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Mastering Your Entrepreneurial Mindset with Anna Hastie

The most successful business owners are those who prioritise their mindset. This is not to say they prioritise the mindset work over taking action – they do it at the same time. They utilise different strategies to become the most aligned, magnetic and confident business owners they desire to be.

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, the magical Anna Hastie shared how you can utilise different mindset strategies to help you do the same.


Let me introduce you to Anna Hastie

Anna began her entrepreneurial life as a Remedial Massage Therapist and grew a highly sought-after Natural Therapy business. Through her own business endeavours, Anna experienced how important it was to cultivate a strong mindset towards building and operating a successful and thriving business.

Mixing her spiritual knowledge with a business mindset, Anna pivoted towards coaching women in business through inner development and mindset.

Anna also holds deeply transformative and relaxing Reiki-infused Sound Bath Healings with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Her sound baths are truly magical, helping participants to relax, get out of their thinking minds, and return to their intuitive wisdom.

Outside of business, Anna lives in the sunny, regional town of Broome, WA. She is a new mum to baby Ava, and newly married to her long-time partner Francois. Adventure is in her heart and Anna loves to explore the wide backyard of the Kimberley.

If you’ve been feeling a little meh in your business lately – this is the perfect episode for you to bring that spark back. Get ready to become aligned, magnetic and confident! 

Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of How I Do Content

  • Anna shares her journey into mindset coaching and south baths
  • The biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to their mindset
  • How you can utilise mindset practices and sound healing to become the most aligned, magnetic and confident owner you desire to be

TL;DL version:


Anna’s business journey began back in 2015 as a remedial massage therapist. After years of working for employers, Anna felt the timing was right to start her own business venture. She started with massage and Reiki energy healing.

Through her energy healing, she felt compelled to make sounds during the work she was doing with clients. She didn’t know it at the time but this is known as vocal toning. This introduction to sound as a mode of healing led Anna to enrol in sound healing training. 

Towards the end of 2019, 18 people attended Anna’s first-ever Sound Bath group session; it was a huge success. But as we know, with 2020 came COVID and this put a halt to in-person workshops. With a lot of conflicting information around working as a massage therapist during this time, Anna decided that this was her moment to step away from massage.

Pressing pause will help you accelerate in business

Taking time away from work to reflect and serendipitously hearing a podcast about mindset – Anna was inspired to learn more about mindset coaching. From her experience as a business owner, Anna realised she used a lot of the mindset tools she was learning about, in her massage business. She was fully booked largely through word of mouth, with many long-term clients and repeat bookings.

Mastering Your Entrepreneurial Mindset with Anna Hastie

When you don’t know what your next move is – rest

Anna was aware of how taking time out to pause and reflect was a gift for her life and business. Taking time to rest and recuperate is often when the best ideas land and clarity around decisions comes in. Anna is a huge advocate for taking the foot off the gas and releasing pressure around a situation, in order to confidently make your next move. She was able to recognise the opportunities that came during this period and avoided heading down the track of burnout, which she was previously on.

Emotion = energy in motion

Sound healing works on our energy frequency and vibration and so does our mindset. We’re not just working with our subconscious mind but we’re working on the energy and frequency that our thoughts emit themselves. 

You know when you’re feeling elated or joyful – your energy is lifted. And conversely when we might be in a bit of a slump, with emotions of anger, frustration or jealousy – we’re vibrating at a lower frequency. And these emotions not only affect our inner world, but our outer world too. 

Imposter syndrome, comparisonitis and jealousy in business are all feelings that are linked to mindset patterns. Mindset work in business helps uncover unhelpful beliefs and stories that we may be holding onto (from as far back as childhood) and transform them in a way that can positively serve us – in business and beyond!

Sound healing as a business mindset tool

Business is another vehicle for us to use to work on ourselves and sound baths help to elevate our vibration to help us hit those new levels in our business and life. 

Water is a medium for sound waves to travel and since as humans we are mostly made up of water – this is why the vibrations of sound can impact us on a cellular level.  The harmony of the sounds works to help establish the same harmony within our bodies.

You don’t have to be a business owner to attend a sound bath healing. These experiences are perfect when you want to relax and get out of your ‘thinking mind’ for a bit. You may also want to just switch off and have a rest as you experience the beautiful sound. 

As mentioned earlier, taking a break and tuning out of our endless mind chatter means we can tune into our inner knowing and intuition and lean into the deep trust that we know what action to take next. From here things evolve faster because we don’t hesitate or make decisions from a place of fear. We trust ourselves and our inner wisdom and make choices that reflect this. 

Mindset shifts around showing up online as an introvert in business

We know that showing up in our business helps build know, like and trust factors with our audience, but it can feel super tricky if you’re an introvert. Find a way that feels authentic and comfortable for you when it comes to showing up in your business online. 

This might look like:

  • Only posting carousels
  • Using stories
  • Email marketing over social media

When it comes to social media, this is where our inner dialogue matters. Instead of showing up from a place of fear, reframe the story in a supportive way. For example, you might have the thought that ‘no one is going to see this’ which you could reframe to ‘the right people tune in and hear what I have to say’.

One word that will help you shift your mindset in business


So often Anna hears business owners say things like: 

“I’m not very good at…”

“I can’t do XYZ..”

“I don’t know how XYZ works…”

If you can simply add the word YET to these statements it helps to reframe the way you perceive yourself and your skills. We can’t be good at everything, all the time in business. Even if you’re not good at something, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Everything has a way of being solved

When you realise that there are no fixed ways to operate in business, you free yourself from self-imposed constraints and the possibilities are endless. The key is to remind yourself that everything is figure-outable and you just haven’t found the solution, yet!

Consistency is the key to mindset mastery

The most impactful mindset shifts come with consistency. It will be really hard to alter your mindset if you’re only focusing on it once every now and then.

Find a way to incorporate mindset into your business routine to not only keep things sustainable but to see the biggest effects.

1. Set reminders on your phone with affirmations throughout the day

Having constant reminders throughout the day helps create opportunities for us to be consistent in our mindset practices. In becoming a parent, Anna noticed a belief arise around being unable to hold both a successful business and being a mother. To work through this she set reminders on her phone with affirmations that centred around being grateful to own a business that allows such flexibility around her daughter. 

2. EFT tapping 

EFT, or emotional freedom technique is a method of repetitive light tapping on acupressure points through the face, hands and body while using words, like affirmations to help shift stagnant energy, beliefs or feelings. 

One of the best things about EFT is that it’s so portable – you can use it in any scenario which means it’s something you can tap into (mind the pun) at any time when you need extra support.

3. Subliminal audio or meditation

This is the practice of listening to audio designed to impact our subconscious mind. The words are recorded at a frequency or pitch that helps prevent it being acknowledged by our conscious mind… So it is perfect for tuning in while you multitask with something like housework, going for a walk or when you’re going to sleep. Watch the ideas, inspiration and abundance flow when you start speaking to your subconscious mind!

The road to abundance is staying in your own lane

When the overwhelming feedback you’re receiving about the business world and the economy is that business is slow and no one is buying, it’s more important than ever to put your blinkers on and stay in your own lane.

If you start to buy into everyone else’s stories of scarcity, you start to change your own stories about what is possible for you. Despite living in a regional town with many other massage therapists, Anna managed to build a fully booked and thriving business. Instead of buying into stories based on fear, she focused on providing her clients with the best service she could. And well, the results spoke for themselves!

Mastering Your Entrepreneurial Mindset with Anna Hastie

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