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How I Was Fully Booked Within 4 months in Business

I’m ready to dive into the juicy stuff. The kinda stuff I know you want to know…

But if I’m honest, it feels a little stretchy and uncomfortable for me to share…

It’s not my default setting to talk about myself like this…

But I also know it’s not about me and that…

I’m here to show you what’s possible for you and your business – because if I can do it…you sure can too.

So today I’m sharing how I became fully booked within 4 months of going full time in my business.

It wasn’t magic…

But I made some intentional decisions that helped me call in those new clients in the first 4 months…


That I also relied on when I went from fully booked to zero clients overnight thanks to my old mate COVID


I’m going to share with you what I did to become fully booked within 4 months…because I’ve been where you are.

And now that I’m here (sharing this with you and consistently booked with Beyonce-esque clients)

I can say that this works…

Because I’ve gone from zero clients to fully booked…TWICE (in the space of 12 months)

So if ‘get more clients’ is on your wishlist…I know this is possible for you too!


Before I begin…

I want to start by saying that when I skipped out the door of my corporate job for the last time…I thought I’d have PLENTY of time to get everything ready before I started working with clients.

You know…

⚡️ Creating a website

⚡️ Building out my systems and processes

⚡️ Having a thoughtful client experience mapped out and in place

I’m a details kinda girl and I froth over being organised. And when it’s not this way…it feels like my life is outta control.

I was totally not ready to be fully booked within 4 months in business…but the universe can be a sneaky bitch.

And I guess by choosing a business coach like Ellie Swift – indicated to the universe that I was ready to make big moves.

I mean my last day of work was on a Friday and the following Tuesday I had my first coaching call with Ellie. 

I was definitely NOT prepared for what was coming next for me – I mean I thought I was – but that’s the funny thing about business amirite?! 

And this is also the perfect spot to start when I’m talking about how I became fully booked within 4 months – and what I did to end up this way…

Because the first intentional decision I made was to get a business coach. 

I had seen a lot of other business owners sharing advice on social media and when they were asked “what would you do differently” or “what’s your top piece of advice for someone starting out”

90% of the responses were “get a business coach”

And while it’s easy to think I’ll wait “Until I make $x amount of money” or “Until I have my first client” or “Until I’ve got my shit together” before I invest in a business coach…

I told myself that if I wanted to live my stay at home dog mum fantasy and treat Ned to the life he deserves…

I was going ALL IN.

And I was going straight for the top. For the best business coach I knew. 

⚡️ Because I wanted to work with the best. 

⚡️ With someone who inspires me to be the best version of myself. 

⚡️ Someone who knows their shit.

⚡️ And someone who gets me and my business on a deep level.

So I invested in that support from Day 1 and I want to give a shout out to past Tahryn for making this decision. 

Spoiler alert: it’s the best decision I ever made. 

Which is why when I have full circle moments of clients saying those exact same things about hiring ME as their Content Coach, it feels both surreal and incredible. 

AND it’s really why I do the work I do, because I believe in the power of business coaching so much.



Now my next move was to focus on building a community of like-minded wizards


One of the key things I learnt during my marketing degree was the importance of getting crystal clear on WHO your kinda people are and WHY they need what you’ve got to offer. 

These are the people who are going to invest their hard earned dollars in you and your offers. 

So you gotta get to know them.

? To CONNECT and have conversations with them

?  To LISTEN to what they’re telling you

?  And create SOLUTIONS to their pain points and struggles

You need to create content that speaks to the soul of your community so that they feel seen and supported. 

And that’s exactly what I did. It was my mission to know my ideal clients and understand how I could help them and then communicate this through my content. 

Because when you truly understand your ideal client…

Your content will always perform well (regardless of the # of likes or followers or the algorithm)

They should always be the first thing you think of when you create anything.

So whenever I create content I ALWAYS ask myself what does my ideal client need to know from me right now.

I also quickly discovered that to truly connect with my peeps and to stand out in a sea of content, I needed to share the real Tahryn. 

The Tahryn that loves dogs more than people, the Tahryn that is Harry Potter obsessed, Beyonce worshipping and HATES summer and pineapple on pizza (yeah I went there!).

The Tahryn that said a big ‘fuck off’ to creating content from a place that didn’t feel authentically me in an effort to fit in and get more likes and followers.

Because while I was trying to fit myself into that neat little fit-for-Instagram box two things happened:

?  My content was boring AF and sounded nothing like me (but everything like every other person creating content)

?  I ended up hating creating content – which is a problem when it’s my job

I wasn’t being true to who I am because I was scared of looking silly or being judged. 

But actually once I embraced how wonderfully magic and unique I am and the power of sharing this magic with others through my content – my inner wizard was revealed and all the pieces fell into place.

I found my people – the people who send me dog memes and appreciate my never-ending Harry Potter references.

And that makes creating content FUN

The difference between your content and everyone else’s content…is YOU.

Your community is out there looking for you…but how will they find you if you conceal your magic under your invisibility cloak?

And the final thing I did that helped me build a fully-booked business was…

Consistency, consistency, consistency

And this doesn’t just apply to how many times you post on social media…

Consistency also means:⁠⁠

⚡️ Consistency in branding⁠⁠

⚡️ Consistency in messaging⁠⁠

⚡️  Consistency in tone of voice⁠⁠

⚡️  Consistency in ⁠talking about what you do and how you can help⁠⁠

⚡️  Consistency in selling ⁠⁠

You’re essentially training your community as to what they can expect from you.⁠⁠

The type of consistency that leads to people sending you dog or Harry Potter memes…

Consistency is one of my content creation superpowers

But I see SO many people get distracted by big idea after big idea, shiny object after shiny object, that it leaves me feeling a little bonkers

If you’re constantly changing what you’re offering, what you’re talking about, your messaging, your designs – your  audience will become confused.⁠⁠

And when they become confused…they’ll go and buy elsewhere – because the reality is that they have PLENTY of options.⁠⁠

Sure consistency might not seem like the sexiest superpower to have..⁠⁠

But without it you’re missing out on the opportunity to build a standout brand.⁠⁠


The type of brand that is uniquely yours.⁠⁠

And that builds real trust with your people. ⁠⁠

Please remember that it’ll take more than one post for people to buy from you…

Content marketing is about building awareness, building trust, solving problems and clearly communicating to your community that you’ve got what they need.

Right place, right time, right offer.

Nothing happens instantly – Not even for me.

And when I found myself client-less in 2020…

I knew that the way to rebuild my biz was to keep consistently creating the kinda content that connected with my community – the community that I had lovingly nurtured by sharing magic content.

And it worked (again).


So the 4 things I did to become fully booked within 4 months were:

Invest in a business coach

? Build a community of like-minded wizards filled with my ideal clients

? Share the “real” Tahryn (not the one who tries to fit into the neat little Instagram box)

? Be consistent AF

4 simple but powerful strategies that you too can draw on in your business to help you call in those Beyonce-level clients.

So there you have it!

Not so scary right?! I really encourage you to focus on these 4 things because that’s where the magic happens.

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Until next time – say hi to your dog for me. 

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