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3 Essential Components to Master to Hit $10k Months

It’s no secret that if you’re marketing yourself and your business online you need to be constantly evolving. The landscape in the online space is always changing. I only need to look back 4 years ago when I started my business to see how much has shifted and changed.

There’s always a new trend or marketing channel or way of marketing and selling your offers to keep on top of. And, as a result, this has also meant I’ve seen many businesses come and go in the last 4 years. I’m often reminded of this when I go through my “on this day” memories on Instagram Stories. 

Over these 4 years, as a good introvert does, I’ve observed and listened to what I’m seeing and hearing in the online space.   I’ve also been privy to the behind-the-scenes of so many of the successful businesses that you know and love.  Not to mention the hundreds of clients I’ve supported to build and grow their businesses. 

What I’ve observed is that when it comes to hitting those $10k+ months and continually growing your business year after year – there are 3 components you need to master to hit $10k months. 3 components that will become even more important as the online space continues to grow and expand. It’s something I’ve been teaching my clients for years, but this is the first time I’ve really put it out there as my process.

3 Essential Components to Master to Hit $10k Months

The 3 essentials you need to start making consistent $10K+ months in your business

1. Desire

2. Demand

3. Differentiation 

When I observe my clients and other businesses who have continued success in the online space (regardless of what’s happening around them), there’s something I notice they have in common… They master 3 components – desire, demand and differentiation.  This is what I like to call The Bolt 3D Framework. 

Desire, Demand & Differentiation – The Bolt 3D Framework 

In this ever-evolving and always-growing online space, it’s not going to cut it if you can’t create desire, demand and differentiation in your business. Especially when it comes to your messaging and marketing. Here I’ll break down what each of these components actually means.

1. Desire

Q: Who desires the problem you solve, and how can you magnetise them?

The WHO refers to your ideal clients.

  • The people who you’re in business to serve
  • The people who your offers support
  • The people who buy what you sell

As I’ve mentioned once or twice – the WHO (aka your ideal clients) is the most important thing when you’re creating anything in your business. Whether that’s content or offers – you need to deeply understand them (what they’re currently navigating, experiencing and feeling) and what they desire if you want to make consistent sales in your business. “Not knowing” is not going to cut it.

The successful businesses are those that are deeply connected and tapped into what their community needs and wants, and they deliver on it again and again.  

These businesses are the people who create content that has their audience thinking “Holy shit, it’s like they’ve read my mind!”  And they create offers that have their people going “Shut up and take my money!” 

They’re the people who in this current economic climate are still making consistent cash in their business. It’s not that they’ve mastered some kind of dark arts – they simply understand who their ideal clients are and then they show up to serve them, create connections, and build long-lasting relationships.

These business owners don’t get distracted by “Why don’t I have 10k followers yet?” or “Why didn’t my latest Reel go viral?” – they’re focused on the humans in their community and how they can best support them. Because at the end of the day – if you don’t have clients or customers, do you really have a business?   

2. Demand

Q: What’s your plan to create demand for your offer?

This is your STRATEGY — aka your plan of attack. Your strategy to master your marketing and slay your sales so you can hit those $10k+ months consistently.

It’s made up of your:

  • In Demand Offers that your ideal clients desire
  • Sell Out Launch Plan (how you plan to sell your offers)
  • Marketing Plan to magnetise and convert Beyonce-level Clients 

You need a strategy for these 3 elements if you want to master creating demand in your business. What I see so often is people have AMAZING offers, but they market themselves and their business inconsistently, and they sell these offers even less. In an increasingly noisy online space – inconsistent marketing and barely selling are not going to cut it.

If you want to be hitting those $10K+ months consistently – you need to be marketing and selling, in some way, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Now when I say “every single day” please don’t take this as you need to be actively marketing and selling every single day.  I’m an introvert and a manifestor – I don’t have the energy (or the desire) to be “high vibe” marketing, and selling through social media every single day. And I sure as shit don’t want to be stuffing my calendar with networking events every single week. I want to be “everywhere” without ever leaving my house – and that’s why you need a marketing and sales strategy that’s not solely reliant on social media.

Truth bomb:  If in 2023 you’re still only using social media to market and sell in your business – what the fuck are you doing with your life?

The difference between marketing and sales

Marketing is how you attract your ideal clients → often this is through your content and the channels you use to share this content and get in front of your audience. 

Sales is how you convert them into paying clients → they decide they want your offer and they make the purchase or sign up to work with you. 

So if you’ve gotten to this point and you’re like – “ok Tahryn, I think I got this – I know how to create desire and demand in my business, so why aren’t I making consistent $10k+ months?”
Then read on, my friend…

3 Essential Components to Master to Hit $10k Months

3. Differentiation 

Q: What messaging makes your brand different and unique?

This is the component that I believe you can’t succeed without – and it’s usually the one most people don’t master. It’s differentiation in the market that’s the thing that’s going to take your business to the next level right now. Because without it – you’ll blend into the sea of muggles.

This is about YOU – and it starts with you embracing & embodying your unique blend of magic and building a business YOUR way.

Far too often I see people trying to borrow bits and pieces of someone else’s strategy, or try and emulate the business of that 7-figure business owner you admire.   And while that might work for a little while – what usually happens after a certain point is you find yourself running a business that isn’t truly aligned with you and your unique way of being. That’s why so many business owners find themselves burnt out. 

Don’t be afraid to stand out with bold branding

You also create differentiation through your messaging, your marketing, and your brand. The reason you’re not making consistent $10k+ months is that you haven’t created any differentiation in the market. You’re trying to copy + paste other people’s strategies and crossing your fingers and hoping it works the same way for you, even though they’re completely different humans to you. Or you’re over-relying on a robot to write your copy because it saves you time and can 10x your productivity, even though you end up sounding like the 465 million other [insert what you do here].

Too many people are looking for the quick hack to make more money instead of focusing on the things that actually help you make more money.

Be brave and bold enough to stand out, to share your unique point of view and your processes – to do things differently. I’m a big believer that the more me I am, the more money I make.

Don’t forget: YOU are your point of difference in the market

Imagine if I’d listened to the people who told me I shouldn’t talk about my dog because I run a business and no one cares. Or the people who told me I shouldn’t talk about Harry Potter because, as a 38-year-old human, it’s not professional. Or those people who told me (an introvert) I’m too quiet and should speak up, socialise more, and stuff my calendar with networking events because it’s the only way to create genuine connections… I’d sound like all the other business coaches out there, right?  But it’s these things that are part of my unique blend of magic – the differentiation between me and other business coaches. 

Because when you own what makes you/your business different and unique, and do business in a way that works for you – you make sirius money!


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