” and “Energetics”.

When you hear a word or a phrase on repeat, it starts to lose its meaning – which is funny considering messaging is literally the meaning behind everything you create in your business.

I don’t want messaging to become something you don’t siriusly consider because (and I can’t say this enough) your messaging really fucking matters

Messaging is what turns lurkers into clients faster than Harry Potter chasing the Golden Snitch.

Messaging is how you clearly and confidently position yourself and your offer as the ONLY solution to the problem your dream clients want to solve.

And messaging is the thing that’ll help you cut through the noise, and stamp your unique blend of magic everywhere so it’s clear to your ideal clients why they need YOU in their life – RIGHT NOW!

So, in this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I share how messaging changed the game for my business. Specifically, how micro messaging helped me create a multi 6-figure offer in my business. 

While every other Ron, Harry and Hermione are talking about messaging the same way – the magic is in the micro. And, in 2024, it’s the micro-messaging shifts that have the biggest impact.

This isn’t an episode filled with basic witch filler – I’m about to drill down into the specifics of micro messaging, and how I used it to sell out my most premium offer.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

How I Created an Irresistible 6-Figure Offer with Micro Messaging

WTF is micro messaging?

It really grinds my gears when experts in the online space make it sound like a basic witch concept so they can jump on the messaging bandwagon.

They simply don’t do it justice.

I’ve been speaking about the importance of messaging for over 4 years. It’s ALWAYS been part of my process, and, if you ask any of my clients (past or current), they’ll tell you I always bring it back to messaging.

Messaging is the anchor point for the work I do. 

I want to really highlight the importance of messaging, because even though it’s currently having its moment in the sun – it’s often overlooked for the shiner and more fun elements of marketing.

Enter Micro Messaging

The key to EVERYTHING you do in your business.

  • At every stage of business
  • For every offer you create
  • In your marketing strategy
  • And your sales strategy

It’s the glue that holds your business together. And, when you know how to master the micro elements of your messaging, that’s when the magic happens! 

So not only do you need to consider your micro messaging for your brand, your offers, your content, and your launches…

For each of these parts of your business, you ALSO need to focus on the 3 essential elements of micro messaging – Desire, Demand and Differentiation. Aka, The Bolt 3D Framework.

There’s a lot more to messaging than simply repetition and consistency. And when you’re trying to figure out if your messaging is or isn’t working – there’s no one blanket answer or solution. It’s about knowing the different elements and their role in your overall messaging. 

How I used micro messaging to create a multi-6-figure offer in my business

I’m going to speak to this from the point of view of The Bolt 3D Framework…


It should come as no surprise to you that I start here – because magic messaging starts with desire. 

When it comes to micro messaging and creating desire – this relates to how you talk about/to your ideal client.

There are two important parts here: a) the current reality of your dream clients or customers; AND, b) what they desire instead.

Point A: where they are right now, and what they’re currently navigating, experiencing, and feeling.
Point B: where they want to be instead; what they truly desire and are dreaming of.

Your messaging needs to help your ideal client self-identify that your offer is for them – that it’s going to solve a specific problem they have right now and get them what they want (desire) instead. 

For my Magic Marketing Mentor series, I had to focus on speaking to my ideal client – the wizard who was ready to take their business to the next level to: 

  • Build a baseline of consistent monthly recurring revenue
  • Finally launch that group program or evergreen offer that had been sitting on their to-do list forever 
  • Simplify their strategy and master their own unique magic potion for biz success
  • Get shit done 

Their overall desire is to build an in-demand business that showcases their unique blend of magic, and feels fucking good!

Now there are actually many micro elements that make up this overall desire. So you need to make sure you’re highlighting that overall desire, and then also breaking it down in a way so your ideal client reads your content and thinks, “is this fucking play about us?!” 

The big mistake I see many businesses make is they only ever speak to the overall high-level desire – they keep it surface-level and unspecific.

If your ideal client isn’t aware they have a problem, or there is a solution to what they’re currently feeling, experiencing or navigating – how will they know your offer is for them?

The answer is they won’t. 

Here are some examples of the content I shared that speaks to the desire piece related to my Magic Marketing Mentor Series:

  • What the next level of income and impact in your business requires from YOU
  • The unsexy truth about taking your business to the next level
  • Why your messaging is stopping you from attracting dream clients 
  • How to build an in-demand business that always sells out 
  • The biggest mistakes you’re making with your sales pages

And that’s just 5 examples – there are hundreds more. 

My main goal was to share content to show my ideal client what it would look like for them to build an in-demand business that showcases their unique blend of magic, and feels fucking good. 


When it comes to micro messaging and creating demand – this relates to how you talk about your offer.

