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How to Magnetise Your Soulmate Clients with Bec Cuzzillo


The first and most important step of your content creation process is…

Understanding WHO your kinda people are and WHY they need you in their life.

Because when you do this…

Your content stands out in the sea of content out there


You magnetise your soulmate clients.

The ones that make getting out of bed every day an absolute dream.

So how do you attract these kinds of humans into your life?

In today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I’ve called on someone who is an expert at this – a fellow Hermione fan and one of my best friends – Bec Cuzzillo.

Bec and I often have big chats about building soulful businesses filled with soulmate clients – so we decided to bring one of our epic chats to the podcast and chat through how you can magnetise your soulmate clients and build a life and business that sets your soul on fire.


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Let me officially introduce you to Bec 

Bec Cuzzillo is a Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Candle Maker and Reiki Master on a mission to support women to claim their worth, master their mindset and step into the highest vision for their life and business.

As a fiery Aries woman, Bec helps you to get out of your own way, ignite your inner fire and start living your soul’s purpose.

Her approach combines the practical with the intuitive to ensure you walk away with the tools and strategies to build a life and business that you love.

In 2016, Bec started her business as a creative outlet while working full-time in the community sector. What started as a side hustle soon turned into a full blown love affair and 18 months later, she had walked away from her job to become a full-time boss babe.

Bec now balances biz-life with mum-life, living in Canberra, Australia with her husband Matt and their beautiful little Noah (who is also my little mate).

Bec also shares her business journey from making candles to spiritual business coaching
and how she blends spirituality and business.

This episode is filled with a magical blend of spirituality and practical business advice that Hermione Granger herself would be proud of.

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

⚡️  Bec’s business journey from making candles to spiritual business coaching and how she blends spirituality and business

⚡️  Why it’s important to balance the masculine and feminine energy of your business

⚡️  Practical strategies to help you identify and magnetise your soulmate clients




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