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The Business of Design: How to create a magical home office space with Caylah Williams

One of my favourite things about my business is that I get to stay at home every single day with Ned all while I support my magical clients.

I’ve built a 6-figure business without having to leave my home which is pretty cool for an introvert like me!

Now I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time in my office – so it needs to be a home office space I actually enjoy being in. And if you’re working from home a lot – you probably feel the same right?!

So today’s guest on the How I Do Content Podcast is going to share how you can create a magical home office space. I’m talking to Caylah Williams.

home office caylah williams

Let me officially introduce you to Caylah

Caylah is the owner and interior designer at Invelope Design Studio – an interior design business based in Perth that specialises in helping new and first home owners, businesses and builders design their spaces to make it work for them.

As a kid, Caylah took the Home’s lift out from the newspaper, ‘critiqued’ the floor plans and was forever drawing her own floor plans.

After completing work experience at a firm in Perth at 15, Caylah knew interior design was the career for her and worked to get her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Interior Architecture from Curtin University.

Caylah has since been in the construction and design industry for 11 years and began Invelope Design Studio in 2019 after helping family, friends and new clients furnish their new homes. This cemented her love for interior design, architecture and chasing ways to be creative everyday.

The best part for Caylah is seeing her clients go from overwhelmed and stressed about their interior design choices to enjoying the design journey and loving their final spaces, knowing that the choices made are carefully considered for their space, lifestyle and needs.

We hope you enjoy our chat about creating a magical home office space!

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

  • The difference between an interior decorator, interior designer and interior architect
  • The essential items you may be missing in your home office 
  • Tips to make your current set up more functional and comfortable for long term use
  • Caylah’s biggest lessons from running her business

Connect with Caylah

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  • Find out more here
home office space caylah williams

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