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3 Ways To Stand Out As A Wedding Photographer

Welcome to another volume of Messaging on the Mic!

The 4-week mini-series inside the How I Do Content Podcast where I review the messaging of 4 different businesses and share how they can take their messaging to the next level so they’re in demand with Beyonce-level clients 100% of the time.

In volume one, I reviewed the messaging of a Virtual Assistant who specialises in Digital Marketing.

This time, I’ll be deep diving into the world of wedding photography!

The Case Study

Business type: Wedding Photographer

Background: Based between Perth and sunny Broome, WA, this photography wizard specialises in capturing weddings and engagements.

3 Ways to Stand Out as a Wedding Photographer

How to stand out in a saturated industry like wedding photography

I wanted to use a wedding photographer as a case study because, like with our virtual assistant from the last episode, it’s a highly competitive market. And in a highly competitive market, your messaging needs to be on point if you want to stand out amongst all the other photographers out there!

It’s a great opportunity for you to stake your claim as the go-to photographer in your niche. The particular wizard that I’ve reviewed today has the experience to back it up! With over 15 years in the industry and 300+ weddings under their belt!

I’ve had a little stalky-stalk at this wizard’s Instagram profile and website to get an insight into who they are and the magic they create for their couples. I’ve also read through their answers to the application questions so I can reconcile what they’re already sharing and what they can do to elevate their messaging further.


Don’t forget to showcase your variety and skill

Something this wedding photographer does really well is showcasing a mix of traditional timeless wedding photos and the fun and joyful moments in between. I love this because it’s not all the same-same type of photo scroll after scroll. That can get a little bit boring.

There’s no denying this wizard knows how to capture the love and joy of a wedding. And the special little moments you might not always remember, too. Overall they present themselves and their business really well, and my recommendations simply include ways to elevate their messaging even more. 

3 Ways To Stand Out As A Wedding Photographer

3 ways to elevate your brand messaging as a wedding photographer

1. Speak to your experience 

If you’re a photographer with 15 years of experience and 300+ weddings captured – tell people that!

Years of experience as a photographer means:

  • You understand the logistics of a wedding day
    You know what works well, things that might happen, things to remember, things to look out for. And this can be reassuring to your clients in a day where there’s LOTS happening. Having that calm and experienced presence – so worth it!

  • You know how to capture the ‘little moments’
    Those in-between, tiny snippets of love and joy that might be missed or not considered by a less experienced ‘tog.  Every couple will want the traditional wedding day type photos, but I bet it’s these little in-between moments they bloody love too.

  • You have insider industry knowledge
    Your experience with oodles of wedding venues over the years means you know all the best spots to shoot from and where the light hits just right in the evening. Your connections with wedding suppliers also give you priceless insider knowledge too. You’re familiar with the way other vendors operate. You can work seamlessly alongside them resulting in the best angles and photo ops for your clients.

Don’t forget to collect and *actually* use your testimonials in your content

This photographer has so many amazing and kind customer reviews. All of the things I’ve spoken to here have come directly from their clients.

Maximise this amazing feedback by pulling out the things that make you magic and sharing the shit out of it everywhere. 

Content ideas for your customer testimonials:
  • What it’s like working with me…
  • Why I’m the wedding photographer for you…
  • What capturing 300+ weddings has taught me about the day of a wedding, and what you need to know too…

2. Share behind-the-scenes insights from your weddings

It’s great to share BTS content not just of the weddings you capture, but also of you in action, shooting the weddings. There are already a stack of other wedding photographers – but there’s only one of you. The easiest way to stand out is to share your story, your personality and your unique blend of magic.

What are the things that make you and your photos unique?

I would love to see them share more of them in their natural habitat aka shooting a wedding and their knowledge about wedding days. This wizard shared in their answers that they always get complimented on making their clients feel relaxed and comfortable on their wedding day – so how can they weave this into their messaging?

Other wedding photography content ideas:
  • How to prepare for your big day
  • When to book your wedding photographer
  • How to make your wedding day more relaxed and fun 
  • Best wedding venues in Perth / Broome
  • Best wedding suppliers in Perth / Broome 

This all highlights their experience and knowledge and is supportive in making their clients feel more relaxed and comfortable on their big day. And not only are you telling people that you’re the experienced wedding photographer who makes you feel more relaxed on your wedding day – you’re showing them through your messaging and marketing. 


3. Refine your photography client touchpoints

You want to make sure all the client touchpoints (from your Instagram profile to your website) have consistent messaging throughout.

Tips for this photographer’s Instagram:
  • Make sure the “Name” field on your profile is searchable – something like Perth & Broome Wedding Photographer + your name
  • Make the tagline in your bio something like – Capturing the love + joy of your wedding day in a relaxed and fun way.
    15 years experience + 300+ weddings.
    Book your date now.
  • Incorporating some of the different content ideas I’ve shared in this episode, and turning them into key highlights on your profile
Tips for this photographer’s website:
  • Highlight your knowledge and experience on your home page 
  • Share client testimonials that speak to what you want to be known as a Dumbledore-level expert (aka the go-to person) for. In this wizard’s case: being “the experienced wedding photographer who makes your day more fun and loving”
  • Add blogs for SEO purposes – sharing content around wedding venues, wedding suppliers, how to prepare for your wedding day, and how to make your wedding more relaxed and fun, will help you get discovered by more ideal clients

Ultimately, all of this showcases your knowledge and experience at every single client interaction – that’s what you become known for.


Key differentiation points for this photography wizard

15 years and 300+ weddings mean they know how to capture the love + joy of the big wedding day. The magic moments and everything in between that celebrate a story of love. I see this being a focal point that elevates their messaging and marketing moving forward.

As I mentioned in the beginning, this wizard is clearly a great wedding photographer based on the photos they take and the content they already share. To take their messaging and marketing to the next level, they need to show why they’re different to all the other wedding photographers out there.

It’s not simply about what you do (aka wedding photographer), it’s about you and what magic you bring to the table for your clients. Don’t be afraid to share that loudly and proudly!

3 Ways To Stand Out As A Wedding Photographer

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