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How to get magical brand photos for your business with Laura Summla


Have you been putting off getting brand photos?

Maybe you hate getting your photo taken, or you’re waiting until you feel more confident – and I totally get that.

I remember my first branding shoot well.

It was a week into being full time in my business and it wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time – but you know why I did it?

Because people buy from people. 

And if I wanted people to know, like and trust me (especially just starting out) – I needed to share photos of me.

Stock photos can only get you so far.

And before you say “oh Tahryn, but I hate getting photos of myself taken because I’m not photogenic at all”

I call bullshit on that as does today’s guest on the How I Do Content Podcast.

How to get magical brand photos for your business

Let me officially introduce you to Laura

Laura Summla (or Social Laura as you may know her from the Gram) is a coffee enthusiast, wannabe skateboard pro and your fun AF branding photographer in Perth, Western Australia.

She’s originally from Estonia and has been in Australia for the past 13 years.

Capturing people in their raw self and letting them be themselves in front of the lens is her passion.

And she’s here to show you that professional photos don’t have to be icky and awkward.

But if you want to step into the next level of your business vision – you need professional photos – and Laura’s pretty good at taking them!

She’s all about empowering you to be your true self and accepting yourself as you are right now.

In today’s episode Laura & I chat about the importance of getting brand photos of you for your business and how you can prepare for your next photoshoot.

If you’ve been putting off booking your next brand photoshoot – you wanna listen to this.

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

  • The importance of getting photos of YOU for your business
  • Why Laura doesn’t believe in heavily editing your photos
  • How to prepare for your next brand photoshoot
  • Laura’s tips to help you feel camera confident

Connect with Laura Summla

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  • Download your copy of Laura’s FREE Pose Guide here
  • Find out more and book your next photoshoot here 
How to get magical brand photos for your business

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