How does your offer take your ideal client from where they are now to where they want to be? 

Your messaging needs to make it clear to your ideal client the exact steps required to get them to where they desire to be. 

For my Magic Marketing Mentor series, I had to focus on speaking to how my offer helped my ideal client take their business to the next level. 

  • The benefits of having a Magic Marketing Mentor by their side to not only mentor them on their overall business + marketing strategy – but ALSO support them with the implementation too
  • Why they should choose to invest in my Magic Marketing Mentor over another 1:1 business coaching series 

The way my ideal clients get what they desire is by having me join their team – the ULTIMATE Creative Collaboration, where they get 1:1 high-level, high-touch support.

Again, there are many micro elements that help you create demand in your messaging – but the big two mistakes I see many businesses make here are:

  1. Not speaking about their offer nearly enough (not even close) 
  2. Only speaking to the features of the offer in terms of what they are – not why their ideal client should give a fuck about those features 

I’ve been marketing and selling my Magic Marketing Mentor Series a lot in the last 12 months. It’s become my core offer and I’ve built my marketing and launch plan around it. 

I didn’t create demand simply by crossing my fingers and hoping my dream clients stumbled upon it – and you won’t either.

So here are some examples of the content I shared that speaks to this demand piece related to my Magic Marketing Mentor Series:

  • Why I decided to keep offering done-for-you-copy + content services 
  • How to choose your support team for 2024
  • What to focus on when business is slower than usual 

My main goal was to share content to show my ideal client what it would look like for them to have me join their team as a collaborative messaging + marketing partner.


When it comes to micro messaging and differentiation – this relates to how you talk about yourself.

Yes – the element every single business owner dreads or finds the most difficult to master.

And I’m really sorry to tell you this – but this was actually the key micro messaging piece that created the multi-6-figure offer in my business. 

Without differentiation, your content, your offers, and your business will blend into the sea of muggles. 

And you don’t want that! 

With more people marketing their business online than ever before, and with the introduction of ChatGPT to spit out endless amounts of boring and beige content – the online space is noisy.

Your messaging needs to stand out to the right people and position you and your offers as the ONLY option for your dream clients.

For my Magic Marketing Mentor series, I had to highlight why I’m the wizard to support my clients in building an in-demand business that showcases their unique blend of magic and feels fucking good.

My point of difference here is that not only do I mentor you on your overall business and marketing strategy, but I support you with the implementation too – your average business coach might not have this skill set, so THIS is my point of difference.

Here are some examples of the content I shared that speaks to this differentiation piece related to my Magic Marketing Mentor Series:

  • 5 lessons from 5 years supporting 6- and 7-figure business owners 
  • My secret to consistent marketing over 5 years, even when I don’t feel like it
  • Why I’m not your average business coach 
  • How I had my most easeful & fun 5-figure launch 

The most important part of creating differentiation starts with embracing and embodying your unique blend of magic – and, FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS, don’t be humble about it.

If you want your ideal clients to consider you – tell them why! 

Give them an insight into what it looks like to work with you, and what magic you’re bringing to the table to serve and support them. Don’t be afraid to reveal your secrets and share your unique thoughts and perspectives. 

Make it super fucking clear why YOU are the wizard your ideal clients need in their life and business. 

So that’s how micro messaging created a multi-6-figure offer in my business.

Of course, there’s only so much I can touch on in one podcast episode – but I’m so passionate about showing you the ways of micro messaging.

I KNOW it has the potential to change the game for you and your business.

It’s not your basic witch spell – it’s only for powerful wizards who are ready to take things up a level (or two) and become seen, heard, respected AND paid by Beyonce-level clients.

And, if this is you…

I’d love to invite you to join my new program, Micro Messaging

I’ve collected my most potent and powerful micro-messing spells and put them into the one program because I want you to feel so clear and confident in your messaging that:

  • You attract the RIGHT people into your offers who become repeat clients and your biggest marketing allies
  • Your potential clients see you as the ONLY person to support them in solving their problem,  and they happily pay your prices and show up and do the work
  • You have so much to say about your offers, and the confidence to tell every Harry, Ron & Hermione why they need to sign up right now!
  • You’re inundated with magical opportunities and your name is shouted in rooms you’re not even in because you have a Dumbledore-level brand reputation 

Micro Messaging is EVERYTHING you need to master your unique micro-messaging and turn those lurkers into clients. 

I’m so excited to finally bring this program to life and I’d love to have you in there with me. 

You can head to www.thesocialbolt.com.au/micro-messaging to find out all the juicy details and sign up. 

How I Created an Irresistible 6-Figure Offer with Micro Messaging

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