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Why Your Content Isn’t Converting Clients and How to Fix It

I see you, wizard…

You feel like you’re creating ENDLESS amounts of content, but it’s not getting you what you really want – MORE CLIENTS.

I also know you don’t have time to waste! 

If you’re spending your precious time creating content, you want to make sure it cuts through the noise online and reaches those soulmate clients who hit the “buy now” button faster than Harry chasing the Golden Snitch.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve read, reviewed and written a whole lotta content… And, in my own business, I’ve used my content spells to generate sales from every single offer I’ve launched. 

I’ve mastered the dark arts of client-converting content

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I want to share 3 reasons why your content isn’t converting into clients so that you can go and give your content a little bit of an audit to master the dark arts of client-converting content for yourself!

Why Your Content Isn't Converting Clients and How to Fix It

1. Your content isn’t focused on conversion

Now this might seem really fucking obvious BUT… you’d be surprised by how many people “think” they’re creating conversion content…when in reality they’re not.

The 3 biggest mistakes business owners make here are:

1. Only creating content for the top of the funnel. 
Everyone wants to grow their following or go viral – but followers and views don’t pay the bills. Of course, you still need to create content for the top of your marketing funnel, but if you want your content to convert into clients, you need to make sure you’re using your content to speak to the people who are ready to buy now. This is the content that gets your ideal clients saying “fuck yes, I need this offer in my life right now!”

2. Creating too much fluff or filler content because you don’t want to be salesy.
Instead of actually just sharing content that tells your dream client, “Here’s my offer, this is how it solves a problem you have, and here’s how you can buy it” – you avoid sharing too much about your offer because you don’t want to annoy people. For the love of dogs, STOP WORRYING ABOUT BEING SALESY because that’s kinda the point right?! Go and write a post, share a story, or send an email about your offer RIGHT NOW – I dare ya!

3. Creating content that’s not relevant to your ideal client. 
Ultimately your content isn’t going to convert if it’s not tailored to your ideal client. This often happens as a result of creating content you “think” is relevant to your ideal client OR you’re creating content because an Instagram coach told you that you “must” create this kinda content (even though they don’t know your ideal client). As I always say – you need to know your ideal client like they’re your bestie and create content FOR them. All roads ALWAYS lead to your ideal client – they’re the ones who will buy from you after all.  

If your content isn’t created with the intention of conversion, OF COURSE it’s not going to actually convert into clients. 

2. There’s no consistency in your messaging

Here’s the cold hard facts, wizard – your content won’t convert into clients if you’re forever changing your messaging. 

You need to give it time to stick in the mind of your ideal client so they become aware of:

  • The problem they have
  • How your offer solves this problem
  • Why you are the wizard to support them to get this solution 

When you change how you talk about your business, your brand and your offers every 5 minutes – you’re basically erasing the mind of your ideal client, and starting from scratch every single time. 

You’re sabotaging your sales because of your inability to stick to your messaging and give it time to build recognition and trust with your audience. 

Recognition and trust lead to sales

Be honest – how often do you decide to revamp your Instagram bio or create a new offer because someone hasn’t signed up 2.5 seconds after you shared your first offer? 

Or perhaps it’s been a few weeks since you had any signs of interest in your offer, so you’re feeling the urge to burn everything to the ground again? 

Every time you do this – you’re starting from 0 again.

It takes TIME for your messaging to stick. And when you take into consideration the fact that people need to see a marketing message on average 20 PLUS times before they make a purchase decision – can you see how chaotic messaging can lead to a lack of conversions? 

Pick your messaging and stick to it for AT LEAST 60 days before you even consider changing it.

This also means you 100% need to share your offer more than once, and in different ways, to build up the credits with your ideal clients so they eventually reach a tipping point where your offer becomes a “FUCK YES, TAKE MY MONEY” kinda offer. 

This doesn’t happen if you don’t have consistency in your messaging. 

3. There’s no clear call to action

Heck, usually there’s no call to action at all. And when there’s no call to action, there will be no action, and therefore no conversion.

Usually, you don’t include a call to action because you don’t want to be too direct or too salesy…

But how can you expect your content to convert into clients if you don’t tell your ideal client what to do next?

I don’t know about you, but I like being told what to do.

When you create your content you need to do it with the view of – “how can I move my ideal client one step closer to buying from me?”

What is the next step you want your dream client to take? 

Tell them how to do it!

Do you want them to:

  • Buy now
  • Subscribe 
  • Sign up for more information
  • Book a call
  • Reply to this email 

Let me say it again – tell them what to do.

And keep it simple stupid. If you make it confusing or unclear, or you add 50 different next steps – guess what? They’ll do nothing.

When you’re creating content:

  1. Make sure you have a call to action
  2. Make sure it’s a clear call to action

There you have it – 3 reasons why your content isn’t converting into clients. 

I want you to now go and do a bit of an audit of your content, and check to see whether:

  1. Your content is focused on conversion
  2. Your messaging is consistent 
  3. You have a clear call to action (or next step) in your content 

Then I’d love for you to report your findings to me – slytherin to my DMs, and let me know what you uncover.

Why Your Content Isn't Converting Clients and How to Fix It

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