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Visibility In Your Business As An Introvert

I want to share what I know about visibility in your business as an introvert because one  question I get asked A LOT is…⁠

⁠”As an introvert how do you show up and talk on stories, how do you go live on Facebook, how do you run guest masterclasses?”⁠

Before I begin…

I want to start by saying that in the first 8 months of my business I posted an IG video story of my face talking to camera…⁠TWICE ?⁠⁠

And until March 2020 I’d never done a Facebook Live.⁠⁠

The thought of doing these two things made my anxiety sky-rocket.⁠⁠

I would imagine all the people judging me⁠

Or that I was going to make a mistake⁠

Or that I’d completely blank on what to say⁠

⁠So when I say I understand that feeling you get when you think about showing up on video – This introvert gets it.

Visibility in your business as an introvert can be scary AF!

Now fast forward to today (and a heap of IG stories and FB lives later) and I actually have FUN when I go live or when I share IG stories.

And hey I’m also doing a podcast – which past Tahryn would never have thought she’d be able to do.⁠

Of course I still feel nervous⁠, say ‘um’⁠ and make mistakes⁠…the difference is – I just fucking show up and I own it⁠⁠.

Because here’s the thing…there’s no magic potion that makes me become an instant extrovert (I’m totally not about that life).⁠ ⁠⁠

But it’s everything to do with…

⚡️ Preparation

⚡️ Practice

⚡️ Taking action

⚡️ And recognising that there’s something bigger, something more important than letting your fears stop you.


What’s the impact of you NOT showing up?

⁠As an introvert I know you’d rather a sinkhole open up beneath you than talk on stories…

Or share photos of yourself…

Or go live on Facebook or Instagram

But the thing is – if you don’t – you’re doing a disservice to your business.⁠⁠

When you let your fears stop you from showing your face…you’re missing out on building a beautiful community of raving fans who turn into amazing clients. ⁠⁠

People buy from people – it’s as simple as that.⁠⁠

My business went to the next level when I just stopped letting the fear of making a mistake or people judging me or being uncomfortable for 15 seconds get in the way of connecting with my community.⁠⁠

Increasing visibility in your business as an introvert isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows from the very start…

But I promise the more you do it…the easier it will get!⁠⁠

The way you build your confidence…is to feel the fear and do it anyway. ⁠⁠

Because you ain’t going to manifest those big juicy visions you have for your business…if you don’t. ⁠⁠

And it’ll never get easier…unless you take action.⁠⁠

Cool story Tahryn…but how am I actually going to do this…

Ok fair enough…here are 5 tips from me to you to help you just fucking do it:

1.  Preparation is key…

Before you record…or before you go live – jot down the ONE thing you want people to take away from your story or your live – KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

You could also write some key talking points for you to touch on. 

By not preparing you’re putting A LOT of pressure on yourself to perform. 

And when you’re starting out that pressure can cause you to crack – and that’ll impact your desire to ever do it again

So for the love of dogs make it easier for yourself and at least prepare yourself for what is about to happen.

Allow yourself to succeed.

2.  If you’re doing an Instagram story – don’t get on and waffle. 

I honestly don’t care if you’ve just got back from the gym and your hair looks funny.

Stop apologising for how you look. No one is thinking it…until you mention it.

Remember that people have the attention spans of goldfish so be succinct and get to the point. 

Something I like to encourage my clients to do is to talk about your latest post or your latest email – you’ve just written it so it’ll be top of your mind and make it easier for you to talk on.⁠

With the added bonus that you’re reinforcing your messaging and getting more eyes and ears on your content.

You’re being intentional and strategic and SMART.

3. Done is better than perfect.

Yes I am a perfectionist, but I’ve learnt that sometimes you gotta just hit post.

Don’t re-record your IG story 1000000 times until it’s perfect…because it’ll never be perfect⁠.

You’ll always find something you don’t like about it because let’s be honest we’re assholes to ourselves. 

So cut yourself some slack and stop cock-blocking yourself from taking action.

You will never move forward unless you’re putting your creations out into the universe. 

4. Speak from the heart

If you’re anything like me…you don’t like small talk 

You LOVE deep heartfelt conversations and connecting over shared interests

Social media can be extremely draining and you might feel like you gotta make a lot of noise to be heard – but you don’t.

It’s more important that you are sharing YOU and talking about shit that lights you up because there are people out there exactly like you…

Who love what you love AND who need you in their life!

So focus on that one person out there that needs to hear what you’ve got to say.

5. Get a dog

Because if you fuck up no one will notice because they’re distracted by your dog.

But really get a dog – and send me pictures please! 

visibility in your business as introvert - the social bolt

And there you have it – visibility in your business as an introvert.

Don’t let those pesky fears stop you from sharing your magic with the world.

You don’t have to be the master on your first attempt BUT you DO have to take action.

So aim to do just ONE video story of you talking…⁠and then another. It’s the same when it comes to creating content. The more you flex that muscle, the easier it’ll become. 

Your confidence will grow and before you know it, your community of like-minded legends will grow.⁠

And I promise…the more you do it…the easier it will get – You got this!

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Until next time – say hi to your dog for me. 

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