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How To Level-Up Your Brand Messaging As A Virtual Assistant

I put the call out a couple of weeks ago and invited brave business owners to apply for my Messaging on the Mic series. If you’re thinking – “Wait, what the fuck is Messaging on Mic Tahryn?”…  Well, let me get you up to speed, wizard! Messaging on the Mic is a 4-week mini-series inside the How I Do Content Podcast. The premise being I select 4 businesses to feature on these episodes, where I share my messaging recommendations for them. 

To be considered they simply needed to answer 6 questions. Then it was over to me to review their messaging, and how they can take it to the next level so they’re in demand with Beyonce-level clients 100% of the time.

And why not bring you along for the ride too?! You’ll get an insight into how my content brain works, and they unlock some practical tips and strategies to up-level their messaging – it’s a win-win! These episodes where I break down real-life examples always get such great feedback so it’s a bit of a no-brainer for me. Enjoy!

The Case Study

Business type: Virtual Assistant (VA)

Background: Based in Perth WA. This business owner specialises in digital marketing support for other small businesses. They help solopreneurs manage their socials, marketing & tech with ease. And their services include social media, Pinterest, digital design, email marketing and Websites.

I wanted to start with this wizard because I myself started as a VA.  I also have many VAs in my community, and many of my past clients are VAs, too.

The reality is that there are lots of VAs in the online space – but there are also a lot of online businesses to support. It’s a very in-demand industry. Not to mention this particular wizard is not your average VA. They have a specific niche being that they provide marketing, content and creative support. Which I believe is super powerful, and a great point of difference from others in their industry.

How to stand out as a VA in a competitive market

This is something this case study acknowledged in their answer to this question:

Q: What makes YOU the person to work with? What makes you unique compared to other virtual assistants?

A: They desire to do more than just admin and show other business owners what’s really possible when you have the right support in your business. 

I wholeheartedly agree. Finding good support from multi-skilled and multi-passionate individuals is game-changing for your business.  I had a little stalky stalk at this wizard’s Instagram profile and website. I wanted to get an insight into who they are and how their business supports their clients. I’ve also read through their answers to the application questions so I can reconcile what they’re already sharing and what they can do to elevate their messaging further.

Something they do really well is making it super clear how they support you. Specifically the tasks they specialise in and the services they offer. There’s a lot to be said for simple and clear messaging. Clear over clever every single day!

The use of infographics on Instagram stands out from a visual perspective and because it’s consistent with their branding. They also share some great value-packed content with actionable tips for their audience – which you can never go wrong with!

How To Level-Up Your Brand Messaging As A Virtual Assistant

3 impactful ways for Virtual Assistants to elevate their brand messaging

1. Consistent content 

I preface this by saying I only undertook one day of stalking and only looked at 2 marketing channels. Their most recent post on Instagram was in February (we’re now in June). 

For someone who is supporting other people with their content – you do want to have a consistent presence yourself. I understand that when you’re supporting your clients, often it’s your content and marketing that fall off the radar. But in all honesty, I want to work with people who show me what’s possible and are the full embodiment of what they do. When it comes to marketing in the online space, you gotta have a consistent presence if you want to remain top of mind for your potential clients. 

2. Share your story 

Your story is one of the most pivotal and powerful pieces of your messaging. There could be zillions of other VAs in the online space – but there’s only one of you. The easiest way to stand out is to share your story, your personality and your unique blend of magic.

Q: What makes you unique compared to other VAs?

This wizard shared in their answers that they want to do more, and shake up the industry. 

The way to do this is to embrace your unique blend of magic and sprinkle that shit everywhere. Do things differently from all the other VAs out there. When I visit your Instagram profile and your website, I want it to be so clear who you eff you are and why you would be an asset to my business. 

Remember this – a VA is one of the very first employees a business owner looks for. They want to feel like their business is in the right hands. I don’t know about you but I want to work with people who I connect with, who deeply understand and who I feel will give a shit about my business. That’s got a lot to do with the person behind the business aka YOU –  so I want to get to know you! 

The other thing this wizard mentioned in their answers was they’re a bit of a rebel with a bad potty mouth who hates rules – so it would be great to see more of that in their messaging and marketing.

Your story, your personality and your unique blend of magic need to shine through your messaging – because that’s what makes you truly stand out.

3. Be a thought leader 

(a.k.a Dumbledore-level expert)

You elevate your messaging by positioning yourself as someone who knows their stuff. Anyone can share tips and tricks. And honestly, in the VA space, there’s a lot of generic advice that anyone could easily Google or ask ChatGPT. To take it to the next level you’ve gotta share your unique perspectives, experience and knowledge on top of this information.

Our case study specialises in efficient processes, Pinterest marketing, email marketing, on-page SEO and purpose-driven content. So it would be great to see more specific content around these areas.

Content ideas include:

  • Ways they’ve supported clients to achieve certain results using these elements 
  • How these elements have transformed their client’s business 
  • Biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to these elements  
  • Their unique process or framework for supporting clients
  • Busting common misconceptions about what they do 

Really highlighting that you’re a leader in your industry and you’re not doing what everyone else is doing. A question to ask yourself here – what topics do I really want to speak about online, and where am I playing it safe or diluting my unique blend of magic?

Point of difference is the key to stand-out messaging

We distilled the key differentiation between this wizard and others in their industry.  What it came down to is that they’re “not your average VA”.

This is something I see being a focal point of their messaging and marketing moving forward. I also recommend this tagline is something they incorporate into their Instagram and Website. Their objective should be to showcase how they’re different and why people need their support.

For example, often VA messaging is focused on how they save their ideal clients time. But this wizard can save them time and help them make money because marketing = money. They’re helping their clients remain consistent with their marketing so they can attract dream clients.

Be yourself – no one else is better qualified

And finally, to quote the magical Tracey Spencer – “Your best marketing plan is to be YOURSELF…but to REALLY be yourself.”

Because ultimately that’s how you attract those Beyonce-level clients who you LOVE working with! The VA space is a competitive market. The way to stand out to those clients is to really embrace what makes you magic. Then share it loud and proud!

How To Level-Up Your Brand Messaging As A Virtual Assistant

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