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How to turn your launch around when you’re not getting results

I was recently asked a cracker of a question – so of course I’ve turned it into a podcast episode so you can benefit from my answer and my knowledge.

Bookmark it.

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Because you’ll probably need it at some point.

In today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I’m sharing how to turn your launch around when you’re not getting results.

And no my advice is NOT to throw your launch in the bin and swear off launching forever and ever.

Now if you think that sounds slightly dramatic – I’ve seen so many people go into their launch full of excitement and showing up online and sharing their offer and the next minute NOTHING.

They go multiple days without sales, they’re constantly told no – so they stop mid launch and convince themselves launching is not for them.

And I get it!

When you’re in the messy middle of your launch – that feels like the safest and easiest option.

It might shock you to know that my launches don’t always go to plan.

But that’s NOT a reason to stop mid-launch and sentence launching to Azkaban, never to launch again.

Turning around your launch when you’re not getting results comes down to your ability to problem-solve on the go AND a rock solid mindset.

So based on my experience launching – here are some things you can do to turn your launch around.

Firstly I want you to answer this question…

turn your launch around

Are you promoting your offer?

Since you launched, how often have you shared about your offer?

Now answer this honestly.

Because I’ve worked with clients who are frustrated they’re not getting the results they want, but when I take a look at what content they’re sharing – it’s not nearly enough.

There is a lot of fucking content out there. You can’t expect to share about your offer once and like magic – hello 5-figure launch.

And on that note – unless your Instagram community is as hot as Harry Styles and ready to buy absolutely anything → you shouldn’t be relying on social media exclusively. Because in this current climate, Instagram is as crazy as Bellatrix Lestrange.

You should be hitting as many touch points as possible – which is why repurposing your content is SO important.

Be confident in your messaging

Take a look at your launch content.

Does it:

  • Speak to where your ideal client are at right now – what they’re experiencing, feeling, going through
  • Paint a picture of what their life could look like based on where they want to be – what they really desire, what they’re dreaming of
  • Tell them how your offer helps them go from where they are right now to where they want to be
  • Showcase why YOU are the person to support them to get there

It’s more than just talking about the features of your offer – because honestly no one gives a shit about the features of your offer.

So if you look at your messaging – if it only talks to what’s included or involved with your offer – you gotta shift your messaging to speak more to the benefits.

Also don’t try to speak to every single paint point and problem your soulmate clients have in your messaging.

Pick 3 and go deep on those – THE MORE SPECIFIC YOU CAN BE THE BETTER.

Paint that picture for them about what their life looks like with you and your offer in it.

Learn from the objections

If you’re hearing common themes from the people who are saying no to your offer – take note.
You can learn A LOT from the no’s and the conversations you’re having during your launch.

Why are people saying your offer isn’t for them?

Take that as fuel for your content fire. During my launches I have pre-created about 70-80% of my content, leaving me the remainder to create content that speaks to the objections I’m continually hearing.

No’s and objections ARE NOT a bad thing. And they help your messaging be laser specific and tailored to what your soulmate clients need to hear.

So LISTEN to what your community is telling you and shift and adjust the messaging to meet them where they’re at.

Are you following your plan + strategy?

But are you really? Or have you gone rogue?

And if you don’t have a launch plan – WHY THE FUCK NOT?!

I talk about having a launch plan like using Google Maps to guide you to your next destination.

When you have a launch plan it not only helps to keep you on track, but it also removes the stress of trying to figure out what to do next.

You’re not going around in circles trying to decide your next move. It allows you to focus on fully embodying your messaging and give your full energy into inviting people to sign up for your offer.

Invite your dream clients to join you

I like to look at a launch, not as a big scary, stressful, overwhelming event – but rather as an invitation for my soulmate clients to join me and work with me.

And I invite you to reframe the word “launching” to mean the same to you. Because that removes a lot of the pressure and expectation you’re putting on your launches.

When you put your focus into your lack of results, you’ll get a lack of results. You’re putting your energy into the wrong thing.

What about that one magical human – who would be perfect for your offer?

Here’s a revolutionary concept (it’s not really) – why don’t you speak to them and tell them that? Invite them to join you.

Don’t cockblock yourself from getting the launch results you really want. Some people like being asked. So get over yourself and reach out to that dream client today and tell them how your offer will change their life.

At the end of the day, the world won’t end if your launch isn’t a sell out success

Remember there are no failures, only lessons.

And it’s what you do next, that’ll benefit your next launch. You can learn SO much from a launch that doesn’t go exactly to plan.

But you gotta follow through with your launches.
And then keep launching.
Refine your process and go again.

I know this works because not only have I been involved in 40+ launches, but I’m coaching about and immersed in launching every single day.

I’ve been involved in launches for online programs, masterminds, 1:1 coaching, podcasts, digital products, physical products – I’ve seen it all.

And it’s your ability to take the data and detach your feelings from the process, that helps you to problem solve on the go and get the launch results you really want.

So if you want to learn my 5-figure launch process to help you launch with confidence – I invite you to join me for Become a Launch Wizard.

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turn your launches around

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