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Insta-Wizardry: How I Became Fully Booked From One Social Media Post


Can you really become fully booked from one social media post?

I recently shared a post on Instagram that beat the algorithm (take that Zuckerberg) and fully booked my business for Q1. Welllllllllllllllllllll kind of…

I hand on my Ned-loving heart admit that I was a little bit cheeky with the topic for this podcast episode… Because if you’ve listened to my podcast before (or you’ve been part of my community for a while now) you KNOW I think the whole “booked out your business with one post” kinda vibe is BS. 

Whenever I see these kinda posts – I know more often than not it’s missing the ever-important CONTEXT. It’s basically clickbait without any of the juice or the specifics. And if there’s one thing you can always count on from me – I’m always going to give you the juice and the specifics!

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I broke down a real-life example of a piece of content that stood out like Hagrid amongst a group of Hogwarts students and activated dream clients to take action faster than Harry chasing the golden snitch. 

Yep, I’m revealing my secret magic spell to writing content that connects and converts. 


Captions that will *actually* capture your audience’s attention on social media…

This wasn’t your usual “How I fully booked out my business” or a “3 tips to help you xyz” or an “I’ve noticed some new faces so I thought I’d introduce myself” type post… And I don’t say this to rag on these types of posts because I use these posts and I believe they still have a purpose in your content strategy!

But it’s 2024, and instead of using the same kinda hooks and topics – you need to tweak and shift your messaging so that it captures the attention of your ideal clients or customers.

Your audience sees the same kinda content over and over and over again and what happens is they start to mindlessly consume your content without it sinking in or shifting their perspective. Which you definitely don’t want!

Now back to the post in question → it’s the one where I boldly claim “I’m not a business coach”…


Social media engagement doesn’t = sales

In a time when Instagram is in its flop era – this post was one of my highest engaged posts in a very long time. Probably around 2 years. But remember, engagement doesn’t mean shit if it doesn’t convert into sales.

This one post led to people *actually* signing up for my highest-ticket offer (my Biz Wizard Series) AND to others booking discovery calls to find out how I could support them.  

Sounds impressive right?!


The ‘secret’ to constructing a socials post that makes Sirius sales 

Reminder: This ONE Instagram post was the cumulation of at least 6 months of refining my messaging and also refining my Biz Wizard Series offering. These are changes and shifts I’ve made behind the scenes and have started to implement LONG BEFORE I declared it on social media. 

I’ve been “doing the thing”, looking at the data, refining the message and the delivery…and doing it on repeat. So please remember… the engagement and conversions from this one post – aren’t really just from this one post. 


Every piece of content plays a role (if you’re being strategic of course!)

In 2024, you don’t have time to create any kinda content simply to fill a blank space or hit a quota. 

You’re creating content with the purpose of:

  • Building a community filled with like-minded wizards
  • Nurturing relationships with these wizards
  • Making consistent sales as a result of this community and your relationships with these wizards

Anything else → is out.

Insta-Wizardry: How I Became Fully Booked From One Social Media Post

3 essential elements of a sell-out Instagram post

What made this post “stand out” and “sell out” came down to these 3 things…


1. Desire

I deeply understand my ideal client. Every single piece of content is created with them in mind. 

And after SO MANY conversations with current clients, past clients, potential clients and people in my community I KNOW one of the biggest challenges they face is having the time to implement every single tactic that makes up their overall marketing strategy.

This messaging was backed by data.

So, whenever you’re writing content, make sure it speaks to the current reality of your dream clients or customers AND what they desire instead.

For my community – it’s high-touch, next-level support from someone who doesn’t just tell them what they need to do…but actually helps them implement it too. Bonus points if you can speak to something they’ve already tried or are considering choosing instead – in this case hiring a business coach, copywriter and content wizard.

All of this highlights that you “get them” and can deliver on what they desire.  


2. Demand

This one is kinda obvious – but it relates to how I’ve created an in-demand offer that my ideal clients desire. In fact, the changes I’ve made to my messaging and my Biz Wizard Series offer have created an offer SO in demand that I now need to bring on more team membes to support myself and my clients.

This highlights it’s something people in my community want and as you know things become trendy or popular because people want something and then they buy it – aka there’s demand for that offer. 

Offers, brands and businesses disappear when demand disappears

Without demand, there will be no sales…and sales are the lifeblood of a successful business. 

In your content, you need to create demand for your offers and this means you gotta speak about them more than once #sorrynotsorry. As I mentioned I’ve been marketing and selling my Biz Wizard Series a lot in the last 6 months. It’s become my core offer and I’ve built my marketing and launch plan around it. 

I didn’t create demand simply by crossing my fingers and hoping my dream clients stumbled upon it – and you won’t either.


3. Differentiation

This is the element most people don’t master or completely shy away from because it relates to YOU and what makes you and your brand and your offers different and unique to every other Harry, Rob & Hermione who do the same thing as you.

Without differentiation – your content, your offers, and your business, will blend into the sea of muggles. And you don’t want that! The most important part of creating differentiation starts with embracing and embodying your unique blend of magic and building a business YOUR way.

In my post, I highlighted what makes me different from other business coaches and why I’m moving away from labelling myself as a business coach. My point of difference is that not only do I mentor you on your overall business and marketing strategy but I support you with the implementation too.

You want to make it super fucking clear why YOU are the wizard your ideal clients and customers need in their life and business. 

What magic are you bringing to the table to serve and support them?

And, FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS, don’t skip this and don’t be humble, because there are plenty of people in your industry and niche who won’t hold back and then they’ll be the people who your ideal clients or customers buy from. This post was me stepping into my “Not a business coach Era” and claiming it for all of Instagram to see. 


So those are the 3 essential elements I build my messaging and marketing around and it’s what’s led me to become booked out in my business for Q1. 

My hope is you can see how messaging filters down into your content and why it’s such an important piece of your marketing puzzle.


Small business marketing is a work in progress

Your messaging and marketing will always shift and evolve as your ideal clients grow and evolve and so does the market. It doesn’t have to be perfect and fully formed for you to move, create and share.

For me, right now, I don’t have all the pieces figured out and it feels messy – but I still shared this post with what I do know

Even when it feels messy, you gotta keep moving because that’s where you get clarity from. I’ve never understood the concept of “waiting” – what exactly are you waiting for? The Dark Lord’s return? 

Don’t wait, get moving. 


Effective marketing is all about consistency

It wasn’t ever going to be just the one post that booked out my business – even though that’s what you see on the front end (and it’s what we’re led to believe by some marketing gurus).

Rather, I consistently weave these elements into my messaging and marketing over and over again and I continue to show up and share my magic and sell my offers even when things feel messy and a work in progress. I don’t go into hibernation while I work on perfecting something which is a mistake I see so many business owners make. They stop EVERYTHING to focus on it, they lose momentum and then wonder why people stop buying from them! 

I’m a big believer that when you invite your community on the journey with you and you give them an insight into your process and behind the scenes – it makes them invested in you and your business. 


Impactful brand messaging = repetition, repetition, repetition! 

So, just remember: you might think it’s one post but it’s actually over 6 months of progress and refinement – and it’s still a work in progress! 


I hope you enjoyed this podcast content, and found it insightful to hear my process for crafting content that connects and converts, and the messaging behind it. 


Marketing support for your small business

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Insta-Wizardry: How I Became Fully Booked From One Social Media Post

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