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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind with Mel Hogan

I’m SO excited to introduce a very special wizard in my life.

Someone who joined the very first round of the School of Content Wizardry and I’ve had the privilege of watching her truly blossom in her business. She’s also become a very dear friend of mine. 

Today’s guest is a lifetime member of Ned’s Army – Mel Hogan. 

Her zone of genius is the subconscious mind…

And something I see with a lot of my clients (myself included) is those limiting beliefs that hold us back from going all in on our business. This in turn can impact how we create content. 

So in today’s episode Mel and I talk about the subconscious mind. Specifically how our subconscious programming and blocks get in the way of how we show up in our business. She also shares why mindset work is so important for business owners.

This is a must-listen for anyone who’s experiencing self doubt and a fear of being seen in your business. 

It’s is a super powerful conversation. 


Let me officially introduce you to Mel 

Mel is a Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner.

Like many healers Mel’s journey began when she hit rock bottom after a life changing event in 2017.  

Suffering from severe depression, anxiety and struggling to put one foot in front of the other she felt lost and helpless and unsure of how she was going to pull herself out.

At the same time, she also had a deep inner knowing that life was supposed to be better than what she’d experienced so far.  So she made the decision to follow that intuitive nudge and immersed herself on a new mission to not only heal from her experiences but to learn how to tap into her own innate wisdom, guidance and live a truly aligned purposeful life. 

From from there Mel committed herself to supporting others to go from struggling to thriving.

She’s an absolute powerhouse whose mission it is to help her clients get rid of toxic thought patterns and limiting self beliefs. That allows them to connect to their true self and step into epic levels of self belief so they can live soul driven purposeful lives.

Mel is also going to run a special group hypnotherapy session within the School of Content Wizardry. This will help you let go of the fears that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from showing up in your business. 


Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

  • How Mel used her own personal experience to drive her business mission.
  • What the subconscious mind is and the role it plays in your life and business.
  • How your subconscious programming and blocks can get in the way of how you show up in your business – and what you can do to move through them.
  • Why mindset work is a key piece of the business puzzle.

Connect with Mel Hogan

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?  Learn more via www.melissahogan.com.au

?  Join the Know Thyself Program Waitlist:  https://mailchi.mp/4fcec5ab83fb/knowthyself

the power of your subconscious mind

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