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How to Craft Irresistible Messaging as a Sleep Consultant

Messaging on the Mic is BACK! 

You loved this mini-series so much last year – I decided to bring it back in 2024.

If you’re new to Messaging on the Mic Series, let me get you up to speed…

Messaging on the Mic is a 4-week mini-series on the How I Do Content Podcast.

Anyone in my community can apply (if you’re brave enough) to be one of 4 businesses I select to feature in the series. In each episode, I review a business’s current messaging and share my recommendations for how they can upgrade their messaging so that they’re in demand with Beyonce-level clients 100% of the time.

And why not bring you along for the ride too?!

Apparently, you like to see how my brain works and get practical examples of how you could apply this to your messaging. 

It’s a good time all round! 

So now you’re up to speed – let me introduce you to our first Messaging on the Mic Wizard for 2024.

How to Craft Irresistible Messaging as a Sleep Consultant

Messaging on the Mic: My Recommendations for an Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant

They bring peace to sleep-deprived families, one dreamy night at a time – aka, they’re the sleep saviour for weary parents! 

Now, I wanted to pick an Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant because I know I have many sleep consultants in my community AND it’s one of those niches that’s grown a whole lot in the last 5 years.

In a highly competitive market, your messaging needs to be on point if you want to stand out amongst all the other sleep consultants out there.

It’s a great opportunity for you to stake your claim as the go-to sleep consultant wizard in your niche. 

This particular wizard certainly has the experience and tools in the toolkit to back it up, with an abundance of experience with babies and toddlers, including working as a nanny all over the world for 18+ years. 

So I’ve had a little stalky-stalk at this wizard’s Instagram profile and website to get an insight into who they are and the magic they create for their couples. I’ve also read through their answers to the application questions so I can reconcile what they’re already sharing and what they can do to elevate their messaging further.

Something they do really well is sharing a different variety of content formats, from Reels and Carousels on Instagram, to Blogs on their website. They also have a whole bunch of wonderful client testimonials they share consistently, so I’m not surprised clients choose to work with them based on their reviews and recommendations from family or friends (which they shared with me on their application form). This is why I always highlight the impact of your client experience on your sales – happy clients will do your marketing for you!


How they can take their messaging to the next level:

#1 Speak to your experience 

You’re a sleep consultant who has an abundance of experience with babies and toddlers, including working as a nanny all over the world for 18+ years – so tell people that!

One of the questions I asked this wizard was “What hesitations or objections might your ideal client or customer have before they hit the buy now button?” – they mentioned that parents might be scared of being told what to do, not feeling in control of the process, or having their baby crying for long periods. So you want to reassure your ideal clients they’re in your very capable hands – you do this by highlighting why YOU are the wizard to support them.

One of the best ways to do this is to speak to your experience and how this experience benefits them – your ideal clients want to feel confident in their decision so don’t be afraid to highlight your expertise in this area. Because if you won’t, someone else will! 

I’d recommend sharing some content around:

  • What it’s like to work with me 
  • Why I’m the sleep consultant for you 
  • X things my clients always tell me 
  • What working as a nanny all over the world for 18+ years has taught me about baby and toddler sleep
  • The reason I chose to become a sleep consultant

This all highlights your experience and knowledge, and is supportive in making your ideal clients feel more at ease when making their purchase decision. 

Trust in you is what leads to conversions and in a competitive niche, it’s essential you showcase what makes YOU the wizard to support them. 


#2 Focus on client case studies over testimonials

This wizard does a great job of sharing client reviews and testimonials! And it’s these reviews and testimonials that help them attract clients – so how can you capitalise on this even further? 

The important thing to note here is there’s been a shift in how you share reviews and testimonials. 

A simple copy, paste + post approach is no longer the best or most effective way to share them. 

People have seen this tactic used over and over again, and it’s reached a point where they’ve become kinda desensitised to it. This means they’re more likely to keep on scrolling rather than stop and take it in. 

So, if you want your ideal clients to stop scrolling and actually read your reviews and testimonials – you need to change how you deliver them!

That’s where client case studies come in. 

Client case studies are basically a more tailored + specific version of a review or testimonial.  And when it comes to your messaging + marketing – the more specific you can be, the clearer it is to your ideal client why they need to invest in you and your services. 

A good client case study focuses on:

  • The outcome of the review or testimonial – the end result, transformation or biggest takeaway from working with you.
    For example, for this wizard → one of their clients mentioned their baby now sleeps from 8pm to 6am, uninterrupted 
  • How you supported your client to get that end result, transformation or biggest takeaway → What are the spells in your toolkit?
    What’s your unique blend of magic?
    What’s the step-by-step process to get them there?
  • If your ideal client wants to get this end result or transformation – what are their next steps? This should always include how to work with you (yes, you gotta spell it out!). 

Anyone can copy + paste a review or testimonial into a branded Canva graphic and share it on repeat – but to really stand out and attract dream clients, you need to paint a clear AND specific picture about what it looks like to work with you, and how your clients achieved the outcome they most desire. 


#3 Be a thought leader 

So one of the application questions for Messaging on the Mic is – What do you want to be known as a Dumbledore-level expert (aka the go-to person) for?

The reason I ask this question is because the way you elevate your messaging is to position yourself as someone who knows their shit. Someone who remains top of mind when it comes time for people to make a purchase decision.  

Now anyone can share tips and honestly, the online space is flooded with forkloads of generic tips and advice thanks to old mate ChatGPT. 

So, to take it to the next level, you gotta share your unique perspectives, experience and knowledge on top of this information.

This wizard wants to be the Dumbledore-level expert for baby and toddler sleep support, so I want to see messaging that speaks to:

  • Ways they’ve supported clients to achieve specific results 
  • How these results have changed their client’s lives 
  • The biggest mistakes parents make when it comes to sleep 
  • Their unique process or framework for supporting clients
  • Busting common misconceptions about what they do 
  • What makes them different to other sleep consultants 

Don’t shy away from highlighting why you’re a leader in your industry and that you’re not doing what everyone else is doing.

A question to ask yourself here – what topics do I really want to speak about online, and where am I playing it safe or diluting my unique blend of magic?


My key piece of differentiation advice for this wizard is…

To own your unique blend of magic and sprinkle it EVERYWHERE!

From looking at your marketing, I can tell you’re a very good Sleep Consultant… but I don’t see enough of YOU.

And I get it – talking about ourselves, especially as women, is something we tend to avoid, but if you want to attract Beyonce-level clients and make Sirius money in your business, you gotta get over that and truly own what makes you magic and unique. 

Because there’s only one of you, right? 

In a noisy online space and in a competitive niche – it’s THE thing that differentiates you from every other sleep consultant. 

Your messaging and marketing is NOT the place to be humble. 

If you want dream clients to appear out of nowhere, ready to pay you today – you need to truly own it and share it! 

And, for the love of dogs, don’t sit back and wait for your ideal clients to find you –  tell them on repeat why they need you in their lives right now!  

Because if you don’t – trust me, someone else will.

I want to see you own it loudly and proudly so you’re fully seen in your magic and your community can’t get enough of you! 

That’s it for the first volume of Messaging on the Mic on the How I Do Content Podcast – I’ll be back with another Wizard to review and make recommendations for next week.

How to Craft Irresistible Messaging as a Sleep Consultant

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