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The exact mindset you need to make social media your bitch as an introvert

Mindset is a HUGE part of what I do.

It’s not something I talk about a whole lot in my content, but it’s always a key piece of how I support my clients. 

Now, mindset is something you’ll be navigating whether you’re an introvert or not. But when you throw in the fact that the online space can favour the more extroverted – introverts in business can find themselves faced with different mindset challenges.

And that’s why the first module of the Introverted Biz-Wizard Mastermind is on mindset, and, often on our group coaching calls, I’m coaching my wizards through mindset challenges they’re navigating.

One of my core values, and something I support my clients with, is not attempting to change who you are so you fit in online – but instead embracing your unique blend of magic (your introverted superpowers) and creating your own unique place in the online space. 

Now, the hot topic in my community and my mastermind currently is social media, and specifically how to navigate it as an introvert. Because it CAN totally feel like the extroverts’ playground and something that does feel challenging – but it always comes down to how you choose to use it and the mindset you need to adopt to make it work FOR you.

So, in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I’m taking you through the exact mindset you need to make social media your bitch as an introvert.

This is how I navigate social media as an introvert, and it’s helped me to build my business and do it in a way that is uniquely me.

So let’s begin.

The exact mindset you need to make social media your bitch as an introvert

It all starts with a decision…

Deciding how you want to show up on social media and then going all in on doing that.

And that might seem fucking obvious, but it’s something that so many people forget.

You are the one in the driver’s seat. 

You get to choose:

  • How you show up, and how often
  • Which content topics you share
  • Which content types you use 
  • Who you follow and engage with
  • How much time you spend scrolling vs how much time you spend creating content 

Your social media accounts are a reflection of your decisions, so if you don’t like it or it doesn’t feel good for you – what are you doing to change it?

Because here’s the thing – like it or not, social media is still one of the best, easiest and most cost-effective ways to market and sell your offers. 

It’s something that helps you build community and connection, and call in soulmate clients without having to leave your house – but it’s up to you how you use it and what you choose to focus on.

So, deciding how you use social media and committing to that is the first thing you need to do, because that sets the tone for how you show up and your mindset around social media.

So you’ve made the decision to use social media for good – now when it comes to doing the thing and being visible, the next thing you need to know is…

You don’t need to be the loudest person online 

A surefire way for you to end up hating social media is to try and be someone you’re not (aka an extrovert).

You don’t need to be the loudest person or be 24/7 crazy high energy – but you DO need to bring YOUR authentic energy.

Because the energy you bring to social media is the energy that is felt by the person on the other end of that content.

If you hate creating content and showing up online – people can feel that. With the introduction of Reels, I watched so many people force themselves to create them but I could tell they were hating every single moment of it. And to me, I can’t see the point of that.

So if social media feels hard, ask yourself why does it feel hard?

If it’s because you’re trying to replicate what someone else does – for the love of dogs, STOP IT! 

Instead of forcing yourself to do shit you hate, the mindset to adopt is – how can I show up as my most authentic self and have as much fun as possible. 

The next thing for you to consider is…

Consider the impact of your NOT showing up

Now there will be times when you don’t want to do social media – I have those days too. 

And of course, if you’re not in the right headspace to show up on social media, then please don’t force yourself.

Take a break. The world won’t end if you don’t post today. The sun will literally come up tomorrow.

But please remember that social media needs you and your unique blend of magic. I mean we gotta remind the extroverts how it’s done, right?! 

Social media is a wonderful way for you to build a community of like-minded legends – but how will you do that if you’re hiding behind your invisibility cloak?

The impact of your NOT showing up is that:

  • You’re actually doing a disservice to your business AND your community
  • ⁠You’re missing out on building a beautiful community of raving fans who turn into amazing clients and customers
  • You’re leaving money and opportunities on the table when you avoid showing up
    • The $10k months
    • The 6-figure business
    • The soulmate clients
    • The community of like-minded legends

Your business will go to the next level when you upgrade your mindset and stop letting fear and self-doubt get in your way and start taking imperfect action.

The mindset to adopt here is – I’m showing up for that ONE person who needs to hear what I’ve got to say. 

The more you adopt this mindset – the easier it will get to make social media your bitch!⁠

And it’ll never get easier unless you take action.⁠⁠

And on that note…

Are you doing the mindset work but forgetting the most important step?

The mindset work isn’t enough without action. 

So waiting to take action and do the thing in your business until you “work on your mindset” is a little backwards.

For example – I’m not going to show up online and share my magic until I’ve worked on my mindset. 

But taking action and showing up online even when you have those fears, self-doubt and mindset wobbles – is actually what helps you to upgrade your mindset and beliefs and not constantly fall back into old thought patterns.

What better way to upgrade your beliefs and thought patterns than hands-on real-life experience?

You’ll work through these mindset challenges faster when it’s done alongside doing the damn thing.

As I said – it’ll never get easier unless you take action and you’ll keep coming up against those mindset challenges.

So the mindset to adopt here is –  everything is an opportunity to learn something new about myself and my community and in doing so I’m also strengthening my mindset muscle.

Put it into action and hello magnetic mindset! 

So there you have it – the exact mindset you need to make social media your bitch as an introvert.

This is how I approach using social media in my business and I invite you to do the same.

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The exact mindset you need to make social media your bitch as an introvert

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