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Roadmap to 5-Figures: My Stress-Free Launch Strategy

Let me take you behind the scenes of my Stress-Free Launch Strategy.

At the start of the year, I had one of my most challenging launches.

Despite being a seasoned Launch Wizard I ended the launch without reaching my goal. I heard ‘no’ way more times than I heard ‘yes’. I was ghosted – A LOT. People who I thought would sign up – didn’t.

I literally had an entire 4 weeks without sales.

I found it really fucking hard to sell my offer. But even though my launch didn’t go to plan – I didn’t make it mean I’m swearing off launching forever.

It’s just one of those things that sometimes happens in business and you can either choose to let it destroy you or you can take the lessons and keep moving.

I chose to take the lessons and keep moving because I’m a big believer that there’s ALWAYS something you can learn from your launches if you take the time to look for them.

And this story has a happy ending because fast forward 6 months I went from having my most challenging launch to having my most easy and fun launch.

So in this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I took my listeners behind the scenes of my most recent launch – the Money-Making Marketing Kickstarter, which was easy, fun and 5-figures! I’ll give you an insight into my launch strategy and how I prepared for this launch from a mindset, strategy and marketing perspective.


3 lessons I implemented after a previous challenging launch


Detaching from the outcome

One of the things I wanted to bring with me into this launch from my launch earlier in the year was to try to stay as detached as possible from the outcome. I didn’t want to focus on what happened in the past or worry about what might happen in the future – but to remain neutral and focused on the present. 

I’m pretty good at this during a launch (if I do say so myself) – but in all honesty, I was a little worried that if I found myself in the same position during this launch (with the weeks of no sales, objections and rejections) I might find myself sliding into the past or future.

And instead of gaslighting myself into thinking this wasn’t something that would happen simply because I set an intention – I had a conversation with my coach about it as part of my launch preparation.

Because I know myself well enough to know that “just try not to think about it” is the dumbest thing to tell myself as an overthinker. So instead of “not thinking about it” – I did think about it but in a proactive way. And I think acknowledging it allowed me to move on from that thought loop and not waste brain power playing in the “what ifs”.


Simple marketing strategies for the win

The other big lesson from my past launch was about the current economic climate and consumer behaviour.

Back in Episode 99, I shared how with the current economic uncertainty people are more discerning with how they’re spending their money. They’re taking longer to make purchase decisions and they need even more touchpoints and information to make these decisions.  

I wanted to make sure I spent quite a lot of time in between these launches nurturing my community. This looked like running several free masterclasses and being even more strategic in the content I was sharing particularly on the podcast. 

I also addressed a lot of the objections I received in that launch head-on and made sure I was really highlighting why marketing (and in turn my offers) are essential even in times of economic uncertainty as well as why I am the wizard to support them.

Honing in on elevating my messaging in between my launches was really key here. It goes to show the impact small tweaks to your messaging can have on the results of your launches.


Little losses now for future gains

Something I want to add here is that whilst I was working on my messaging and focusing on nurturing my community there was a little dip in my revenue over a couple of months. I share this with you because I think it’s an important context that many business coaches leave out when sharing the big wins. 

Because in some seasons of your business, you will experience income dips and plateaus and when you make changes to things like your messaging and marketing it DOES TAKE TIME to see the results of those changes. 

This launch was 6 months in the making and if you’re in the earlier stages of building your business it might take longer!

Roadmap to 5-Figures: My Stress-Free Launch Strategy

The 3 phases of mindset, strategy and marketing behind making launch magic

1. The Launch Planning Stage

The most common objection I heard in sales conversation during the first 6 months of this year revolved around money. 

There were a lot of people in my community who really wanted to work with me but they didn’t have the money (no matter how much they wanted it).

That’s why I decided to create a lower-cost offer that was easy to launch, sell and run – and so the Money-Making Marketing Kickstarter was born. 


So the mindset I adopted during the planning stage was firstly to avoid feeding the “what-if monster”. 

Instead of worrying about “what if this launch doesn’t get well” – I focused on staying detached from the outcome.

My other overarching theme for this whole launch strategy was keeping it simple and fun. You’ll notice I mention this quite a bit throughout because that’s the vibe I was going for. When I found myself navigating any mindset wobbles, I’d always come back to this anchor point.


