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The business truth bombs you need to hear with Tracey Spencer

Calling in support in your business is a non negotiable in my opinion – whether that is in the form of team or a coach.

You don’t have to do it alone.

And sometimes you need a loving kick up the butt or some straight up truth bombs to get you out of your head and into taking action.

So if you’re sick of the stories you’re telling yourself and you want to make shit happen in your business – today’s guest on the How I Do Content Podcast is most certainly up for the challenge.

business truth bombs tracey spencer the social bolt

Let me officially introduce you to Tracey

Tracey is an award winning creative business coach, the author of Rock Your Light, a speaker, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Queen of the Lightworkers and Mum to Ollie & Spencer.

She’s also known to be:
🧨 An Aries Firecracker
🗣 A bit of a straight talker
💭 An Igniter of dreams
💣 A Lover of the truth bomb
🔥 And an all round fucking legend

Tracey is on a mission to help women eliminate self-doubt and go big with their lightwork.

And her superpower is seeing the magic inside of you before even you can and she has a way of speaking straight to your soul that activates this magic and sets your soul on fire.

My life and how I felt about myself changed the moment I sat in Tracey’s presence at Lightworkers Live in February 2020.

And when shit hit the fan in my business a month later, I was so grateful to be inside the Lightworkers Academy because I needed that Tracey fire to keep me moving when things were hard.

So in today’s episode Tracey & I are going to be dropping some truth bombs. These lessons really helped me so I know that you need to hear them too.

Prepare yourself!

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

  • How to build a community of like minded legends
  • How to create content that speaks to the soul of your community
  • 4 business truth bombs to support you to rock your light

Connect with Tracey

  • Follow Tracey on Instagram here
  • Get your hands on Tracey’s book “Rock Your Light” here
  • Jump into the Creative Vortex and birth your creative vision here
business truth bombs tracey spencer the social bolt how i do content podcast

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