5 ways to make 2023 easier (and generate more cash)

How to turn your Instagram Followers into Dollars with the Queen of Reels Monique Lombardo


Having 10k followers means nothing if you’re not able to convert them into clients. 

And if you’re struggling to make sales from the Instagram followers you do have, more followers isn’t going to fix it.

But never fear – have I ever left you hanging?

Today’s guest on the How I Do Content Podcast is a wizard at creating content that converts into clients!

turn your instagram followers into dollars

Let me officially introduce you to Monique

Monique Lombardo (aka The Socialista) is a Marketing Coach for Service-based businesses and coaches and helps them transform their Instagram so they can turn their followers into dollars!

You may also know her as the Queen of Reels.

With her magical and magnetic Reels she’s exploded her Instagram following and translated those followers into a multi-six figure business in 3 years.

Not only is she my go-to source of info for all things Reels, but I love her energy and she’s such a big cheerleader for other women in business.

In today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, Monique shares her best tips to help you use the power of Reels to grow your Instagram following AND your income.

And for my fellow introverts – don’t worry, Monique shares some ideas for Reels that don’t involve pointing and dancing.

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

  • The most important elements of a magic reel
  • The key to making sales using social media
  • An introverts’ guide to Reels
  • The key trends coming in 2022 and how you can use these in your business

Connect with Monique Lombardo

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  • Find out more here
turn your instagram followers into dollars

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