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3 Content Creation Hacks to Supercharge Your Small Business

Creating content can often feel like it’s your full-time job!

Unless your job is actually to create content for your clients – I know you didn’t start your business to spend ALL your time creating content.

I’m not going to lie – most business owners make marketing and content creation much harder than it needs to be.

So, in this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I shared 3 underrated content hacks every business owner needs to know.

This is an intentionally short and sweet one because you also shouldn’t be spending all your time consuming content either – so listen/read, take what you need, and then get on with it.

3 Content Creation Hacks to Supercharge Your Small Business

Content Hack #1: Create consistency with content themes

Right now, you spend wayyyyyy too much of your precious brain power trying to come up with fresh ideas every single time you sit down to create content.

Not only is it a brain drain, but you’re also missing the golden opportunity to establish yourself as someone with Hermione-level knowledge around your zone of genius because, instead, you’re jumping around from shiny trend to shiny trend. 

To make it easier for yourself – reduce the amount of “new content” you create, and instead focus on 3-5 key concepts or themes. 

For example, there are 5 themes of content I focus on and rotate through. They are: 

  1. Awareness-building content
  2. Trust-building content
  3. Knowledge-sharing content
  4. Perspective-shifting content 
  5. Seasonal content 

I also apply this to the aesthetic of my Instagram profile. If you go and have a look, you’ll notice I reuse the same styles of graphics and images – this helps create a cohesive look AND saves me a whole lot of time.

The best place to start to get clear on your concepts is to ask yourself:

  1. WHO are you in business to serve and support? What do they need to hear from you to feel confident that you’re the wizard for them?
  2. What do YOU want to be known for? When someone mentions your name, what do you want the first thought that pops into their mind to be?

As always, once you pick your themes or concepts STICK WITH THEM for at least 90 days. You’ve gotta have patience to stick with a strategy – but most business owners will give up when they don’t see results in 3.5 seconds. The online space has turned us into a bunch of goldfish! 

Content Hack #2: Build a content bank of ideas you can use on repeat 

I don’t say this to brag – but I never don’t know what to post.

In fact, I’m going to back myself here and say I could give any business 5 really good content ideas simply by looking at their Instagram profile. If you want to test me → slytherin to my DM’s @thesocialbolt, and I’ll put my magic to good use.

Now, is it magic? Not really – it’s simply about reusing content ideas that perform well. 

When you’ve been sharing content consistently for 5 years, you pick up what works. And when something works – why wouldn’t you use it again? 

I have a challenge for you:

  1. Go to your Instagram Insights and find your best-performing posts from the last 2 years
  2. Look at metrics such as saves, shares, comments or link clicks
  3. Write down the topics of those posts
  4. Put that list into a Google Doc, your Notes App, or your Project Management App 
  5. Repeat

Next time you don’t know what to post – you have a list of content ideas ready to go. 

If you want to take it to the next level – use that idea and create content in different formats. Send it as an email, turn it into a blog post, record a podcast episode, or create a free resource or masterclass around it. 

From one idea → the possibilities are endless. 

Content Hack #3: Just reuse the fucking post 

It’s ok to recycle, reuse, repurpose or repost your content – in fact, all smart business owners do it. 

This is the most underrated content hack of all time and, once you let go of the fear of people finding out – it’s a game-changer.

When I tell people to reuse their content – their biggest fear is that people will notice. 

If this is you, I say this with so much love – but people don’t care as much as you think they do. They’re not scrolling your feed and taking note of what you’re posting each and every day.

I consume a shitload of content, and I can’t recall what most of my favourite business owners posted yesterday, let alone 6 months ago.

The other thing I would say is – if they do notice that you posted the same thing a few months ago…so fucking what?

I would rather save myself some time than worry about what someone thinks of my content. 

From a purely business perspective: 

  1. You don’t know what stage each follower is at on their buyer journey. They might be a new follower and that might be the post that captures their attention and gets them to buy from you!
  2. Consistency and repetition are how you build a memorable brand. If you want people to remember you – you gotta give them a reason to. 

Just reuse the fucking post. 

So there you have it – 3 of my favourite (and very underrated) content hacks you need to know. If you really want to streamline and simplify your content creation process (and not burn the fuck out) you need to be doing these 3 things.

2 final pieces of content creation advice…

1. Don’t overthink it. 

I get it, I’m a chronic overthinker – but content creation shouldn’t be so overwhelming that it stops you from sharing content. 

You’ll ALWAYS need to create content if you want to be in business, which means you need to find ways to make it easier for yourself. 

The content hacks above will help, I promise. 

2. Content creation takes time. 

You’re not doing it wrong if it takes a few hours each week to create content. You’re human, not a robot, so it’s ok if you don’t sit down and pump out content like one. 

Side note – I can fucking tell when a robot wrote your content. 

Another thing the online space has you believing is you can create a month of content in 3.5 seconds – you can’t. For me to script, record, and create additional content for this podcast, takes me a couple of hours each week. That doesn’t include social media content, launch content, or anything else. But I have a process, and I use these 3 hacks consistently, so I know I’m saving myself time regardless.

Remember: you didn’t start your business to become a full-time content creator, so stop shaming yourself for not creating content like one. Find a way that works for YOU!

3 Content Creation Hacks to Supercharge Your Small Business

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