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3 Signs Your Messaging Needs a Makeover, and What to Do About It

In an online space where you’re constantly competing for the attention of your community – you need to know how to master your messaging.

Messaging appears to be the latest buzzword in the online space BUT with good reason. 

Magical messaging is THE thing that’ll help you cut through the noise and stamp your unique blend of magic everywhere so it’s clear to your ideal clients why they need YOU in their life – RIGHT NOW!

If you’re in a season of business where the flow of cash and clients is slow right now – you might be wondering why the heck your messaging isn’t working. 

Before you burn everything to the ground, create another “no-brainer” low ticket offer, or change your Instagram bio for the 5th time this month…

Let’s get to the bottom of WHY your messaging isn’t working – because the good news is there are ALWAYS signs.

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I share 3 signs your messaging isn’t working, and exactly what you need to do to fix it. 

Plus, I reveal a new free tool I’ve created to help you audit your marketing + messaging so you can make simple and effective tweaks to turn your offer, content and brand into a cash and client-generating machine.

Let’s dive in!

3 Signs Your Messaging Needs a Makeover, and What to Do About It

Sign #1 – Low engagement on your content

Now I first want to acknowledge that yes, engagement is down on Instagram – that’s a fact. BUT Instagram shouldn’t be your entire marketing strategy. You need to be sharing content in other places too…

Secondly, it’s also not a reason to throw in the towel and swear off marketing forever. Because there will always be times when engagement is down on the different marketing platforms…

You need to know how to identify why and what you can do about it. It’s a little deeper than just Instagram hating you. 

Low engagement on your content usually means your messaging isn’t resonating with your audience. They’re not finding it compelling or relevant enough to stop and engage with it.

This could also be a sign that your ideal client or customer isn’t in your audience. You might be attracting the wrong people into your community with your content, which can happen if you’re focusing too much on trends or on going viral. 

You need to understand your perfect-fit clients as if they’re your bestie.

At the end of the day – it’s these humans who are going to buy your offers – so there’s no point creating anything in your business if it doesn’t get their attention and serve them!


So how do you fix low engagement on your content? 

Market research is the BEST way to reconnect with your audience so you can nail your messaging, and create content that connects AND converts.

It’s not something you do once and forget about – it should be a consistent practice in your business.

Some examples of how I use market research in my business:

  • Before launching a new offer to validate an idea and get clear on my messaging to activate my audience 
  • After a launch to understand why people did or didn’t sign up to identify any gaps in my messaging and tweaks I need to make for the next launch 
  • To help choose topics for upcoming podcast episodes to make sure my content is serving my listeners (aka you!) 

You have access to everything you need to nail your messaging – you just need to ask!

Market research is the foundation of building literally any business, and will help you get into the heads of your ideal clients and use that intel to create messaging + marketing + content to magnetise them.

Sign #2 – You get engagement on your content, but it doesn’t convert into sales

Your content is popping off…
Your audience is always telling you how much they LOVE your content…

But when it comes time to sell your offers…
It’s deathly silent.

This means your messaging is capturing the attention of your audience, but something is stopping them from taking the next (and most important) step to make your relationship official. 

It’s often a sign they’re unsure if you’re the wizard to support them or that your offer is the solution to their problem. 

They don’t fully trust you…yet!

You need to showcase why YOU are the person to support them.

Think about this: if you want people to invest their hard-earned dollars in you and your offers – you have to give them a reason to do so. 

So how do you fix low conversions from your content?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to embrace and embody your unique blend of magic…and share it (on repeat) with your community. 

You do this by creating differentiation in your messaging – aka you need to showcase what makes you different from every other Harry, Ron & Hermione who does what you do.

This starts by being brave and bold enough to stand out and share your story, unique point of view, and processes through your marketing. 

Your messaging + marketing is NOT the place to be humble.

If you don’t think you’re different and unique and you don’t truly own it…
You won’t market yourself in a way that’s different and unique…
So you’ll end up blending into the sea of same-sameness in the online space. And you’ll forever find it hard to convert those likes + followers into cash and paying clients. 

You need to post great content consistently to build the know, like & trust factor – trust in YOU is what leads to conversions.

Sign #3 – Your sales are inconsistent or slow

There could be a number of reasons your sales are inconsistent or slow – including:

  • The economy and the rising cost of living – which is completely out of your control
  • You’ve tapped out your current audience and need to grow it
  • You need to nurture your current audience to get them to buy more often 

BUT the most common reason your messaging isn’t converting into consistent sales is that you’re not selling enough

And when you are selling – you’re not speaking to the most important things your ideal client needs to hear to make their purchase decision. 

You need to create demand for your offers – because without demand there will be no sales… and sales are the lifeblood of a successful business. 

You won’t create demand simply by crossing your fingers and hoping your dream clients magically stumble across your offer – you gotta put in the work and actively sell your offers.

If you want to consistently attract Beyoncé-level clients – you gotta speak about your offers more than once #sorrynotsorry

So how do you fix inconsistent sales?

The people who consistently make sales in their businesses are the ones who are consistently sharing their offers in their content.

So I want you to ask yourself – when was the last time you shared how people can buy from you? 

If you can’t remember the last time – that’s a big old sign you need to share your offers more. 

There’s no sugar coating it here – if you want to make sales on repeat in your business, you gotta use your content to sell… and you sure as heck have to do it more than once.

Your ideal clients aren’t on their phones or computers 24/7, hitting refresh and waiting for your content – they do have a life, and, more often than not, it’s a busy one! 

Add that to the fact that people need to see sales messaging 20+ times before they make a purchase decision.

So if you’re forever changing your messaging every 5 minutes, you’re basically erasing the mind of your ideal client, and starting from scratch every single time. 

You’re sabotaging your sales because of your inability to stick to your messaging and give it time to build recognition and trust with your audience. 

Now, if you ARE sharing your offers consistently and sticking to your messaging, and sales are still not flowing in abundantly – this tells you something isn’t hitting right with your messaging or your offer.

I’d recommend you:

  1. Do a bit of market research with your community, your current clients, and your past clients to understand where they’re at, what they need help with, and why they chose you
  2. Do an audit of your content to highlight where you’re hiding and being humble, and how you can embrace and share more of your unique blend of magic

To help, I’ve created a free audit tool for you! 

Download the 6-figure Marketing Audit

The 6-figure Marketing Audit is the magical tool to identify your exact messaging problem and fix it in your offer, content & brand, so you can make Sirius money in your business. 

Because when it comes to attracting dream clients and creating consistent cash flow – your messaging really fucking matters! 

A few simple tweaks can turn an offer that sells inconsistently into an offer that sells like hotcakes – when you know where to look! 

The 6-figure Marketing Audit takes you through 3 scenarios and gives you the exact spells to cast so you can make those tweaks, and call in dream clients and consistent cash on repeat.

This is what I used to make tweaks to the messaging for my 1:1 Biz Wizard Series last year, and it 100% changed the game for myself and my business (more on that in Episode 130).

This offer became my easiest offer to sell despite it also being my most premium offer in terms of price point.

Tap your wand here to unlock instant access to the 6-figure Marketing Audit for free.

3 Signs Your Messaging Needs a Makeover, and What to Do About It

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