The other way I starve the “what if monster” is to give it something to keep it occupied – and that’s why I LOVE a plan and a strategy.

It’s important to note here that I don’t create offers on a whim or because every other Harry, Ron & Hermione is. I create offers based on what you (my community) need support with. Then I make strategic decisions around this.

In the planning stage, I got clear on the details of the offer itself AND then the details of the launch period. This became my launch strategy.


Even though I hadn’t officially announced the details of the Money-Making Marketing Kickstarter publicly, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t already planting the seed with my messaging and marketing during this planning period. 

As I already mentioned I made sure I was highlighting why marketing is such an important part of running a business, especially during times of economic uncertainty. 

I also focused on speaking to why I am the best wizard to support them – referring to my qualifications, knowledge, experience, signature framework, processes and results. 

2. The Pre-Launch Stage 

This is where you need to actively bring awareness to what you’re doing and get your community to take notice and start moving. This is where you’re building momentum. 


The mindset I adopted during the pre-launch stage was “how can I go FULL WIZARD?”

The goal was of course to have as much fun as possible and in doing so get the attention of my community. I wanted to keep things light and playful as much as possible!


Because my aim was to keep this strategy as simple as possible I decided not to have a traditional launch trigger or event (such as a masterclass). 

The strategy was to build excitement and then invite people to sign up to the waitlist to receive an exclusive waitlist-only discount. I mostly shared about the waitlist via Instagram Stories and I used a mix of CTA’s with “DM me Kickstarter” and “sign up via the link”.

At this stage I wasn’t sharing too many details about the offer – simply that I was launching a new offer soon and to stay tuned for when all the details dropped.


So how did I get people to sign up to the waitlist? This is where my marketing comes in… 

The key messaging for this launch was to “make marketing great again”.

I knew business for many people in my community was feeling a little bit like a soul-sucking dementor so I wanted to remind them that it’s possible to reignite your marketing spark and make Sirius money.

I really leaned into going “full wizard”. If you’re a muggle – that translates into weaving my unique blend of magic throughout everything I create. That meant pulling out all my Harry Potter props and using them in videos, forcing Ned to dress up in his best wizarding robes and dropping as many magic bombs into my copy and content as humanly possible.

I wanted my community to know that marketing can be fun so I had to really embody that energy and show them how – and it worked really well to get their attention and direct them to sign up for the waitlist. 

3. The Open Cart Stage 

This is where you’re turning the awareness and momentum into sales. This is NOT the time to sit back and hope people will buy from you simply because you shared a post and a couple of Canva slides about your offer. 

You gotta keep the momentum and energy up!


The mindset I adopted in the open cart stage was a continuation of “going full wizard” and having as much fun as possible. 

When you’re launching a new offer it can feel like you have to do a bit more explaining of your offer and will 100% feel like you’re repeating yourself but I always remind myself that it won’t always be this way and you get to test different messaging to see what’s the most impactful.


I was pre-selling to the waitlist first for about a week before I opened the cart for everyone else. The open cart period was 2.5 weeks.

My goal was simple – to share strategic and compelling content and have as many sales conversations as possible.

Sales conversations = conversions.


Strategic marketing makes sales conversations easier. 

You’re filling in the blanks in the mind of your ideal client so when it comes time to make a purchase decision – they’re clear and confident in their decision (even if it’s a no).

You can’t just expect them to figure it out – it’s up to you to give them the information they need to make a purchase decision. 

If you dip in and out of your launch from a mindset and marketing perspective – don’t be surprised if you attract people into your community who do the same. 

My content checklist included:

  • 2 podcast episodes 
  • I sent a launch-related email every 3-4 days and then every day for the last 5 days
  • Instagram stories pretty much daily 
  • And an Instagram post every 3-4 days 

This is pretty much the same frequency I use outside of a launch – which might be surprising. Launching has the reputation for being this big, bad wolf – when it really doesn’t have to be. 

This shows the importance of nailing your messaging and marketing outside of your launch periods because it removes those “stressful” launch vibes you might be used to. Not to mention having a plan and a strategy also helps!

So there you have it – a deep dive into how I had my most easeful and fun 5-figure launch yet!

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Roadmap to 5-Figures: My Stress-Free Launch Strategy

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