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50th Episode Special – Ask Me Anything – Hosted by Ellie Swift

HOLY FLYING DEMENTORS – It’s the 50th episode of the How I Do Content Podcast!

I thought it would be a whole lotta FUN to get YOU to submit questions you really want to ask me and then throw over the hosting mic to the magical Ellie Swift (aka my always biz coach) to ask them.

The result = a whole heap of magic insight into Tahryn the human AND Tahryn the Biz Wizard.

I’m so excited to share this fun and fabulous 50th episode with YOU.

To get to 50 episodes when I never thought I’d even record one.

To speak to magical humans who inspire me every fucking day.

And to you. For listening. Whether this is your first episode or your 50th episode listening. Thank you from the bottom of my Ned-loving heart for listening to the How I Do Content Podcast.

It still blows my mind that there are magical humans out there who tune in for every single episode.

I’m so grateful.

50th episode

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

    • My biz coach Ellie Swift takes the mic to ask me the questions you most want to know
    • The biggest shifts (strategy, business model and mindset) I’ve experienced since starting my business journey
    • The Harry Potter character I most relate to and why

Connect with Ellie Swift

  • Follow Ellie on Instagram here
  • Listen to Ellie’s Podcast – Shine Online with Ellie Swift here
  • Find out more here


50th episode how i do content podcast

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