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How to navigate stress in your life + business and still thrive with Karen Aird

In the last 12 months I’ve spoken to so many business owners who are feeling it. They’re stressed, exhausted and on the brink of burn out.

They’re holding their shit together – barely.

So today’s episode of the How I Do Content podcast is really timely because I know so many magical humans are feeling this way – me included.

And I know that when I’m experiencing things in my business – so are my clients, so are my community and so are you.

So in today’s episode we’re going to dive into navigating stress in your life and business with my wonderful friend Karen Aird.

how to navigate stress

Let me officially introduce you to Karen

Karen is a Mindset, Stress & Lifestyle coach, as well as Co-founder, Creative Director and Lead Coach at the most peaceful place in Perth, health and wellness club, Clear Mind Studio.

Clear Mind Studio is a beautiful urban wellness retreat, built with architectural psychology in mind to help you clear your mind and calm your nervous system. There, you can enjoy floatation therapy, infrared sauna, massage, yoga and much more, leaving clients floating away and relaxed for days.

In her online coaching programs and courses, Karen uses her signature framework, The Clear Mind Method, to help high achieving women go from burnt out and stressed to balanced, purposeful, energised and happier than they have felt in years.

She supports her clients to live the happy, successful, stress resilient life they dream of, without over stretching, feeling guilty or burning out, via one and one coaching and her group program The Stress Solution.

Karen is originally from Scotland but now lives in Perth with her husband, fellow co-founder of Clear Mind Studio, Craig. She is mum to gorgeous baby Mackenzie and a proud dog mum to her beautiful golden retriever, Amber.

Karen is really immersed in this work and has such rich knowledge and lived experience which makes her the perfect guest today. She shares some really great practical tips and strategies that you can implement straight away.

Simple and sustainable habits, boundaries and practices to help you reduce your stress levels.

So let’s begin!

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

  • Practical tips and strategies to navigate stress and still thrive
  • Karen’s favourite systems, habits & boundaries to create balance and reduce stress
    How Karen’s boundaries and habits have changed since becoming a mum

Connect with Karen Aird

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  • Follow Clear Mind Studio on Instagram here
  • Find out more here
navigating stress with karen aird clear mind studio

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